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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:36:53 PM

Chapter 22

The other G5 elite was shocked to see his severely injured ally . However, he had no intention to retreat . To him, while Qin Feng might be able to defeat the G3 elite, he was confident that there was no way that he could beat him . After all, the enemy was now in his twenties . After enduring hardened training for a few years, his Neigong was at least four times stronger than before . That was why it was going to be very hard for Qin Feng to use his Neigong to defeat him .

 4Right after that, the G5 elite charged at Qin Feng and landed a kick on him to stop him from hitting the G3 elite .


 Qin Feng had no intention to stop fighting anytime soon . The fact that he was now facing two enemies alone did not stop him from attacking the G5 elite . Both of them came up with all their strength to fight with each other . The inner force that covered their bodies clashed whenever their physical bodies came in contact .



 After exchanging blow after blow, the two started to feel pain invade their bodies . Qin Feng had spent only ten days to cultivate his Inner force, which was less than half a month . A prolonged fight with the enemy would only cause him more damage . The inner force that he had in his body right was still weak, only allowing him to fight for no more than five minutes . As for the G5 elite, he could clearly outlast Qin Feng when it came to raw sustainment .

 1“Haha… Bastard, you can no longer fight me, right? Seems like you’ve run out of breath!”

 The G5 elite was standing there, mocking and laughing at Qin Feng . At the same time, the G3 elite regained his strength and held a dagger in his uninjured hand .

 “We will see who can last the longest here!”

 Qin Feng opened up his fist and showed his palm at his enemies . Suddenly, the enemies could feel some sort of energy being absorbed through his palm .

 1“Asteroid Assimilation!”

 The qi field around Qin Feng was now fully elevated . Under such circumstances, the inner force from both ancient warriors were drawn out from the bodies turning into a vortex, rushing relentlessly at Qin Feng . In a matter of seconds, Qin Feng could feel the inner force in his Dantian filling up at a rapid pace . All that inner force he’d absorbed had enlarged his Dantian – automatically allowing him to store more of it .


 The G3 elite started to struggle in a protest of hysteria . Soon, he lost all his strength and collapsed to the floor with not an ounce of strength remaining in him . All his cultivation ceased to exist within seconds . As for the G5 elite, though he managed to shake himself off the Asteroid Assimilation, half of the inner force in his body was now gone . The only person benefiting from this whole dramatic event was Qin Feng .

 1With his Dantian now filled with inner force, Qin Feng attempted to attack the G5 elite again .

 “Tell me, who is going to lose the battle now?”

 “You! Stop! We have not done anything to you . And you have also killed three of us anyway . Just leave! We can look past this!”

 1“If that’s the case…”

 Qin Feng hesitated for a moment .

 Immediately, the G5 elite saw another ray of hope . One of his hands was clutching his Dantian tightly .

 “Unfortunately, I’m no newbie!”

 Qin Feng’s Asteroid Assimilation activated itself once again . Standing at close proximity, Qin Feng managed to drain all of the G5 elite’s inner force into his body almost instantly . With only two bars of increment, the skill came to a stop .

 Now, the G5 elite that stood in front of Qin Feng seemed to have lost all strength and his face was extremely pale . No worries about fatigue, as they would regain their strength after a good rest . As for their inner force, they would have to cultivate again to get it back . Xiao Jing witnessed Qin Feng had singlehandedly defeating two experienced elites who had been off the wild . It was at that moment that she knew the respect she had for him had very much increased .

 “Qin Feng, what should we do with the two of them?”

 Xiao Jing could not bring herself to kill the two of them . The gun in her hand was shaking nonstop in response to her fear of ending someone’s life .

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 “You’ve got to get used to this kind of life sooner or later!”

 After that, Qin Feng snapped the necks of his enemies in half with his hand .


 The sound of bones cracking sent a chill running down Xiao Jing’s spine . Qin Feng was readied to leave the place but Xiao Jing was still standing there, shaking in fear . Within her very core, a battle brewed in her heart . Humans were usually the cruelest among all creatures in lawless areas like this .

 If Qin Feng hadn’t killed all those enemies, they would definitely go retreat and call for backup to help to avenge their dead allies, perhaps even reporting them to the authorities or ending up in a court of law . After all, the enemies that Qin Feng killed were G-tier elites that came from the base .


 The sound of a gunshot rang in the stoic air . At the sound, Xiao Jing quickly caught up to Qin Feng . Her face was tense and focussed . It seemed like she had grown up a lot in a mere one night . She even appeared to have a ruthless aura about her, emanating with murderous intents .

 1Qin Feng returned to where he came from earlier . Xiaobai was grooming itself . He then picked up his stuff and gazed up toward the sky, suddenly realizing that it had gotten real dark . After loading everything in the car, they jerry-rigged the keyless vehicle, managing to start the military truck .

 4They began to drive on the overgrown road; one obviously abandoned for a long time . Suddenly, Qin Feng felt a stiffening and suffocating feeling as the atmosphere started to get more and more intense .

 In a dark environment like this, Qin Feng’s senses of his surroundings had gotten better by folds . Left in the darkness for long periods of time, Qin Feng’s senses had sharpened considerably, gaining much sensitivity and astuteness . After driving for around five minutes, he suddenly stepped hard on the gas!

 “We’re calling back to plantation! A rat tsunami is about to hit us!”

 1Xiao Jing started to feel fear, and dread slowly consume her the moment she heard that . The tall grass around her swung violently to left and right, shaken by an invisible force . She wondered if this was the wind or something more sinister, something festering on the ground . Then, they came into view . There, she spotted a group of creatures each the size of a human’s arm!

 Giant rats!

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 Could it really be a rat tsunami?

 Whether truth of innuendo, Xiao Jing contacted Li Wen immediately . After these few days, Xiao Jing no longer held grudges toward Li Wen . She was now truly impressed by what he did . Soon, the news spread like wildfire .

 1“You sure about this? A rat tsunami is not a small matter!” quizzed a terrified Li Wen .

 “I… I’m not sure about that!”

 Evidently, Xiao Jing had never experienced something like that before .

 “Hand it over!” shouted Qin Feng .

 Immediately, Xiao Jing handed the communication device to Qin Feng . ”

 “Captain Li, the rat tsunami will strike during the storm! We can expect about 10,000 to 30,000 of them! It’s a small-scale rat tsunami . It would be better to ask the base to put defenses . Even if there’s nothing in the end, it’s better for us to stay on guard since the storm is about to hit us anyhow!”

 Hearing Qin Feng’s confidence and determination, Li Wen elected to put his trust in everything he just heard .


 …… . .

 In the wilderness, a group of ability users were chasing down some creature .


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 A giant rat was subsequently slashed, unable to escape the fury of a blade!

 “Haha . These giant rats are so active today! They were considered a rare catch back in the day!”

 The other two lifted the rat by grabbing its tail and . It was riddled with lead, covered by holes from bullets .

 “A great yield indeed!”

 “Boss . I feel something ain’t . The giant rats are too active today!”

 1“Don’t worry . It’s going to rain soon . That’s why they are more active than before . ”


“Hang on, boss . What is that over there?!”

 Under the dim lights, a giant wave of creatures flowed towards them like water from a bursting river . It was the swarm of giant rats!

 All the ability users were so scared; they immediately triggered their fight-or-flight mode .


 Everyone screamed in horror .