Master of the End Times - Chapter 220

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Chapter 220: cross

Chapter 220: Double-cross

“Don’t worry about it!”

It was not a big deal considering they had managed to get spatial rune equipment from the person that got killed . It could be dismantled and then repurposed into a return waymark and if that did not work, they had Bai Li . Qin Feng was in fact more confident than they were .

Chi Long flipped down from the treetops, there was an air of excitement around him .

“I did an infrared scan of the place . I think I saw some Drakocroc eggs, but there’s a Drakocroc beast general there . The size of that thing is terrifying!”

Drakocroc beast soldiers were only about five meters long, Drakocroc Generals were far bigger than that . However, if a Drakocroc egg hatches, a contract could be made on the spot, making them extremely valuable!

“Lets go and see!”

The group carefully approached the Drakocroc’s position and quickly discovered the massive creature . Even if it was just a beast general, the sheer size and natural strength it had made it a grade above other beast generals .

There were a total of four eggs, but the beast general was inseparable from them . Not only that, there were three other Drakocrocs just around the corner . If they were to engage in combat they would definitely be caught .

The Drakocrocs also had natural enemies, which were a type of E-tier ultra beasts called Wing Gale Gulls . If there were no way to get rid of these natural enemies, the Drakocrocs would just smash their own eggs . [1]

Qin Feng and the rest were not exactly natural enemies but it was impossible to guarantee that these Drakocrocs would choose death—of their offsprings—over dishonor when they engage in combat .

Thinking about this, Qin Feng said, “I’ll go bind them up, the rest of you go nab the eggs!”

Han Jian did not even have time to ask how Qin Feng was going to do that when he saw him stow away the Verdant Emperor Saber and pull out a large silver pistol . He then shrouded his entire body in dark runes, hiding in the shadows before approaching the four Drakocrocs .


The pistol made a low bark and a giant web spread out over the giant beast general, wrapping around it .

It was the web from the Steel-limb Broodmother . A beast king’s webbing would be able to hold even an E-tier beast general .

The four ultra beasts were now entangled, and without wasting time, Qin Feng swapped back to the Verdant Emperor Saber and rushed toward the biggest Drakocroc .

“Get out of here!”

Qin Feng pushed forward a strong burst of internal force, fiercely striking the beast general .


The huge force pushed the beast general three meters away from its nest . For the creature, three meters would have been nothing, but it would no longer be able to get three meters within its nest .

“Once more!”

“Asteroid Assimilation!”


Concentrating on Asteroid Assimilation, Qin Feng’s physical strength became ten times stronger and a greater repulsive force was sent out from the saber in his hand which sent the Drakocroc general another five meters away .


The Drakocroc, enraged by Qin Feng’s actions, opened its mouth wide and rushed forward to swallow him whole .

Qin Feng was able to read his opponent very well as he managed to use his Phantom Steps to form a string of afterimages and quickly disappear from the beast’s line of sight .

The Drakocroc general made the ground rumble as it spun its body around, using its perception, it sensed Qin Feng’s aura behind it .

“Blooming Flame!”

The saber flashed and the Drakocroc’s tail was suddenly cut so deep that it hit the bone . If it were not for the Drakocroc general’s quick reaction it would have lost its tail there and then .

“Hruu!” The Drakocroc let out a distressed cry that conveyed its sense of fear, and at the same time, it carried with it the tone of unrepressed rage . It dug its claws into the ground, leaving cracks wherever it stomped as it flipped itself forward, rolling then slamming into and snapping a tree in half .

It was sheer brutality and devastation incarnate . With such a powerful force, it was rolling right toward him .

“Impacting Flame!”

Qin Feng pointed his left hand at the rampaging ultra beast and spewed out flames . The shockwave did not rush out to meet the Drakocroc, however, it formed into a force that propelled him out of the way .

This sent him about twenty meters away .

Qin Feng fleeing and the Drakocroc giving chase had them move up to a hundred meters away from the nest in the blink of an eye .

This distance was not very far in the eyes of most aptitude users, but this was a life or death situation that would have sent chills down people’s backs . Qin Feng was like a small boat in a storm waiting to be overturned at any moment .

“Move, move!”

Finally, the others began to act . Lin Wuyi looked to the other struggling Drakocrocs and released his sharp claws .

Colorful nails punctured the Drakocrocs’ skin and a powerful venom began to seep into their bodies . Without any resistance, the Drakocrocs went still and died .

Han Jian and Chi Long quickly grabbed the four-meter-tall eggs and placed them into their space before running away .

As if sensing something, the Drakocroc general turned its head toward the direction of its nest, letting out a roar before it started to rush back .

“Trying to run away? I don’t think so!” Qin Feng swung the Verdant Emperor Saber, directly engaging the Drakocroc in close-quarters combat . His current strength would certainly allow him to do so, previously he was holding back because the precious eggs might have gotten damaged .

The powerful blade slashed into the Drakocroc’s body and once again blood drenched Qin Feng’s body .

“Die!” Qin Feng gave another swing of his blade


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He cleaved the beast’s head right off .

The Drakocroc general has been slain!

At this moment, there was a sudden noise coming from the distance .


A purple crystal bullet whizzed through the undergrowth directly toward Qin Feng . His consciousness allowed him to remain vigilant as he managed to dodge in the nick of time, barely escaping a possibly fatal blow with his lightning fast speed .

Bzzt… bzzt…

The bullet that sank into the body of the Drakocroc began to glow with a violet light, turning into a flicker of electricity .

A sneak attack!

This sound seemed to have come from a distance around five hundred meters away, otherwise Qin Feng’s consciousness would have detected it . It would have been impossible for Qin Feng to miss anything within three hundred meters .

Upon hearing gunshots, Chi Long felt his heart skip a beat . After spreading out his consciousness, he found out that it came from an enemy .

“Someone’s trying to double-cross us! The nerve!”

He pulled out an even bigger sniper rifle and aimed it at where he found the enemy before firing . With his consciousness locking onto the person, the bullet swerved past plants and dipped between gaps as it flew forward .


The other retaliated by blocking with their own bullet .

Since neither could see their target directly, both began to let out a series of bombardments .

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The two’s battle was carried out in the air, the method of how gunners fought was a dazzling display .

Qin Feng disappeared from where he was, moving in the shadows and rapidly approaching .

In a split second, he appeared within the range of the other gunner . Just where he stood, a black shadow leaped toward it, skillfully swinging a pair of daggers in an unpredictable fashion .

One strong and wide slash, and another deadly and instant stab .

These daggers were way too fast . Qin Feng could not avoid them and had to use another trick .

“Dark Shroud!”

His dark ability surrounded the area, and within the pitch-black darkness, even one’s consciousness would not be able to sense anything .

This made the assassin hesitate for a moment, and it allowed Qin Feng to avoid getting slashed as a dagger chopped off a part of his fringe .

He responded with a kick!


The person attacking him was sent flying, and Qin Feng instantly recognized who it was!

[1] That’s a pretty dumb survival method if you ask me . That’s like throwing your baby to the wolves and hoping you don’t get eaten .