Master of the End Times - Chapter 232

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Chapter 232: A Deadly Comeback

Chapter 232: A Deadly Comeback

“What’s going on!” Yuan Han was enraged .

“You won’t be able to leave unless I say so!” Qin Feng sneered and raised his Verdant Emperor Saber, ready to slash .

Of course, it was not that Qin Feng would not let her leave, but spacemaster Bai Li was still here, and Yuan Han could only dream about leaving .

“Alright then, we’ll fight!” Yuan Han roared, her internal strength had shot up into the skies and her scimitar was dancing in her hand .

In Qin Feng’s opinion, these were nothing more than just a display .

“Impacting Flame!”

The flames blasted Yuan Han away as she tried to resist the rune with her internal strength, but in the next moment, she felt a deadly atmosphere around her .


A Drakocroc had its jaw wide open, ready to chomp down on her .

It was too late for her to dodge from the ferocious munch!


The Drakocroc bit off both of her legs .

“Argh!” Yuan Han screeched in pain .

In just the blink of an eye, her entire corpse had been eaten away by the beasts .

On the other side, Lin Wuyi had also finished off Wu Ze . Wu Ze was now reduced to a puddle of corroded fluid, and all of his rune equipment was now in Lin Wuyi’s hands .

At this point, there were only a dozen aptitude users left to face the army of Drakocrocs .

These people fought as they retreated . Eventually, they climbed up the other side of the huge cavern inside the cave .

However, their position was at the direct opposite of where the exit was located, and it was even more impossible for them to escape successfully .

More importantly, there was no point for them to stay here any longer!

It was just that they were faced with a dilemma .

They did not prepare any spatial rune equipment .

It was not that they did not have any . All of the people present were E-tier aptitude users, and they all had spatial rune equipment of all sizes . And they used them to hold items, but if they were to use them, everything inside would also disappear, which was simply something they could not bear with .

The reason they came here was to make money, look for greater opportunities, acquire better quality spirit herbs and hunt for stronger ultra beasts .

They could not accept having to end up losing all of it for nothing!

“Qin Feng, Mayor Qin, can you sell me one of your spatial rune equipment?”

They had no choice but to beg Qin Feng for help .

“Yes, Mayor Qin, can you sell me one too? The smaller the better!”

As the crowd was fleeing for their lives, they began to place their hopes on Qin Feng .

“The price for a rune equipment now is different from the price from before . Since this is considered a life-saving equipment, 100 million for each person . Do you want it or not?”

This was almost exactly the same price for the tickets .

Everyone glared at Qin Feng furiously .

However, when they saw that Qin Feng was caught up by a Drakocroc, yet was able to take it down with just a few moves, they dared not lash out at him!

“Folks, if you’re not going to buy it, then stop following me . Leave before it’s too late for you . I’m not that kind of man who would save you from a fire, so let’s each go our own ways!”

Trying to take advantage of Qin Feng was simply just a dream .

In the ten years before his rebirth, Qin Feng did not lose the enthusiasm he had all along . At the same time, when he should be ruthless, he would never be merciful .

One of the men clenched his jaw and gritted his teeth .

“Fine, I’ll pay!”

“Transfer the money!”

That person added Qin Feng through his communicator and transferred 100 million into his account .

When the others saw that, they no longer hesitated and transferred 100 million to Qin Feng too .

Qin Feng now had too much spatial rune equipment anyway . He had at least more than twenty of those, and after he had hurriedly glanced through everything, he picked out seven spatial rune equipment that were five or six meters in size and poured out all of its contents . Bai Li was by his side and she picked them up, putting the items into another space . After doing so, he handed over the emptied spatial rune equipment to the few buyers .

These people had paid three or four times the original price to get the spatial rune equipment . Seeing that Qin Feng was so calculative, they felt like puking blood on his face .

Whereas the raging Drakocrocs around them had not broken through Qin Feng’s defense line .

“Mayor Qin, I’ll never forget our meeting until I die . I hope that in the future, Mayor Qin will soar to great heights!” said one of the buyers sarcastically through gritted teeth . Although he was saying good things to him, he was actually trying to hide his anger after he was cheated off his money .

Qin Feng pretended to have not heard anything, the edge of his lips curled into a smile .

“Likewise, have a safe journey back!”

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Then the man felt his chest tighten even more and his body was trembling with anger .

However, he decided to walk away at that instant .

This time, there were only five people, including Qin Feng, left in the underground cave .

“You guys should go ahead! I’ll divide the beast king’s loot after I tally them up!” Qin Feng said .

The army of ferocious Drakocrocs were basically punching bags for Qin Feng . Seeing that, Chi Long and Han Jian also knew what Qin Feng was planning to do . Lin Wuyi had no opinions and just nodded . He had just killed Wu Ze and acquired his spatial waymark, so he gave the waymark a slight jolt and left the scene .

Qin Feng handed two more equipment that were engraved with spatial runes to Chi Long and Han Jian, both of them left as well .

After they were both gone, Qin Feng spread out his conscious energy, and the range of his powerful SS-tier divine eye of consciousness covered almost the entire underground cave .

After making sure that there was no one else, Qin Feng put away the Scarlet Fire Claw that was on his left hand .

He held the Verdant Emperor Saber in his right hand and went on a massacre!

“Now, it’s my turn!” Qin Feng’s insane internal strength surged out of his body .

During the previous battle, others found it to be dangerous and perilous, but they were nothing to Qin Feng .

His internal strength had increased exponentially as he absorbed the strength of the dead ancient warriors .

Not only that, his conscious energy was enhanced once again .

E3 tier!

Now that the Drakocrocs were all inside the cave, Qin Feng intended to make a deadly comeback .

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Better yet, he would be finishing off these Drakocrocs in a single breath . Killing ten thousand of the beasts would be enough for him to advance to the next tier again!

It was very difficult to ascend after E-tier, therefore only more fights could satisfy Qin Feng’s needs .

Soon, Qin Feng rushed back into the huge cave and the Drakocrocs had not scattered yet . They were venting out their anger by tearing up those people’s corpses, while some of the beast generals were rolling and drenching themselves in the beast king’s blood . They glared at each other, as if they were going to start a fight among the community .

They were going to see which of them would be the next beast king!

Unfortunately, it was not going to happen!

“Take away the Drakocroc King’s carcass!” Qin Feng commanded .

Bai Li instantly moved next to the Drakocroc King’s carcass and lifted its arm . Then, the humongous body disappeared into a wisp .


The beast generals were enraged once again, they ran over to Bai Li and tried to tear her apart .

In just the blink of an eye, Bai Li disappeared again .

Looking at the violent mob of Drakocrocs, Qin Feng began to rev up his conscious energy .

“Light of Death!”

With a blink, darkness enveloped the entire cave .

While in the darkness, there seemed to be a huge black spinning planet within the cave . It was like a black sun, emitting a deadly light which further infuriated the Drakocrocs, but their life force was slowly drained away bit by bit until all of them had died .

The Drakocroc kind went extinct!