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Master of the End Times - Chapter 222

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:34:22 AM

Chapter 222: The World Under the Island

Chapter 222: The World Under the Island

The others peered at Bai Li cautiously after Han Jian said so and nodded in agreement . All of them willingly gave up on sharing She-Wolf’s spoils .

She was instant-killed by Bai Li effortlessly . She was undoubtedly a fearsome character .

Han Jian, Chi Long, and Ling Wuyi quickly recalled whether they had done anything that offended Bai Li .

Nonetheless, the group was still delighted about obtaining the Drakocroc eggs .

“If everyone agrees, then the loot from She-Wolf will be given entirely to Bai Li . ” Qin Feng handed the items to Bai Li but she loathed taking her head . Thus, Qin Feng stored it into his own spatial runic equipment .

“There are only four Drakocroc eggs so each of you will get one . I will be taking the beast general’s loot and all the runic equipment of the gunner . Any objections?”

By right, they would only receive ten percent from the loot based on their contributions in defeating the beast . The ten percent of the materials from the beast general combined with the runic equipment were still less valuable than the worth of a Drakocroc egg .

Qin Feng was already being generous so there was no reason for them to refuse . After they had reached an agreement, Qin Feng proceeded to unpack the runic equipment that belonged to the dead gunner . He asked Chi Long to pick the equipment that he preferred from among the guns and ammunition found in it .

They were now trapped on the isolated island and had yet to find a way to leave . There was no other way to replenish their supplies so this was the only way to make sure his allies had enough stock to deal with upcoming battles .

With that said, he did not provide the supplies for free . It was put on tab and would be deducted from Chi Long’s share of loot in subsequent battles .

After completing the distribution, they left the place and found a water source to wash away the blood scent on their bodies . They then continued to explore the island .

Undeniably, this deserted place was surprisingly vibrant . They could sense that the entire place was flooded with natural energy .

Their internal power recovered, albeit slowly, through breathing alone .

They found more spirit herbs ahead on their path . This journey was going to make them rich, if they ever make it out alive that is .

Other than Qin Feng’s team, the more than a hundred users that had arrived together with them were less fortunate .

After all, not many were as capable as Qin Feng .

They scrambled for their lives frantically ambush after ambush . Despair consumed them as any moment might be their last .

Luckily, when some of them fled to the center region of the island, Drakocrocs no longer chased after them for some unknown reason .

The night arrived, and those who had battled the entire day finally found a moment of peace .

The Drakocrocs had really retreated!

Though Qin Feng and co . did not know what was happening, they arrived at the same destination as everyone and saw other aptitude users there .

But of course, the number of survivors was much fewer than before .

Han Jian’s face turned grim when he saw the others .

He walked toward an E-tier aptitude user and asked in a low voice, “Where’s Liu Ba?”

The person was apparently saddened and answered regrettably, “Dead . ”

Everyone went quiet after that . Han Jian said nothing more and returned to Qin Feng .

These people here were veteran warriors . They had set up some basic defenses around the area and sprayed high-tier monster repellent to secure the make-shift base . Qin Feng also set up his own camp . Such preparations were standard for any E-tier user .

“General Han, why the long face?” Qin Feng asked .

Han Jian replied sorrowfully, “One of the users from Dong Ling has lost his life . His name is Liu Ba . Do you still remember him?”

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There was no way Qin Feng would forget .

‘He was rather heroic going up against the Emperor Knight in the past . It’s hard to imagine that he had died just like that . ’

“I do . ”

“Dong Ling colony is going to be in chaos soon . Liu Ba is quite influential there . Even someone as powerful as he has died just like that . This place is sick . ”

Han Jian recalled what he had just gone through the whole day and could not help but trembled in fear .

If not because he had chosen to follow Qin Feng, he might already be a dead man like Liu Ba .

Right now, Han Jian’s opinion toward Qin Feng had drastically changed . He initially thought that Qin Feng was just another brilliant, inexperienced youngster, but now he was wholeheartedly convinced . Other than admiration, he also held great gratitude toward the young man .

The atmosphere surrounding the campsite was icy cold .

“Do any of you know the owner of the spatial waymark?”

“It was basically a trap!”

“We have been misled into the nest of Drakocrocs . It’s a miracle that we are even alive now . ”

“I don’t recognize the owner of the spatial waymark, but I do remember the gunner from before . He is under Leitang . ”

The crowd went silent .

Leitang Organization .

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“What are they plotting?”

“From what I heard, Leitang Organization is currently in conflict with the top leaders of Sea City . ”

“Damn! Why are we the ones suffering when they are the ones butting heads?”

“Hoho . I see a lot of people from Sea City here . Guess you guys didn’t see this coming, did you?”

Suddenly, everyone was debating loudly . At the same time, many had their gazes fixed on one man—Tyrant!

Those from the inner circle were usually the ones with the most information .

Though others here were also considered high ranking officers in their respective colonies, a matter of such degree was beyond their grasp . Tyrant was the only one around here that might know the details .

He was among those who tried to intercept men from the Dark Coalition before . However, feeling obligated to those that had bid for the ten tickets, he followed the group into this island after his employer had left .

To be honest, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity .

Even picking up the leftovers behind the main group would make this trip worthwhile .

That was the real reason Tyrant followed them through the rift .

“I am not sure . We, Wanzhong, have nothing to do with Leitang . ”

Leitang was initially a part of the Dark Coalition when it first emerged .

They ran entertainment businesses on the surface but secretly supplied drugs under the table . Leitang was once a pest being hated by many colonies .

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Regardless, they managed to establish a organization in the end . Naturally, this was thanks to their formidable founder .

In a doomed world like this, anyone could build a kingdom through sheer power . However, as soon as the founder fell out of favor, his or her kingdom would immediately crumble too .

Though the public debate had stopped, people were still conversing secretly .

“This smells exactly like a conspiracy . The only thing is, who is the intended target? What purpose do they have?” Han Jian pointed out .

“We all are . Didn’t we jump into this trap voluntarily?” Chi Long replied ironically . Many had paid for it with their lives hopping onto this one-way convoy to hell .

“Stop overthinking it . The most important thing now is to stay alive . Train while you can and sleep earlier tonight . We still have ample battles to do tomorrow . ” Qin Feng chipped in and stopped their fruitless quarrel .

Actually, Qin Feng was the only one among them that knew the entire story .

This spatial waymark had led them into a resourceful place . That part was unexpected .

Equally unthinkable was that this place was also a nest that housed numerous Drakocrocs . Not only that but there is also a Drakocroc beast king residing in one of the underground caverns .

Since Leitang was too busy to clear out the island at the moment, the spatial waymark was neglected . In the end, a D-tier aptitude user from Leitang discovered the waymark and decided to put it into good use . His name was Lei Chen .

He was not aiming to set up any particular individual but to lure away most of the E-tier aptitude users out of Sea City . Right now, Sea City was greatly deprived of combatants thanks to him .

Things went smoothly according to his plan, and the rest was history . In Qin Feng’s past memory, Lei Chen would officially become the mayor of Sea City half a month later .

As for the mayor before him, Qin Feng had no memory of that person at all . Nobody cared about the loser in this damning world!