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Master of the End Times - Chapter 231

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:34:07 AM

Chapter 231: The Big Kill

Chapter 231: The Big Kill

Their eyes flickered for a moment, but the weapons in their hands did not stop swinging .

In such a hectic battle, it did not matter who you were, it was kill-first-speak-later policy .

“People of Fu City, listen to me just this once! If you do not wish to die, leave now! Or else, you’ll suffer the consequences of your actions!” Chi Long shouted .

Unfortunately, no one was bothered to pay attention!

Qin Feng’s deceiving calm composure masked his murderous intent .

“If that’s the case, don’t blame me for not holding back!”

Hellfire Carpet! Qin Feng unleashed his ability and he no longer cared about holding back for anyone . The Hellfire Carpet erupted and covered the entire cave in hellfire .

“Haha! This is awesome, there are toxic gasses everywhere!”

Lin Wuyi, who was a genetically modified beast general, had also unleashed his powers . He filled the air with deadly green mist .

However, these were all E-tier aptitude users . No matter how powerful Qin Feng’s abilities were, they were fearless . They gave in their every bit of internal strength, conscious energy and defensive runes as they dashed toward Qin Feng like a horde of madmen .

Three ancient warriors synchronized their attacks on Qin Feng .

“Mountain Split!”

“Sword Kill!”

“Heavy Blow!”

Their attacks came in one after the other .

“Don’t bite more than you can chew!” Qin Feng sneered at them . As he was controlling the fire dragon that was duelling with the Steel Giant with his consciousness, he could still swing his Verdant Emperor Saber horizontally with his hand .

“Blooming Flame!”

The Verdant Emperor Saber struck the three ancient warriors who were within the saber’s range .

Clink clink clink!

Their weapons snapped with a crisp sound .

“Burning Sword Glare!”

The Verdant Emperor Saber was swung violently as it made numerous kills .

The crowd was easily exterminated and swept away .

“Bunch of useless coyotes!” Qin Feng sneered . With just a wave of his Verdant Emperor Saber, he had decapitated a man .


Blood spurted out of the headless neck and the person’s head flew into mid-air!

Qin Feng did not care which city the person was from, where they came from or if he recognized the person, all he knew was that everyone who dared to challenge him were all his enemies .

All those who wanted to harm Bai Li had to die!

After a while, Qin Feng had killed so many that his eyes were stained red with blood .

In just a few moments, more than a dozen people had fallen to the ground, and their blood had soaked the ground red . Their bodies were quickly burned into a pile of ashes by the hellfire, including those living bodies that were nearby!

On the ground, only a few rune equipment remained, some of which in particular were spatial rune equipment .

Qin Feng used his conscious energy to bring all of the items into his arms .

“Your opponent is me!” Sheng Zhenyu roared .

He was desperately forcing his consciousness to fight against Qin Feng’s fire dragon, but Qin Feng even had the audacity and spare time to fight with the others, which was clear that he was underestimating Sheng Zhenyu .

It was true that Qin Feng did not take him seriously .

“Get lost!”

Qin Feng urged his fire dragon again, which was now strangling the Steel Giant .

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When both fire rune and metal rune collided, both were devolving, but fire triumphed metal . Even if Sheng Zhenyu was an E5-tier ability user, which was four tiers higher than Qin Feng, it still would not change the fact that Qin Feng was stronger . This was because Qin Feng’s conscious power was far too strong .

Qin Feng was an SS-tier gifted mortal .

The metal runes were obliterated by the mass of flames, the searing heat had melted the Steel Giant into a pool of molten steel .

“Roar!” The fire dragon roared as it rushed toward Sheng Zhenyu .


Since there was no way he could evade the attack, Sheng Zhenyu could only use his strongest defensive ability to turn his entire body into metal . The fire dragon spat and drowned him in fire .


Sheng Zhenyu was dead!

Like the Steel Giant, his body also melted into molten steel, and the leader of the Bloodthirst Organization of the Dark Coalition that had once terrorized the Three Cities had died in an unknown spatial island .

Qin Feng then rushed toward Sheng Zhenyu . On the ground, there was only broken rune equipment left, but amongst the equipment there were four spatial rune equipment!

One of them was a spatial waymark!

“Rise up!” A booming voice erupted from a distance . The four spatial rune equipment was controlled as they moved toward the direction of the voice .

It was Guo Xing!

As a gunner, his ability to manipulate his conscious energy was strong .

However, he had just snatched food out of the tiger’s mouth .

“So, you’ve chosen death!” Qin Feng sneered as he instantly grabbed onto the four spatial rune equipment with his conscious energy and pulled them toward his direction .

Qin Feng’s conscious energy was far too powerful .

These rune equipment were instantly in Qin Feng’s grasp .

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Then, Qin Feng raised his left hand and pointed at Guo Xing’s direction .


A red beam shot out from his hand .

“Fire Beam!”

The fire beam was as thick as a wrist, which was literally an energy compression beam . The beam instantly penetrated through Guo Xing’s body .

Guo Xing stood still . His body was trembling, and when he looked down at his chest, he saw his rune equipment crumbling into pieces . There was a big gaping hole in his chest, with light coming through the other end .

With just one move, Guo Xing was dead!

The others were shocked by Qin Feng!


While the aptitude users were battling, the Drakocroc army had finally stormed into the cave in large numbers, even the number of Drakocroc beast generals had reached up to ten .

Bai Li did not idle around when Qin Feng was fighting . Bai Li used her tiny, tender hands to rip off the Drakocroc King’s skin from its carcass that was cut into halves and rolled up for the ease of storage . Now, only some flesh and bones of the Drakocroc King were left!


“Let’s go, we can’t stay any longer!”


People were retreating in the other direction .

However, it was clear that the Drakocroc army would not let them get away that easily . They began to pursue them relentlessly!

During the battle earlier, quite a number of aptitude users had died . Qin Feng alone had killed more than ten of them .

Now, there were only twenty or so aptitude users left!

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When faced with the big army of Drakocroc ultra beasts, they were not strong enough to resist the Drakocrocs’ sharp fangs!

‘If we keep on running, we’ll die for sure! Forget about it, I’ve already made about 100 million from this opportunity and I guess now is the time to stop, or else I might lose my precious life!’ This was the thought of an aptitude user . He quickly infused his energy into a spatial rune equipment and the spatial waymark was already inscribed, he disappeared from his original spot . Then, there were seven or eight people that had done the same thing and left the place .

Now, there were only ten people left!

Yuan Han and Wu Ze both looked at each other, both of them were thinking of retreating!

“Sooner or later, I’m going to kill you!” Yuan Han’s glare was murderous, she had not earned the title as the Butcheress for nothing . Even if she could not kill Qin Feng, she would still go to the so-called Fengli colony and kill everyone in it .

“Your name’s Yuan Han? Don’t even think about leaving!”

Qin Feng sneered and walked toward Yuan Han .

Yuan Han was quite famous, Qin Feng had heard of her name before his rebirth, and it was impossible that he would let go of the Butcheress .

Otherwise, there would definitely be countless disasters in the future .

“Heh, if I want to leave, do you think you can stop me?” Yuan Han held a spatial waymark in her hand, and it was not an altered one, but one of the tickets obtained from the auction .

Apparently, she had killed the person who had bought the ticket from the auction .

It was just that, no matter how much energy Yuan Han infused into the ticket, it would not light up at all .