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Master of the End Times - Chapter 224

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:34:19 AM

Chapter 224: Treasure Hunt in the Cave

Chapter 224: Treasure Hunt in the Cave

The deceased was found in a corner . Burnt marks were seen on the skeleton .

He or she must have been killed by a fire-type ability .

However, his wear did not decay with time, and was still glimmering vibrantly .

“The product of advanced civilization!” Qin Feng was astonished by the clothing .

Sadly, after all these years, the corpse had been utterly ruined in this Drakocrocs nest . Qin Feng could find limited clues from it .

He flipped the skeleton and found an enlarged key hanging on a grey necklace . Intrigued, he picked it up and immediately realized what it was for .

The key was a spatial button—A standardized spatial runic equipment owned by the advanced civilization .

This was unlike the spatial equipment found on earth . Due to limited raw materials, the spatial equipment on earth usually came in different shapes and sizes .

As for the advanced civilization, they had a strict standard over the production of the spatial button to ensure that it would not collapse from the inside . Qin Feng had encountered such an item in his past life only after he had reached C-tier .

In this life, he obtained it much earlier .

Qin Feng pulled out the necklace, then he infused his consciousness into it . The space in it housed several weapons, some life necessities, as well as notes .

But naturally, those notes were not usable on earth .

‘There’s twenty cubic meters’ space in here!’ He was surprised by the scale of the storage space .

This spatial button alone would be worth 100 million .

“There must be more . We should keep going!” Qin Feng walked on . Bai Li was enthused too by the discovery .

After following Qin Feng for so long, Bai Li understood that fighting or killing was not necessarily the only way to become stronger .

You could also buy it with money .

In Bai Li’s distant memory, her mother seemed to live in a more barbaric era as she was constantly brawling and battling .

They explored the cave as if they were treasure hunting .

Along the way, Qin Feng swiftly killed any Drakocrocs that appeared in their path .

“That’s darkglow herb!” Qin Feng saw a faint light appear in the dark and exclaimed .

“What’s that? It looks pretty!” Bai Li asked excitedly .

“Allow me . ”

Qin Feng unsheathed his Verdant Emperor Saber and cut through the air .

The herb immediately sensed the danger and retaliated by turning its leaves into flying razors . However, any form of counter-attacks was futile in the face of Qin Feng’s great internal force .


His saber sliced through the herbs, cutting them into half . Only the roots were left behind, and the glimmer of the herbs gradually faded away .

Qin Feng stepped forward and picked up the leaves . Only the ball-shaped, dandelion-seed-like part was useful .

“This is a valuable item . It provides the user night vision after consuming it . This is very useful for a lot of people . ”

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Qin Feng himself had displayed just how advantageous it would be to be able to see in the dark . He was not blinded by it and had no fear even when there was no light . No beast could harm him in darkness .

It was truly a precious ability every aptitude user dreamed of .

A single darkglow could be sold for 2 million . Qin Feng harvested an entire patch with at least a few hundred effective parts . He was not going to let such easy money slip away .

“Let’s continue . ” Qin Feng was electrified by what they had found so far .

These hidden treasures were supposed to be discovered by the mayor of Sea City . In this life, it all belonged to him .

They went deeper and found more herbs that grew only in a dark and humid location . He harvested all of them . Besides, they also bumped into several other corpses but not every one of them had a spatial button with them . Their bodies had also been trampled into dust after all these years .

Even so, Qin Feng still managed to collect four spatial buttons . Those were great acquisitions!

They did not stop moving and eventually, they came into contact with a tremendous aura .

Qin Feng reflexively held his breath .

It was an aura from a beast king .


Its exhalation created a small gust inside the narrow cave .

“Be careful not to expose your presence,” Qin Feng whispered .

Bai Li nodded and retracted her aura .

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The meeting of two beast kings would only come down to one possibility—fight! Bai Li usually did not expose her power but it would not go unnoticed in front of another beast king .

“I will approach alone . You hide in here and don’t make any sound,” Qin Feng said .

“Okay . ” Bai Li nodded .

Qin Feng wrapped himself in total darkness and moved like a silhouette . He got to take a full view of the inside after passing through a stalactite cave .

The area spanned as large as a football field . It might be larger since part of it was immersed under seawater .

In the middle of this field, a giant creature lay there silently .

As Qin Feng grew more powerful, the monster he encountered also got nastier .

This was the largest beast he had met after rebirth . Its size even surpassed that of the Steel-limb Broodmother . The beast was thirty meters long and fifteen meters wide . This was an underestimation as the monster was currently curling up in a sleeping position .

The Drakcroc beast king!

Its paw was already larger than Qin Feng . That was truly a magnificent yet horrifying scene .

A lot of shattered bones were found beside the beast . Those belonged to the sea creatures, judging by the shapes . Unfinished meals, bones, furs, and scales were piled up like a small landfill .

Qin Feng also noticed a lot of human bones at the corners of the cave . His breath thickened .

He was not daunted by the beast king . He actually did not mind fighting it . However, his main goal was to accomplish this treasure hunting in silence . Qin Feng did not want others to be startled by the noise of him fighting the beast king .

Qin Feng, who was camouflaged in the dark, used the pulling force of Asteroid Assimilation to stick onto the wall . He slid down the cave quietly .

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He landed near a few bodies . High-tech guns were seen hanging around them .

Qin Feng began plundering . One after another, spatial buttons fell into his hands . He even found several password-locked chests among the bodies .

They were of medium size and were arranged in an orderly fashion beside one another . One of them was opened .

Coming into his sight were compressed energy tokens that looked like crystalline coins .

‘Power credit!’

Qin Feng did come across this currency before . The rift, despite devastating, had also provided humans with much novel knowledge and technology after the end times . That was how humans had learned compression technology . The energy cube created by humans was one cubic centimeter large and had no carvings on it .

On the contrary, the tokens in front of him were simply a masterpiece .

Undoubtedly, this was going to be worth a lot of money .

He had never heard about Lei Chen obtaining something like this before he was reborn . After all, all Qin Feng heard were just rumors and blind guesses . Nobody other than Lei Chen would have known the true nature of the treasures he had found on this island .

No one, that was, until Qin Feng barged in and hijacked his fortune .