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Master of the End Times - Chapter 241

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:33:54 AM

Chapter 241: Entering Pingyun

Chapter 241: Entering Pingyun

Those saved by Qin Feng were still trying to recollect themselves . The charming and slender Qin Feng came down from his hover car and stood imposingly in front of them . The badge that represented his tier hung proudly on his chest .

The letter “E” imprinted on the badge signified his exceptional strength and social status .

Qin Feng walked up and gripped the slippery python body with his bare hand . With a yank, he helped release the person entangled by it .

Qin Feng then promptly stored the beast general materials into his spatial equipment . He now had enough food materials for the next few days .


The guy had failed to escape the python’s entrapment, despite using up all of his inner energy . He was only delaying his ultimate fate, it never occurred to him that he would be rescued .

“Thank you . I owe you my life! Cough cough!”

He spewed out a small pool of blood . A few of his rib cages were snapped but fortunately, none of his internal organs was punctured . Such an injury would not be lethal to an aptitude user . He would be fine after resting up for a week or so .

“Can you walk?” Qin Feng asked .

“Not a problem!” The guy answered hurriedly .

But Qin Feng remained cautious and shared some of his own internal force with that guy . Redness slowly returned to his pale face with Qin Feng’s help .

After that, Qin Feng walked to the SUV and pushed it with one hand . Without much effort, the large truck flipped back upright . The tires made a loud bang when it came into contact with the ground once again .

“Mister, thank you for saving our lives . Thank you!” One of the teenage girls stared at Qin Feng with admiration like he was some sort of a hero .

“It’s nothing . Leave this place at once . ” Qin Feng replied casually . To him, this was nothing more than a small favor .

Those who were saved by him, however, were not ready to part ways yet . They felt obliged to thank their savior . Besides, it was not every day that they would come across someone as powerful as Qin Feng . They yearned to know more about him .

“Mister, are you going to Pingyun? I am a local there . Please allow me to treat you to a meal as a sign of my gratitude,” The guy offered sincerely .

Qin Feng looked at him and contemplated it . He then nodded, “Sure . Let me ensure you all return safely to the colony . ”

At first, Qin Feng wanted to advise them to stay away from Pingyun . He swallowed his words after learning that they were residents there .

It seemed that the calamity had not befallen Pingyun yet .

They introduced themselves to Qin Feng . The F3-tier aptitude user was Qian Yuan, while the two girls were sisters—Fang Yue and Fang Ling . As for the G8 aptitude user, he was a friend of Qian Yuan’s called Guang Xiaogang . He was not a very competent fighter .

Their SUV trailed behind Qin Feng’s hover car . It paled in comparison to Qin Feng’s classy vehicle .

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“E-tier aptitude user . Is he a gunner? He needed only one shot to finish off an F-tier beast general!” Fang Yue lamented .

“That’s only because he has a powerful weapon . Do you know what gun he is holding? A decomposition blaster . We wouldn’t be able to afford it even if we sell all our belongings including ourselves . ” Guang Xiaogang was the one driving . He had yet to fully recover from the traumatic encounter, evident from his quivering body .

Secretly, he was not entirely convinced . It was normal to envy those with greater power . Moreover, Qin Feng’s moderate temperament did not strike him as a fearsome figure . Not to mention, he had long been having affection for the two sisters . So it was only natural for Guang Xiaogang to repel Qin Feng when he became the center of attention and drew endless compliments from the two sisters .

“He is probably not a gunner but an ancient warrior . The internal force he shared with me felt dense and vibrant . My meridian flow has become much smoother than it was before . ”

This was the strength of a high-tier ancient warrior . Qin Feng had unintentionally reinforced Qian Yuan’s meridian while attending to his internal wounds . The latter felt that this was a blessing in disguise .

“Have you seen how he fit such a huge beast general into his spatial rune equipment with ease? It must be quite spacious . Furthermore, the communicator on his wrist is the latest version . That alone costs a hundred thousand . I don’t even have that much money in my savings,” Fang Ling babbled excitedly .

Fang Yue and Fang Ling had been awakened for more than half a year now . They had only reached G3-tier after training for so long, and most of their salaries had been spent on buying potions .

The two sisters had been following Qian Yuan out to the field for three months now but failed to gain much . The danger they faced today only added to their terror toward the wilderness .

Nonetheless, they felt fortunate and thrilled to have been rescued . After all, the person who saved them was none other than an E-tier aptitude user—one that was capable of leading a medium-size colony .

Pingyun was smaller than Han Town and could only be considered as a small colony . Nobody would have come to this remote place if it did not serve as an important transportation hub .

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In other words, even the colony chief of Pingyun was inferior to Qin Feng .

Hence, their excitement was understandable . Knowing someone so powerful was only going to benefit them . After all, they would improve substantially if the E-tier aptitude user was willing to give them some guidance or rare items .

Soon, the two vehicles entered the colony one after the other . The houses here were not particularly new but its roads were undoubtedly broader than most large-scale colonies . People were rushing in and out of different buildings . Most of the vehicles were commodity trucks . There were also railways all around the colony .

“Mr . Qin, the tall building in front belongs to the Zhongcheng Organization . The restaurant at the highest level of the building is the best you can find in Pingyun . Let’s go there . ” Qian Yuan’s voice came through the communicator .

“Okay!” Qin Feng answered back and stopped his car in front of the building .

The others came down from their car and Qian Yuan led them to the top floor using the elevator .


“Please allow me to escort you to your table . ”

Qian Yuan was supposed to be the host but the waiters showed more respect toward Qin Feng . They centered their service around the latter as if he was the host . Even the main chef came out from the kitchen and asked Qin Feng what dish he would prefer .

“We have recently purchased a jungle bear and yet to remove his palm . There’s also a living sea monster delivered here fresh from Sea City . Another recommendation would be our classic fiery chicken . ”

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Qian Yuan gulped hearing the chef’s enthusiastic recommendation . He reckoned that this meal would punch a hole through his already thin wallet .

Qin Feng, on the other hand, paid little attention to the chef . He ordered nothing from the menu but said instead, “I have just slain a python . Make us a snake feast with its meat . ”

Qin Feng skinned the snake in his spatial equipment using his conscious energy . After removing its energy core, he cut out a pierce of one-meter-long meat and passed it to the chef . That should be sufficient to make a meal for five .

“Alright . The dish will be ready in no time . ”

The chef brought the meat into the kitchen and switched on the projector . Through it, they could view the entire cooking process .

Qian Yuan admired Qin Feng even more after his generous gesture . At the same time, he was a little embarrassed . “Mr . Qin, how could we use your ingredients when I have promised to treat you?”

“Don’t mention it . It ain’t much . ”

“That’s right . Mr . Qin is an E-tier aptitude user so he must be very wealthy . He wouldn’t mind those few slices of meat,” Fang Yue chipped in .

“Mr . Qin, you are so strong . Are you an ability user, or an ancient warrior?” Fang Ling asked curiously as well .

Qin Feng drank his tea in silence and refused to answer their questions .