Master of the End Times - Chapter 226

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Chapter 226: The Great Army of Drakocrocs

Chapter 226: The Great Army of Drakocrocs

There was distrust among the E-tier aptitude users as they were not initially from the same team .

Hence, the two aptitude users used the opportunity to escape from the control of the ability user and fled .

Though he was momentarily stunned, the ability user quickly came to and casted a powerful ability .

“Reversed wind force!”

The ability user flew up to the sky along with the strong wind, and was able to dodge the attack from the Drakocroc .

However, those two that had escaped did not have lady luck on their side .

As Drakocrocs began to crowd the bottom of the cliff, the ancient warriors were restricted to running on the sea and were not able to fly into the skies . Tyrant had been able to do so because of his perfect exit timing, boosted by his powerful internal strength and fast speed, however, this ancient warrior had missed the perfect chance to escape .

Drakocrocs began to swarm out from the cave, there were hundreds and thousands of them .



The ocean was stirred up as the Drakocrocs dived into the waters at high speed .

The ancient warriors were being hunted by an insane number of Drakocrocs, and were instantly surrounded .

“Ahh!! Save me, quick!” The ancient warrior shouted in shock and anger, but the wind ability user had already flown far away, ignoring him .

The other gunner who wore gliding wings at the back had already arrived back at the cliff, while he was still trying to calm himself down from the intense moment, he also felt fortunate that he was able to escape .

Despite expending all of his energy, the ancient warrior was still unable to escape his fate from being massacred by the Drakocrocs .

Indeed, there were too many Drakocrocs that had gathered in the sea .

Although it was known that the vast area around the island was crowded with Drakocrocs, the number was still beyond estimation .

There were tens of thousands of them .

If it were to be compared with those that were seen from the beach, it was just the tip of the iceberg .

As the Drakocrocs submerged under the sea, the yellow sun rose gradually from the horizon and blew away the cool breeze of the night .

“Gulp!” Chi Long tried very hard to swallow his saliva .

It was a surprise for him to witness such a large pack of Drakocrocs leave the area, and there were even about dozens of beast generals .

If such a massive army of ultra beasts were to attack the city, nobody could ever defend against it . However, it was fortunate that they only existed within the spatial rift and none of them had entered earth .

The realm was ruled by the ultra beasts .

Soon, the wavy sea began to calm down, however, everyone was still fearful of going into the sea!

Tyrant looked furious as he had lost three of his team members, then, he joined forces with the very same ability user that approached him and they formed into a team .

“Let’s move!” Qin Feng revealed himself from their hidden spot without much hesitation .

There were tens of thousands of Drakocrocs hidden in the underground cave, however, it was their nature to leave the area during the day . As such, the area was still safe for the moment .

Chi Long, Han Jian and Lin Wuyi followed Qin Feng instantly, and throughout the days of battle that they had, they had already adapted to be responsive toward Qin Feng’s orders .

Qin Feng arrived at the edge of a cliff, he wrapped his arm around Bai Li’s waist and took a leap forward, while his internal strength filled his entire body, and formed into a bouncy repulsive force . After a few leaps, they arrived at the entrance of the cave .

Han Jian followed the same way behind Qin Feng .

Whereas Chi Long was equipped with gliding wings, an essential escape tool that most gunners would have .

Lin Wuyi raised his hand and pointed toward the ground, a giant vine sprouted from the ground and wrapped itself around his body . Using the vine, he swung downward smoothly . It was a rather safe and steady method compared to the others .

As soon as all five of them had gathered, they disappeared into the cave while the others quickly followed, casting out their abilities and leaping from the cliff to jump into the cave . It was as if they were afraid of being left behind .

The cave was extremely massive in size, despite spending three consecutive nights in it, Qin Feng had still yet to complete his exploration in the surroundings of the giant caves where the Drakocroc beast king had stored its valuables .

However, the outer part was already surprising enough for the others .

Qin Feng took the paths that he had never discovered before, as such it was full of valuable loot .

As there were no battles that took place, the loots were divided equally, and Qin Feng did not care much about those either!

“Darkglow herb, we have found it, although there are only eight of them, it is still an easy ten million reward!” Han Jian let out a blissful smile!

Qin Feng remained unbothered as he thought about the hundreds of Darkglow herbs that were still in Bai Li’s space, and he thought about replanting them in the underground garden once he got back .

“Dragon trail grass! This is it!” Chi Long carefully plucked down a bunch of dragon trail grass as it was incredibly effective in enhancing physical speed .

“I would like all the dragon trail grass, and I will not take anything else that we might find later, deal?”

“No problem!”

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“I don’t need this!”

The others were agreeable to the deal while Qin Feng had no comments as well, they were merely the half-grown plants from the Drakocrocs, and Qin Feng had more than twenty of them in his space . Furthermore, those that were from the cave of the Drakocroc beast king would be more effective as they were larger in size .

They had more discoveries and loot as they moved further in .

Throughout the short period of the expedition, both Han Jian and Chi Long had accumulated 20 million worth of wealth each, and the huge amount of money would definitely increase their capabilities tremendously .

Furthermore, as they had trained within the island that was abundant in energy, they were also able to improve much faster compared to when they were in the outer world .

The others might not be as lucky as them!

“Damn, stone flower, this must be a stone flower, it has been removed!”

“Leaves from the water cave pine, somebody must have been here, who could be the lucky one to have found this rare water cave pine!”

“Damn, leap fruit has been taken, who could have taken the best wooden spirit herb away from me!”

Everyone clenched their teeth in anger as they were unable to stop other people from entering before them and those people had looted everything, there was nothing that they could do to recover those items .

They could only feel jealous about it .

Some teams had even rushed directly toward the centre of the island without paying much attention to the search along the way as they were aiming for the main gathering spot of the Drakocrocs, surprisingly, they were able to identify the Drakocrocs’ lair .

At the moment, the lair was empty as the beast king had gone out to hunt for food .

The ground was scattered with all sorts of items that seemed to be worthless for Qin Feng, however, in the eyes of the others, they were all precious treasures .

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“Quick, grab them!”

“This is a rare one, the skin of the sea beast!”

“Haha, with this, and a little extra top-up, I will be able to afford an E-tier blue equipment!”

Most of the aptitude users were not the same as Qin Feng, as purple and silver rune equipment were rare items for them .

Some of the E-tier aptitude users might have to save up for years in order to afford such equipment .

Therefore, those resources were extremely valuable for them!

However, they were not the only lucky ones, as there were also others that had noticed the same resourceful centre spot and gathered around .

Within the blink of an eye, the cave was already crowded with three teams that had more than ten people in total .

They were paying close attention to the others, and as they moved around with high speed, they were also preparing for any possible battle .

At that moment, any wrong move would result in an intense battle!