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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:36:48 PM

Chapter 24

“They are here! The Calvary is here!”

 2“Quick! The giant rats are here in the plantation! Exterminate them! Don’t let them destroy our food!”

 3“Get down the bus and prepare for battle!”

 There were around at least ten big buses stopping at the plantation . Immediately, the ability users stepped off the bus and rushed to the wooden fence . They had to get to the spots where the giant rats had broken through, also having to find and exterminate those that were hiding in the food silos . Evidently, any small delay could cause an unimaginably big problem .

 Once the plantation was destroyed, the entire Chengbei Colony would be thrown into a famine, causing the deaths of countless innocent people .

 Some of the ones who’d gotten down from the bus were still students . They were from Chengbei’s prestigious college .



 Lu Meng had her combat machinery all set . Once the giant rats approached her, she would shoot them without any mercy .

 6“Meng Meng, be careful!”

 In this particular battle, Li Yaoyao was a part of the medical team and wasn’t allowed to go to the frontline with the combat team, which was why she was so worried about Lu Meng .

 “Don’t worry! Don’t worry! There are a lot of people here . I won’t put myself in situations I can’t handle!” said Lu Meng, assuring the terrified girl .

 1“Li Yaoyao, come with me! Let’s report to the command center first!” the mentor said .

 “Yaoyao, you should go now!”

 “Okay . Please be careful!”

 She quickly caught up to her mentor . At the same time, giant monitors that were installed at the base were all live-streaming the happenings on the frontline . A skinny and lanky figure managed to capture Li Yao’s attention . It was none other than Qin Feng .

 1“That’s the Ultimate Prediction of a high-tier gunner! No doubt, he is definitely one of the best gunners around here!”

 “Gunner? I think his body has now awakened into an Ancient Warrior’s . His strength and speed have surpassed what an ordinary human being can achieve! I can also see that he is using his inner force to defeat his enemies!”

 “This lad has great potential! We need to make him join the garrison troops!”

 It seemed that all these high-ranking officers were complimenting Qin Feng . At that moment, Li Yao became entirely mesmerized by Qin Feng . He was the one who had saved her not too long ago . Until this very moment, she did not even know his name .

 “Do you have the info?!”

 “Yes… His name is Qin Feng . This…”

 “What’s up? Something wrong with the info?”

 “He is one of the guys who received the first batch of awakening potions this year . He has only been awakened for 14 days!”

 1“What?! No way! Oh god, he is a genius!”

 Li Yao’s eyes sparkled, alight with excitement when she came to know about those things .

 “His name is Qin Feng? That sounds bloody powerful!”

 4The only thing they were unsure of was if he would join the garrison troops or attend some prestigious college . Of course, Li Yao hoped that he would choose college over the other . That would mean he would unofficially become her junior .

 2“Li Yao, what are you looking at?”

 The mentor’s voice rudely awakened Li Yao from her daydreams .

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 “Noth… nothing!”

 “I know that this is your first time seeing something like this . It’s normal for you to freak out right now . Sooner or later, you will get used to it!”

 “Yes, teacher . ”

 At that very moment, alarms went blaring off in the base again .

 … . .

 Qin Feng was fighting at the battlefront, not realizing that he had managed to capture a lot of attention with his exceptional abilities . However, he knew that the military would have to get involved in a large-scale battle like this and wasn’t about to showcase all of his abilities . At least, he did not use his dark ability to exterminate the giant rats .

 2No doubt, the skill, Shadow Cloaking, would allow him to defeat all his enemies with ease . Still, he refrained himself from using it .

 3“Alert! Alert! A Beast King-tier creature has just appeared, now located at 721 meters away from us . Please be careful!”

 Qin Feng took a look at his communicator and saw the message published in the area’s network . After knowing about the approaching creature, all the ability users were left in shock . Immediately, they retreated a few steps and stood at the guardrails above the fence to stop the king rat from moving forward .

 “Missiles are ready!”

 “Target is locked!”


 A barrage of missiles launched with a pop, streaking across the sky with a glorious plume of smoke and noise . They then landed on the targeted ground .



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 Three missiles detonated at the same time sending out a powerful shockwave, its thick plume of smoke impairing the vision of those hoping for a hit . Soon after that, the machine scanned the area and delivered the news to them . It was bad news .

 “Alert! Alert! A Beast-King-tier creature has just appeared! It is now located at 572 meters from us . Please be careful!”

 The monstrous creature was getting ever closer, raising the hairs of all who heard the ominous announcement .

 “Prepare the laserbeam!” shouted Li Wen .

 3The distinct clank of gears grinding could be heard echoing in the air at the entrance . A five-meter tall laser cannon was being hastily assembled . Once it was up and running, it locked on to the target soon after that .

 Although it was a mighty cannon by any standard, it was not all godlike and had its weaknesses as well . The laser beam could only travel in a straight line . In other words, it would not be able to dodge any obstacles that blocked its path . Though the Beast-King-tier creature was still a good 500 meters away from them, who wouldn’t spot a four to five-meter-tall silver giant rat approaching in the rain?

 The rat had blackened parts on its skin, blood vessels visible through its burnt fur from the explosions of the missiles . Clearly, three rockets were not powerful enough to put a stop to it from making its way toward the plantation .



 A white, blinding light along with an ear-piercing screech was unleashed at the giant rat king when it was about 300 meters away from the base . Some weaker ability users were affected by the ear-piercing noise . Their ears started to bleed right after the laser cannon was fired .

 Now, the cannon would need at least half a minute before it could be fired again . The giant rat king was approaching the base fast . After ten seconds, everyone could clearly see the creature . It was limping and seemed to have lost its front paw . Usually, an injured beast would pose an even larger threat to its enemies, in this case, being the humans .

 Qin Feng was now standing only 30 meters away from the giant rat .



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 It seemed as if the giant rat king knew that the weapon that injured it was located behind the guard rails and immediately started to tackle the front door .

 “Stop him!”


 5All the soldiers were shooting at the giant rat king with their submachine guns . Unfortunately, unbeknownst to its enemies, it possessed such thick skin that it repelled all the bullets . To make things worse, the ricocheting shells began to hit the soldiers around it, maiming them and severely injuring a few .

 1“Stop shooting!” shouted Li Wen .

 The gunfire died out, filling the entire place with an eerie silence .

 No one dared approach the giant rat king after they were ordered to stop shooting .


 Then, shockingly, the rat bulldozed forward, managing to ram through the doors and the guard tower standing beside it . Just when everyone had almost lost all hope, a massive wall was summoned at the entrance to stop the giant rat king from moving forward . Not only that, a giant fireball came out of nowhere and landed right on the blackened spot on its body!

 It was a critical hit!


 That really pissed off the giant rat king . Immediately, it turned around and charged at the location where the fireball came from! At the same time, everyone turned around, searching for the one who had summoned the enormous fireball .