Master of the End Times - Chapter 238

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:33:58 AM

Chapter 238: The Bounty Hunters Add Another Record

Chapter 238: The Bounty Hunters Add Another Record


Even with defense from his rune equipment, One-Eye still let out a panicked yell as the huge dragon bit down on his neck . The flame morphed into a rope-like shape before violently dragging One-Eye toward Qin Feng .


Qin Feng struck with a blow that connected to where One-Eye’s heart was .


The defensive rune equipment he had on flickered in a wild frenzy as it tried to defend its wearer, but Qin Feng’s punch was the equivalent of a direct hit from a beast king, and this time he did not hold back .


He could hear the sound of One-Eye’s broken bones, and in the next moment, One-Eye was sent flying .

The fire dragon returned to its original form and released One-Eye’s body before turning to rush toward Shademaster .

The Ancient Ghoul also rushed over to protect its master .

Savage King rushed at Qin Feng again to clash in a close quarter combat . The two met each other with punches and kicks, every blow producing a thumping sound .

This was different from his first blow . Last time, he was holding back, but now he no longer had the desire to .

A quick decision makes for a quick battle .

“Asteroid Assimilation!” Qin Feng’s internal force erupted outward, wrapping around Savage King! One should know that at this point Qin Feng’s Asteroid Assimilation had reached a whole nother level thanks to him cultivating his internal power, making the move even more powerful .

A fog cover began to form around them and Savage King felt like he was stuck in the mud .

Qin Feng reached out and his hands slipped, he ended up grabbing Savage King by the arm .


Savage King’s arm was broken .


Savage King let out a cry, his internal force violently broke out as he fought back using his own martial arts . His dazzling movements were hard to follow with the human eye .

The wild style of this E-tier ancient warrior was just frightening . However, ordinary people would not have known that under the effects of Qin Feng’s Asteroid Assimilation, Savage King’s fighting ability had been greatly reduced . Otherwise, it would have been much stronger than it was now .

Savage King was no more than a clown hopping around in Qin Feng’s hands .


Qin Feng broke Savage King’s other arm .

His strongest blows came from his fists but now both his arms were broken . Even for Savage King, who was an extremely cruel person, he felt fear encroaching his heart, and all he wanted to do was run away to save himself .

Savage King took a step back before frantically retreating .

Qin Feng sneered and Asteroid Assimilation surged forth again .

A frenzied absorption spread forward and Qin Feng’s speed drastically increased before he struck Savage King in the back .

He hit very close to the center of Savage King’s dantian . The Asteroid Assimilation ability madly consumed the other’s internal force, the sea of clouds of internal power gushed out like water from a dam, quickly running dry in an instant .

Without internal force, Savage King could no longer defend himself


Savage King’s head was suddenly spun at an incredible angle of a hundred and eighty degrees . Qin Feng let go of the man’s head, and like a tower made out of iron, the burly body toppled over with a loud thud .

Now, the situation had been entirely flipped over, and Qin Feng had just taken down two people .

The fire dragon was still raging wildly, and even the powerful Ancient Ghoul was afraid of the flames . It was gradually getting slower in speed due to a lot of its parts being burnt, the thing was well on its way of becoming a charred ghoul .

Shademaster was also feeling fearful now!

“Dark Shadow!” He unleashed his ability, using the cover of darkness to block out people’s sight and turned tail to run .

Then, in the dark, a dim glow struck his body .

“This…” he lowered his head and saw his body rapidly aging . There were liver spots appearing on his hands, he was turning from a healthy youth to a drooping old man .

In the blink of an eye, his skin had dried out like a prune as all the moisture was drawn from it .

“Oh, right . Your brain still has its uses!” Qin Feng said, raising his hand to move the dark runes away from the other’s body . Shademaster’s current appearance was haggard, like he had not slept for many days .

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He did not have time to rejoice being set free because Qin Feng pulled out his saber and brought it down like a guillotine .

The dark runes soon dissipated and everyone regained visuals of the area . All they saw were three heads that were flung up into the sky and an Ancient Ghoul collapsing into a pile of ashes .

Qin Feng stood on the hill side, his figure looking very imposing as he raised his hand to recall the fire dragon back to him . Such a sight was shocking for everyone .

He then turned on his communicator and directly messaged Xue Xingfu: “Turn off the feed . People don’t need to watch me collect loot, it’s not appropriate!”

Xue Xingfu understood this and naturally ended the video feed .

The people in Fengli colony did not understand this because of the initial shock, but the moment the feed disappeared they realized that the battle was over!

This was a battle between advanced aptitude users?

None of it seemed human . How terrifying!

For a time, the battle became the only topic that the residents would talk about .

At this time, Qin Feng was collecting the spoils of war left by the three . Their heads were removed, their spatial rune equipment taken away, and their rune equipment searched and valued .

“They are all quite rich!”

One piece of E-tier silver light rune equipment could only be made using beast king tier materials with a large amount of production cost . One piece was worth hundreds of millions and if it were good it would be worth at least one billion . All of the three had that kind of rune equipment, no wonder Qin Feng would call them rich .

After all, he did not know that this was sponsored by Lei Chen . He was also surprised when he found Shademaster’s spatial storage that contained a piece of rolled-up parchment that looked like a cheat sheet .

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It was directed for the usage of dark runes, including the Bone Claws that he faced earlier along with the secret method of controlling Ancient Ghouls!

“This dark ability is stronger than I expected . Maybe I can use this one day to have an easier time dealing with beast hordes!”

He decided to keep the sheet for himself and put the rest up for auction in his underground black market!

Once everything was packed up, he turned on his communicator and contacted Zhang Haoyang . “I collected the heads of three criminals here, but Fengli colony currently needs someone to defend it . So, if it’s not too much trouble, would you please come over to verify them?”

Zhang Haoyang was stunned when he heard the news but then he quickly agreed . “Sure thing, I’ll head over immediately!”

While he was doing that, Xue Xingfu had already put out a new round of advertising . This time, the content of the ad showcased Qin Feng’s battle against the three men that threatened Fengli colony . They were Qin Feng’s latest trophies .

“Alright… this feels like we’re showing off a bit too much . This might scare people off . Maybe a more subtle approach?” Xue Xingfu put on a cunning smile and then put out another round of advertising .

“As long as you don’t act up, Fengli gives you the safest guarantee . ”

“Of course, in this world, there would always be some unruly people!”

The heads of the three were displayed in the most public and direct manner .

All the E-tier aptitude users of the Three Cities fell silent . There were some people that had also wanted to head over just to cause some trouble, now they dared not to .

Half a day later, during midnight . Fengli’s underground black market ushered in its first customer . This person was actually donning a dark robe, just like how Xue Xingfu had previously advertised .

This person was actually from the Dark Coalition and had already met Qin Feng before .