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Master of the End Times - Chapter 237

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:33:59 AM

Chapter 237: One against Three

Chapter 237: One against Three

The two of them backed off at the same time, but Savage King seemed to have been sent flying backward .


One-Eye’s decomposition blaster beams once again wrapped around Qin Feng .

The three’s cooperation was not perfect but they came in one after the other, not giving time for him to even catch his breath .

The people in the colony that were watching the fight on video broke out into a cold sweat for Qin Feng’s sake .

On the hill side, Qin Feng’s internal force was churning, his feet moving like the wind .

“Phantom Motion Steps!”

He hopped back three meters in the blink of an eye, narrowly avoiding the decomposition beams .

“Verdant Emperor Saber!” With a wave of his hand, he pulled his weapon out of his spatial rune equipment with a flourish .

“Burning Sword Glare!” Flames erupted from the blade and immediately rushed toward One-Eye .

The rune equipment boots One-Eye had on flickered continuously and pushed him high into the sky, allowing him to avoid Qin Feng’s attack .

“Summoning Ability: Fiendish Image!” Shademaster raised his hand and urged forth his consciousness, the dark runes gathering were familiar to Qin Feng .

In the next moment, a huge shadow appeared behind Qin Feng . The shadow instantly twisted around Qin Feng and wrapped itself around him .

Shademaster’s face spread into a sinister smile . “Gotcha!”

“Haha!” One-Eye also let out a laugh . Although this was his first time working with Shademaster, this kind of cooperation was naturally more beneficial . The Shademaster was indeed a good partner .

One-Eye raised his decomposition blasters again and fired at Qin Feng .

Qin Feng was originally wrapped up by this shadow, allowing him to measure its strength and quickly figure out a way to break down the rune structure of this ability rune .

It was indeed a very powerful ability . Unfortunately, the one it encountered was Qin Feng .

“Dark Shadow!”

Qin Feng’s body seemed to have melded into the shadows of the Fiendish Image . While hidden in the dark, Qin Feng moved through the shadows and fell upon Shademaster in the blink of an eye .

“Look out!” Savage King rushed in from behind, seeing that Qin Feng was almost about to cut down Shademaster with his saber, and went for the rescue .

He did not do it out of sentimentality, no, it was because Shademaster was a powerful ally and it would be difficult to hunt down Qin Feng without his help .

Qin Feng saw Savage King approaching but he did not slow down his actions in the slightest .

“Then, you can both die together!”

“Blooming Flames!”

A gout of flame swept out in a line .

“Stubborn Stone!” Savage King’s body exploded with internal strength, the exposed skin briefly turning grey like that of a stone’s .


There came the sound of impact and Savage King was knocked to the side again .

It looked like it was not enough to defend against Qin Feng’s attack as he ended up receiving a large gash over his arm as blood spattered onto the ground .

Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber was unimpeded and he swung it again, this time his target was Shademaster .

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Thanks to Savage King’s distraction that saved him, he managed to avoid the first attack . Now that he knew that Qin Feng’s speed was unbeatable, his consciousness surged forth again!


With a boom, a huge coffin erupted from the ground between Qin Feng and Shademaster .

This coffin was at least two meters tall and was made out of metal, which allowed it to deflect Qin Feng’s blow .


The coffin lid suddenly fell toward Qin Feng, forcing him to quickly back off . Within the coffin, there was a ferocious looking humanoid ultra beast .

This was Shademaster’s tamed beast . Not only that, this was his trump card . He had not expected to have to pull out the best tool from his box this early in the battle .

An extremely powerful Ancient Ghoul . It was at least an E-tier beast general .

This time, Qin Feng went from being one against three to being one against four .

Within the colony, countless people were watching this unfold on their screens and wished that they could help . After all, these people were surrounding and attacking Qin Feng, and that made them feel extremely frustrated .

They were not just worried about Qin Feng, they were also worried about themselves . What if he lost? What would happen to them?

By now, they no longer wanted to run away . Some people were frozen in place, staring closely at the big screen and anticipating the results of this battle .

Shademaster, the Ancient Ghoul, One-Eye and Savage King formed a square around Qin Feng, all staring intently at him .

“I didn’t expect you to be so strong, Mayor Qin . You’ve even forced me to pull out my ace in the hole . I’ll have you know, whoever it sees will be ripped apart by its teeth!” Shademaster said coldly .

Qin Feng’s eyes swept across all of them and he stowed away the Verdant Emperor Saber .

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“Well, that’s unfortunate . I’m afraid it’ll have to go hungry then!” he said .

Savage King’s arm had already stopped bleeding with the use of his internal force . He stared at Qin Feng disdainfully as he watched him put his saber away .

“Are you planning on surrendering? Or are you planning to escape since you are putting your weapons away? Don’t tell me you are gonna start begging for mercy?”

One-Eye’s good eye locked onto Qin Feng, as long as he could find an opening he would not hesitate to raise his weapons to kill the guy .

Qin Feng let out a frosty laugh . “I don’t need a weapon to deal with you!”

He glanced at the text he received on his communicator, it was from Xue Xingfu .

“Boss, go at it with a bit more flare . Everyone in the colony is watching you!”

Well, that was unexpected .

He was right though, right now Fengli Colony was under attack by the Dark Coalition and this probably would not be the last time .

If the colony were attacked often, it would bring turmoil and drive people away out of fear for their lives . Especially rich businessmen . For them, a safe colony was a particular necessity, after all, what was the point of having money if you did not have the chance to spend it .

This time, Qin Feng did not only have to beat his opponents, he had to beat them down in a flashy manner .

What was more flashy than abilities?

With this in mind, Qin Feng’s consciousness surged and his Scarlet Fire Claw was already floating in his hand .

“Not good!” Shademaster’s mouth widened into that of an ‘O’ shape, directing his Ancient Ghoul to charge at Qin Feng .


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Savage King noticed Qin Feng’s movements and moved in quickly without hesitating .

The abilities of ability users were strange and powerful . They had heard that Qin Feng was an ability user but the boy came at them with ancient martial arts, which gave them the impression that his abilities were probably weak

But… this was not what they had imagined .

“Fire Dragon!”

Qin Feng suddenly manifested his own flame runes, and for a moment, flames rocketed into the air .

A monstrously huge dragon spawned out of the roaring flames, circling around Qin Feng as its large body forcibly made the Ancient Ghoul and Savage King back off .

“You!” Qin Feng pointed at One-Eye .

“No! You! Consciousness Arrow!”

The other party blasted his consciousness at Qin Feng in a quick and sudden movement . Gunners were always confident when it came to their conscious energy, even in the face of ability users .

One-Eye used this move against him and was expecting that the induced vertigo would be able to cancel Qin Feng’s Fire Dragon Style .

It was a shame that his move did not seem to work at all!

The roaring fire dragon rushed right toward him!