Master of the End Times - Chapter 233

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Chapter 233: A Bountiful Harvest

Chapter 233: A Bountiful Harvest

A day later, Qin Feng was sitting cross-legged inside the huge cave .


After taking a deep breath, Qin Feng opened his eyes .

In his dantian, his internal force had reached the 33rd layer of sea clouds .

After the chaotic battle, even if Qin Feng did not kill anyone, he would still be able to absorb the energy of the dead corpses . The absorption skill allowed him to absorb all of the internal strength of the dead corpses .

As a result, when coupled with the internal strength from previous battles, Qin Feng’s internal strength had once again advanced to the next tier .

After absorbing the dark supernatural energy of the Drakocrocs, Qin Feng’s physical body was strengthened and he had reached E3-tier!

With this short exploration, Qin Feng’s harvest was bountiful .

The most crucial thing was his gain in terms of resources .

For the one whole day they stayed behind, Qin Feng did not do anything else other than assisting Bai Li in picking up the dropped items, and they had collected around forty spatial runic equipment in that area .

It was almost impossible to tally out the post-battle losses!

After all, the items were scattered everywhere and there were just too many .

But there was no doubt that the entire island now had nothing valuable other than its ample spiritual aura .

“Bai Li, time for us to go back now!” Qin Feng said .

With Bai Li, the spatial master here, there was no need for Qin Feng to waste two spatial runic equipment to make spatial waymarks . Moreover, Qin Feng did not plan to return to where the other aptitude users were . He decided to return to Fengli colony .

Taking a leap through space, Qin Feng and Bai Li had arrived at the mother mountain manor .

“Beep beep, beep beep . ”

Qin Feng and Bai Li’s communicators were vibrating like crazy .

Once they had returned to Fengli colony, their communicators could not only tell time and act as detection devices, it could also communicate with other people . With the crazy vibrations, it was obvious that someone had sent him urgent messages .

When Qin Feng turned on his communicator, he saw that Chi Long, Han Jian and Lin Wuyi had all sent messages . Even the top officials of Fengli colony had inquired about his status .

“Mayor Qin, once you’ve returned, leave that place immediately . Sea City has changed, and now it is Lei Chen who’s in power . Lei Chen was the one who sent out these spatial tickets, and now upon our return, he’s forcing us to pay 200 million as a punishment . That son of a b*tch!”

“Mayor Qin, have you returned?”

“Mayor Qin, did something bad happen to you?”

Everyone else was asking about his whereabouts .

Qin Feng began to reply to their messages .

“Chi Long, I’ve returned to Fengli colony and I’ll send you a video of the loot I’ve collected . Do you want the goods, or do you prefer payment through cash?”

“Lin Wuyi, return to Fengli colony!”

As for the matter of compensation that Leitang Organization and Lei Chen wanted as their punishment .

Qin Feng let out a snort, it was none of his business!

After all, Qin Feng had returned to Fengli colony . No matter how much authority Lei Chen had, there was no way he would be able to touch him here .

After that, Qin Feng informed Fengli colony about his return, and if there was anything that needed to be done, they could come to the manor to find him .

However, Qin Feng still had more important things to do now .

“Xiao Bai, come on, let’s plant everything we’ve gathered!”


Previously, Bai Li wanted to build a garden so Qin Feng had hired people to change the water fountain into a flowing stream . Now, Qin Feng threw some natural energy cores he had obtained in the wilderness into the stream and placed a few living silver pearl shells in it . He also planted some herbs that he had collected .

Other herbs such as darkglow that were found in the cave were planted in the garden in Qin Feng’s backyard .

Although these herbs could not prove its usefulness in such a short period of time, they were worthwhile investments that would become money trees in the future .

Moreover, these plants would make the mother mountain’s aura denser .

In Fengli colony, Xue Xingfu was the first person to step into the manor . Other people had no business with Qin Feng, but Xue Xingfu was the one that Qin Feng called to come over .

The chubby Xue Xingfu walked through the corridor and saw that Qin Feng and Bai Li had their hands full of dirt, like they were planting flowers .

A young man does not know how to grieve!

Xue Xingfu shook his head as he said, “Mayor, you look so laid-back!”

It was obvious that his words did not match his real feelings .

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There was a bright smile on his face, but it quickly turned into dismay .

“These… Are these spirit herbs?”

Qin Feng did not bother to bat an eye at Xue Xingfu . “You think I’m laid-back? Remember to find me a wood ability user to take care of this place for me . Don’t let my plants die when I go out to train for half a month!”

Bai Li was still planting with excitement as Qin Feng ushered Xue Xingfu to the main hall .

“How are the preparations for the underground black market that I’ve assigned for you to establish?” Qin Feng asked .

“It’s already set up in a hidden place, but…” Xue Xingfu wanted to stop talking, but he continued on, “Will this work? Even if you want to make a name for yourself, you still require the goods!”

The underground black market established by Qin Feng could be found in many places in the outside world, but in the Three Cities, no such place existed .

It was a place to redistribute stolen goods without the fear of being found, and there was an advantage in terms of pricing where one would be able to snag items at a cheaper price .

As for where the items came from, no one would ask about it .

That was why it was called a black market .

That was because most of these items were probably obtained through killing people .

In fact, this was common in the colonies built by dark organizations, but how much integrity did the members of these dark organizations have in them?

After purchasing an item from them, they might kill you in just the blink of an eye . Then, they would resell the item again and your life savings would be spent in vain .

Hence, such underground black markets required a transparent identity to instil trust in their customers .

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Qin Feng did not lack the identity, and trust was something that one had to amass, but as for the goods…

“Take a look at these . These items are not for the colony, they have been acquired through private transactions, and the black market can get some commissions through these!”

As Qin Feng was speaking, he threw his combat backpack on the table .

Xue Xingfu was puzzled .

“What good stuff do we have here?”

How many good items can you actually stuff in a combat backpack?

When Xue Xingfu opened the backpack, his jaw dropped on the floor!

This was a backpack full of spatial runic equipment .

“Mayor, Boss, whatever, I’ll call you big brother, where did you get these?” Xue Xingfu was getting all excited . Such a big batch of rune equipment was equivalent to earning easy money!

“We’re not just going to sell rune equipment, there is still other good stuff inside!”

Seeing how excited Xue Xingfu had gotten, Qin Feng kindly reminded him .

Xue Xingfu was still in shock . As he checked every rune equipment, he found out that there really were a lot of items inside the backpack .

“Okay, I’ll tally them up right away!” Xue Xingfu was simply fired up .

After all, there were just too many items inside, and most of them were in bits and pieces!

“Go on then!” Qin Feng waved his hand and had the stoked Xue Xingfu take his leave . “Remember, once the items are sold out, use all of the collected funds to acquire every single E-tier beast king crystal you can find!”

“Understood, Boss!” Xue Xingfu replied excitedly .