Master of the End Times - Chapter 228

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:34:11 AM

Chapter 228: An insane move

Chapter 228: An insane move

Every smaller sized colony was fearful of the presence of the four aptitude users .

“Come on, let’s move now!”

Sheng Zhenyu commanded, he was the leader of the team of four, and also a metal ability user .

“About time!”

Wu Ze seemed to be very excited as he instantly took out all sorts of machines and began to assemble them at high speed, it was as if his hands had faded into shadows .

Guo Xing also began to take out machines to assemble handheld grenades that were about the size of a fist, and they were specially assembled to a chain with a spearhead as its front, then, it was placed onto a crossbow that had been set up by Guo Xing .

It was obvious that the handheld grenades would travel along with the release of the spearhead from the bow .

Wu Ze only used a short amount of time to complete his weaponry assembly, he casually pushed them forward to the entrance of the cave where the Drakocroc beast king was still raging on at some users that were still unable to escape .

“Hurry up, we do not want to miss this opportunity!” Sheng Zhenyu ordered .

“No problem!” Wu Ze sneered and replied, “I am about to start now!”

“Me first!”

Without any hesitation, Guo Xing took aim at the Drakocroc King and pulled the trigger .

At the same time, his conscious energy was also injected into the arrow .


The arrow shot out from the bow, carrying with it a long chain of handheld grenades .

It was as if a rope was travelling through the air .

While under the control of conscious energy, the rope circled around the neck of the Drakocroc King and was tightly wrapped around it .


The Drakocroc King did not know what it was, but it began to roar and the instant reaction from it was to free itself from the rope that was entangled around it .

Guo Xing seemed to be filled with excitement in the distance .



A thunderous explosion echoed in the surroundings as countless purple light rays surrounded the skull of the Drakocroc King .

Thunderstrike Bomb .

With such a powerful explosion from the bomb, even one of it would be sufficient to take down an E-tier ultra beast, and there were hundreds of them that had been specially prepared for the Drakocroc King .

“Awuu…” The Drakocroc King let out a blood-curdling screech .

“Die!” Wu Ze initiated another attack .

Another deafening explosion was heard .

A pitch-black bomb was released from Wu Ze’s cannon tube while his conscious energy controlled the bomb, targeting the Drakocrocs King .

The beast king was alerted by the incoming attack, and it was about to dodge from it .

However, with the control of conscious energy, the effort of the beast king was in vain .


The Drakocroc King’s neck took the hit, it was the same spot where Guo Xing’s attack had hit, and the bomb penetrated into the flesh of the beast king .


Wu Ze commanded, and an instant black explosion was released .

Unexpectedly, it was a Dark Energy Cannon .

The entire body of the Drakocroc King was immediately engulfed in dark energy while its flesh began to deteriorate and decompose, it was as if it had instantly become an aged beast king .

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The Drakocroc King let out another howl .

It was heavily wounded by the double-attack .

However, the Bloodthirst Organization had underestimated the Drakocroc King!

It glared furiously at the cave where the attacks came from and began to rush toward it without any hesitation .


A booming explosion was heard as the cave began to collapse, and the crumbling ruins were about to fall onto the attackers .

“Oh no!”

Everyone noticed that something bad was about to happen .

“Steel Barrier!” Sheng Zhenyu blasted out metal abilities that formed into a small hut that covered all four of them .

They remained unharmed by the collapse .

“Later, dark energy will begin to invade and deteriorate its body, furthermore, the attack was on its neck, which is also closely located to its brain, it should not be a problem!” Wu Ze said .

The others trusted Wu Ze and waited for their next move .

It was at that moment, the Drakocroc King that was in the giant cave began to feel the severe deterioration that was taking place in its body, and it was furiously enraged by it .

“Awuu…” A long and painful screech was heard .

The deafening sound lasted for about half a minute .

Those who did not have strong conscious energy were severely affected by the sound, and they began to feel dizzy as their eardrums began to bleed .

The thunderous voice had echoed and spread across the entire island, and every part of the sea area was able to hear the summons of the Drakocroc King .

“This is bad!” Qin Feng’s face darkened .

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Although Qin Feng and the others did not witness the attacks from the Bloodthirst Organization, they assumed that the loud explosions were from the gunners that tried to stop the Drakocroc King .

However, the situation seemed to be far more complicated than that .

“Leave now!” Qin Feng led the others and rushed toward the opening of the cave .

However, they were deep within the cave and it would require at least half an hour to arrive outside .

That amount of time would be sufficient for Drakocrocs from the entire island to gather around .

The Drakocroc King was summoning the other Drakocrocs with its loud roar .

The call from the beast king was heard by Drakocrocs that were scattered all over the island, including those that were hunting in the waters . Every Drakocroc had heard the calling that was filled with anger and sorrow, and they began to rush back in a rampage .

Drakocrocs began to crawl up the cave and block off the entrance!

The aptitude users who were about to escape were all shut in!

“No, retreat, quick!”


“Save me!”

Screams were heard as everyone was forced to retreat, or else, they would have to remain there forever .

Qin Feng and the others were in the same situation .

“Fire Dragon!”

Qin Feng equipped his Scarlet Fire Claw and instantly summoned his fire dragon .

The fire dragon attacked and resisted the Drakocrocs’ advance .


One of the Drakocrocs was surrounded by flames and was instantly burned to death . However, the moment it died, it was immediately replaced by those from behind .

“Hellfire Carpet!”

Qin Feng activated his conscious energy and covered the entire cave with the Hellfire Carpet .

The Drakocrocs began to take another route as they were surrounded by flames and were unable to break Qin Feng’s resistance .

As the Drakocrocs were born and bred here, they were naturally familiar with the interconnected routes within the cave, they were now right behind Qin Feng and the others .


Chi Long wildly fired his gun as he tried to stop the ultra beasts, within the small and restricted area, they would not be able to survive if the ultra beasts were to rush toward them all at once .

“This won’t do, there are too many of them, we can’t breach through!”

Lin Wuyi’s face turned pale when his conscious energy perceived the surroundings that were densely packed with Drakocrocs .

The wilderness was always cruel and filled with unpredictable deaths .

Qin Feng became worried, he knew that it would be an easy task for Bai Li to lead them outside, however, by doing so, her abilities would be exposed .

Qin Feng would never want anyone else to witness Bai Li’s ability!

“Retreat, back to the beast king cave!” Qin Feng shouted .

The only way was to retreat and hope that the Drakocrocs would follow them in, and their density would then be reduced, only then, they would be able to slaughter their way out .

At that moment, retreating was the only way to move forward!