Master of the End Times - Chapter 229

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Chapter 229: Collective Teamwork

Chapter 229: Collective Teamwork

“I’ll cover the front, Bai Li, attack!”

Qin Feng said with a deep tone .

Bai Li did not give it a second thought before she unleashed a powerful attack .

With just a gentle wave of her hands, a claw mark appeared in mid-air, which instantly severed the Drakocroc’s skull into pieces .

Lin Wuyi and Han Jian stared in disbelief . They did not expect Bai Li to be this powerful .

Although Chi Long had seen how strong Bai Li was, he had just discovered that after Bai Li had reached E-tier, she was way fiercer even when faced with the same E-tier ultra beast, but it was in no way bating a jot of the elegance she had shown during the battle against the Golden Queen Ant at that time .

When Bai Li made her move, the Drakocrocs behind her were exterminated in just the blink of an eye . Qin Feng and his team then quickly retreated .

There were many people who made the same decision as Qin Feng and his team . After all, it was way out of their abilities to stop the Drakocrocs’ rampage .

To make matters worse, there were now only sixty aptitude users inside the cave!

Qin Feng quickly retreated back into the giant cave . It was at this exact moment that the four members of the Bloodthirst Organization thought that their chance was finally here .

As they drew away their conscious energy, the steel barrier was disabled, and the four men began attacking the Drakocrocs once they had cleared out the cavern .


The two gunners recklessly shot out bullets at the Drakocroc King’s humongous body as if it was a living target .

The Drakocroc King seemed to understand that it was at a disadvantage if things were to keep going on the way it was going . As it let out an earth-shattering roar, its body quickly began to shrink .


This was an art mastered by any beast king, otherwise their huge bodies would drag them behind and drain huge amounts of energy .

Of course, the king had never seen a human being, nor did it understand the characteristics of this race . Therefore, he had never thought of shapeshifting into a human .

At this time, aptitude users had appeared in the other passage, and there were Drakocrocs chasing after them .

“As expected, it was only a matter of time until it would shapeshift!” Sheng Zhengyu said coldly .

The Drakocroc King did not wish to be killed here either, it tried to flee away at lightning speed .

The other side of the cave was linked to the sea . As long as it was able to get there, there was no way these humans would be able to chase it down .

However, now that the Bloodthirst Organization had given their everything, there was no way they would let it escape!

“Quick, chase after it!” shouted Wu Ze excitedly .

“It won’t get away!” Sheng Zhenyu raised both hands .

“Metal Cage!”

He unleashed his metal ability, and in the next moment, a huge metal railing quickly shot up in front of the Drakocroc King, blocking its escape .


The railings were instantly knocked away by the Drakocroc King’s humongous body .

Although the Drakocroc King was weakened, it was still as powerful . It was clear that the previous attacks would not work now .

“Hmph! Let’s see how long you can last!”

Sheng Zhenyu unleashed his second skill, and a row of sharp nails emerged from the ground, piercing the king’s feet with every step it took .

“Rawr!” The Drakocroc King bellowed in pain .

When the Drakocroc ultra beasts heard the Dracokroc King’s roar, they quickened their pace and rushed over to Sheng Zhenyu’s side .

It was then the other aptitude users were able to understand the situation right now .

“It’s you guys? So, it’s you people that provoked the king, do you have any idea that we’re all surrounded by herds of Drakocrocs now!”

“Are you dumb? Don’t get us into trouble if you wish to die!”

“The king is wounded? Kill, kill the king and we will make a fortune!”

For a moment, there were anger, surprise, and a series of emotions that appeared . The sight made their hearts pound with excitement .

“Cut the crap and stop talking!” Yuan Han sneered as his body began to exude a murderous aura .

A Drakocroc dashed toward him . With a huge blade in Yuan Han’s hand, he gave the beast a few mighty slashes, cutting it into several pieces .

And at that moment, Tyrant finally spoke up . “No matter what happens, kill the king first . After all, these Drakocrocs are following the king’s orders . Once the king dies, the other Drakocrocs would scatter in fear . If we don’t fight now, we’ll die here today too!” He said in a deep voice .

And there was nothing wrong with what he had just said .

When the Steel-limb Broodmother Queen died, many insectoids came just because they wanted to eat the queen’s carcass so they could evolve .

But the Drakocrocs could not devour its own kind to evolve . Once the king dies, the rest of the kind would fall apart, and it would make their escape easier .

What was more, the king was wounded now .

Everyone was thinking of ideas to gain an advantage in this situation .


All of them unleashed their strongest attacks all at once .

They all wanted to kill the king .

Such an opportunity was quite rare . Usually, beast kings were so strong that when humans encounter them in the wild, they would be killed in an instant .

But now, there was strength in numbers .

With more than sixty E-tier aptitude users, if they coordinated their attacks well, killing the king would not be a problem at all .

Seeing that it was surrounded, the Drakocroc King roared again, this time its body had grown to become extremely large .


With a ferocious blow, the ancient warrior who rushed up to fight the beast king was immediately knocked out of the way .

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“Hold it back, quick!”

The men in the back yelled their battle cries .

“Hmph!” Tyrant went ahead and fought bravely at the frontline . He was one of the strongest, and his rune equipment was among the best .

As soon as the ancient warriors went up, they were all knocked out by the Drakocrocs .

In the end, there were around twenty ancient warriors left, but only three of them were able to hold on to the attacks .

These three people were Qin Feng, Tyrant and Yuan Han .

“The others, stop the Drakocrocs!”

“Seal the cave entrances, don’t let them in!”

“Look out, the beast general!”

Their loud shouts shook the insides of the cave .

Qin Feng and the others fought with incredible strength and resisted the king’s attacks . On the other hand, the other ancient warriors could not intervene and all of them retreated, the only ones left were ability users and gunners .

They began an all-out attack on the king .

“Burning Sword Glare!”

Qin Feng swung his blade and parried the Drakocroc King’s attack, but it just was not enough .

The clock was ticking, if they were not able to stop it, the place would be flooded by the army of Drakocrocs .


Qin Feng took a deep breath, and the air around him became extremely murderous .

The Drakocroc King stretched out its head just in time to repel Yuan Han’s attacks, and Qin Feng seized this opportunity .

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He slashed with his sword again .

“Blazing Sky!”

A blinding light emitted from the Verdant Emperor Saber in Qin Feng’s hand, and Qin Feng’s entire body seemed to have blurred out!

In the next second, the Drakocroc King’s neck was pierced straight through by Qin Feng’s blade . The humongous blade shot up almost twenty meters into the skies .

The Drakocroc King’s head instantly rolled off to the side!


The King’s flesh was blasted into mush and was tainted black after being polluted by the dark energy . The severed neck began spouting out fresh blood, covering every inch of Qin Feng’s body .


Qin Feng felt a burning sensation all over his skin .

“Dragon blood!”

Everyone then came to .

The Drakocrocs blood contained a trace of dragon blood, and the dragon blood could be used to harden their flesh .

The crowd instantly got excited .

Yuan Han, who was knocked out into the air, was furious . Her glare was deadly and her face was twisted with anger, the butcheress was enraged!

The dragon blood was supposed to be hers!


Yuan Han furiously attacked Qin Feng and tried to decapitate him!

“Get out of the way!”

Qin Feng let out a low, growling roar as his hands burst with strong energy .