Master of the End Times - Chapter 234

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Chapter 234: Returning to Fengli

Chapter 234: Returning to Fengli

After that, Chi Long returned with the news, planning to directly claim the money . On the other hand, Han Jian was still waiting for Qin Feng in Sea City and had no idea that Qin Feng had already gone back!

He still suggested that swapping it for cash was a proper idea . After getting duped by Lei Chen, neither of them had expendable cash left!

After all, if they were to ask for a return in the form of goods, Lei Chen would have undercut them and given only two hundred million worth of items .

Qin Feng was the one with money, even with Lei Chen cheating everyone, Qin Feng had managed to cheat seven people in one go . These seven people were the ones who had lost their life savings .

“Taking into account the Drakocroc King, combined with the other spoils, there’s approximately three billion worth . We can split that up into three hundred million each, it was a pleasure working with you!”

“The feeling is mutual! Qin Feng, you’re really impressive!” Han Jian replied .

“Qin Feng, I hope we’ll work together again in the future!” Chi Long was also happy, after all it was quite fruitful this time .

“Alright!” Qin Feng replied to the two before paying Lin Wuyi three hundred million, and with that everything else was divided between those who were involved .

After a day of adding things up, Xue Xingfu got a large number of people, including the senior management, to handle the auditing . After the amount had been calculated, even Qin Feng was surprised .

“Thirty four billion?”

“That’s right! This is the number!” Xue Xingfu had not slept well last night as he kept on staring at the number . When he was in Chengbei colony, he was involved in many types of business transactions but those were only around tens of millions . Even then, that was too much money for him to take out and he ended up having to settle using mortgages!

Xue Xingfu’s heart trembled as he stared at the total amount . Following Qin Feng was the way to go!

Qin Feng returned to his senses and realized that this was actually considered a normal figure . He had taken more than forty pieces of spatial runic equipment . Not only that, some of the aptitude users were carrying rune equipment that was worth quite a lot, not forgetting those integrated spatial buttons .

In fact, the spirit herbs that Qin Feng collected from the aptitude users had not even been accounted for yet, nor the boxes of power credits!

In these few boxes, the number of power credits was somewhat scattered . Although some were missing, Qin Feng estimated that there were probably a million power credits in there .

No, it was ten billion!

From what they went through this time around, Qin Feng probably made a full profit of fifty billion yuan .

This wealth was incredible .

‘This should be enough for the crystal cores that will turn Xiao Bai into a D-tier beast emperor!’

Although he had a lot of money, raising a girlfriend with unlimited potential was extremely expensive .

“Boss, everything should be ready now . We’re only lacking one tiny crucial item . Now, all we need is an eye-catching advertisement, and then the underground black market can be set up!” Xue Xingfu said excitedly .


When Qin Feng heard the word, his expression darkened as he thought about the time Xue Xingfu used him to advertise Fengli colony .

But now, Qin Feng had a good idea for an eye-catching advertisement .

“When I was on that foreign island I killed quite a number of those Dark Coalition people, including She-Wolf, people from the Bloodthirst Organization and et cetera . I’ve kept these people’s heads and I was planning to go to a bounty hunter to collect the money . You can get some photos of them from the past and announced that I’ve killed these people . Now that we can sell the things we got from them, there’ll definitely be people who will come!”

Fact of the matter was, Qin Feng did not only kill those from the Dark Coalition, he also took down someone from Chengyang City .

Combat in the wilderness had always been executed under a state of bloodlust, nobody would hold it against Qin Feng . Condemning him was useless as in the end, actions speak the loudest .

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On that day, Qin Feng drove to the bounty hunter base in Chengbei colony .

Being one of the richest organizations on the planet, the front door of the Bounty Hunter Hall was extravagantly large, which indicated how lucrative this part-time job was .

However, many people did not dare choose this job, killing was easy but being killed was even easier .

As he stepped out of the car, everyone that saw him took in a deep breath .


“He’s… He’s Qin Feng! Wait, no, Mayor Qin!”

“He looks even younger than in the ad . Is this what a genius looks like? He looks about seventeen!”

They whispered among themselves, looking on with admiration as he stepped into the Bounty Hunter Hall . Everyone was wondering the same thing, what was he doing in the Bounty Hunter Hall?

At this time, Zhang Haoyang who greeted Qin Feng was also curious . “Mayor Qin, what brings you here today? Reaped any large gains lately?” He asked while pouring water for him in a respectful manner .

Qin Feng was no longer the boy he knew a few months ago!

An E-tier ability user, ancient warrior and a gunner as well!

The district chief of Fengli colony .

The fuse that blew up the Xin family .

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Some even said that Qin Feng could be the next person to reach D tier .

The news kept coming and sometimes Zhang Haoyang wondered, was Qin Feng actually human?

“Yeah, I’ve come to collect the bounty rewards . Here, identify these!” As Qin Feng took out the heads one by one, Zhang Haoyang’s facial expression was that of utter shock .


“This is Yuan Han!”

“Guo Xing!”


One by one, they were called by their names . Qin Feng did not recognize some of them, but they must have been powerful people within the Dark Coalition . After all, they had all reached E-tier, which meant that they would have been pretty infamous .

In addition to the Bloodthirst Organization’s She-Wolf, Qin Feng took out five more, three of whom were wanted .

As a result, 8 . 7 billion worth of bounty fell into Qin Feng’s lap . This really was very profitable .

“Mayor Qin, what… what have you been doing?”

Qin Feng merely smiled . “Not much . There was an auction held by the Wanzong Organization . These people went there and I went to take their heads!”

Zhang Haoyang was speechless

Every year during the auction held by the Wanzong Organization, these Dark Coalition members would go there to ‘cull the sheep’ and they became infamous through that .

Who would have thought that one day they would unexpectedly become the sheep?

“Please wait for a moment, Sir, I have to verify this, and I will handle this for you immediately!”

It was not too long of a wait . After only an hour, the bounty hunter’s internal operations confirmed the news . After all, there were other people who came back from the foreign island and they knew who killed these people .

Soon, Zhang Haoyang processed the matter and the Bounty Hunter Network immediately transferred the bounty to Qin Feng’s account . Not only that, an announcement rang out in the bounty hunter base,

“Congratulations on becoming an E-tier bounty hunter . Thanks to your outstanding contribution, you have restored order to the aftermath of chaos . Golden Hunter special privileges have been granted . ”

“Next time you hunt down criminals, you will receive a 10% from the subsequent funds as a reward!”

“I hope you will continue to work hard!”

With this good news, Qin Feng nodded with satisfaction and bid Zhang Haoyang goodbye .

On the same day, the news of She-Wolf and the other people’s bounty being collected was immediately spread throughout the Three Cities . After all, it was a bounty worth billions .

Moreover, more shocking news surfaced .