Master of the End Times - Chapter 242

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Chapter 242: The Rift Has Appeared

Chapter 242: The Rift Has Appeared

Qian Yuan frowned and chastised, “Who are you two to decide for Mister Qin? Even though he is rich, he is only treating us out of his kindness . Don’t take it for granted and ask insensible questions!”

The two teenage girls immediately went silent . They observed Qin Feng’s facial expression carefully and noticed that he remained undeterred, and he had no intention of barring Qian Yuan from paying .

Qian Yuan, too, was observing Qin Feng quietly . He figured that his hunch was right .

Qian Yuan sighed silently . Of course, he understood what Fang Yue and Fang Ling were anticipating . If they could build up some sort of connection with this E-tier aptitude user, a small gift from him would perhaps be enough to turn their lives around . With his backing, they could stop risking their lives in the wilderness for disproportionate rewards .

Qin Feng had learned enough about human beings from his past life till now . Their intention did not escape his keen mind, but he figured it was too much trouble to meddle in it . Thus, he refused to say anything and did not console the two sisters .

Qian Yuan, being the most tactful among them, was the only one Qin Feng was willing to talk to . He tried to gather information about the rift without giving away too much . He found out that the incident indeed had not taken place yet .

Since it was something he read on the Battle Net before he was reborn, Qin Feng had no idea about the exact time . Thus, he could only wait .

The dishes were served swiftly . The Fang sisters dared not utter another word and devoured the food greedily after Qin Feng asked them to dig in .

It was meat from an F-tier beast general . Eating it would boost their physical strength . Besides, from the looks of it, this would be the only meal they would get from Qin Feng . Hence, they set their pride aside and gobbled up as much meat as possible .

Qin Feng paid little attention to their lack of manners . He did not mind letting them have most of the meat since he had a lot of better ingredients in his storage, namely beast king ones . He put down his chopstick after he was only half full .

Qin Feng drank some tea to rinse his mouth and observed the scenery outside the windows .

Being the establishment constructed by Zhongcheng to serve their own aptitude users, this tower at the center of Pingyun was the tallest building inside the colony . French windows were installed right beside the dining table, making this the best vantage point to view the entire Pingyun .

More so, long lines of street lights, headlights, or brake lights could be seen extending into the horizon when the night fell . Pingyun was one of the rare sleepless towns in this post-apocalyptic world .

The only down point was that this place was too small and overcrowded .

As Qin Feng was immersed in his own train of thought, a spatial stabilizer a few hundred meters away from them suddenly sounded a shrieking alarm .

“Beep! Beep! Beep! A spatial rift has appeared . Immediate action is required to seal off the rift!”

Qin Feng’s hand stiffened . He did not expect it to happen so soon . His communicator had just relayed the same information to him .

“Beep! A spatial rift has appeared about 823 meters away from you . Please take cover!”

The Verdant Emperor Saber emerged abruptly in Qin Feng’s hand . In the next moment, he had already dashed toward the French windows .

The windows were thick enough to be bulletproof but it was instantly shattered as Qin Feng smashed through it . Wind from outside immediately ravaged the top floor restaurant .

Qin Feng was already out of sight .

“Argh!” Fang Yue shouted out in horror .

“Mr . Qin!” Qian Yuan was equally startled by Qin Feng’s overreaction . He wanted to chase right after Qin Feng but was discouraged by the incoming strong wind and twenty-floor height . Eventually, he brushed aside his fear and said to his compatriots, “Wait here . I will go and have a look . ”

Though Qian Yuan was injured, he felt much better now after having the beast general’s meat . He had this unexplained urge to follow Qin Feng and see what he was up to .

Of course, he was not the only one with such thinking .

“Quick . We will go as well . Something serious must have happened!” Guang Xiaogang who had not spoken for a while pressed on .

Fang Yue and Fang Ling followed suit as well . But each of their speeds were slower than the last .

To Qin Feng, eight hundred meters was just a matter of seconds . He reached the pinpointed zone in the blink of an eye . The opening had actually occurred in a residential area .

That was unheard of!

“Argh!” Qin Feng heard the screech and quickly located the source of the voice . He stepped on the wall and climbed hastily to the third floor . He then saw a rift that had just been sealed up, while a pale-looking man was kneeling at the side, gasping for air .

Qin Feng looked at him and wasted no time . He charged at the man with his saber .

“Hey, what are you doing?” The guy shouted in panic and evaded the attack .

He was only a teenager, with a G6 badge on his chest .

“Kill you, of course,” Qin Feng replied solemnly .

The teenager was enraged . “What have I done? I am just a normal aptitude user here in Pingyun!” He evaded Qin Feng’s attack dexterously .

To Qin Feng’s surprise, the teenager possessed the wind-type ability and was moving extremely fast .

However, a G-tier ability user could not be faster than Qin Feng . Something was definitely not right .

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Qin Feng managed to corner him several times with his saber, only to be closely dodged by the teenager every time . The teenager jumped out from the window after he distanced away from Qin Feng .

Qin Feng was relentless and chased after him . He was then shocked to see that Qian Yuan had caught up to him .

“Move!” Qin Feng commanded angrily .

Qian Yuan did not understand why Qin Feng was going after a G-tier aptitude user but he did as Qin Feng said, as if Qin Feng’s voice has an absolute authority that he could not disobey .

Qin Feng accelerated once again .

“Blooming Flame!”

Qin Feng’s fiery skill once again caught up to the wind-type user .

“Wind Shield!”

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Qin Feng’s attacks were blocked!

Guang Xiaogang, Fang Yue, and Fang Ling had reached the battle zone too . They were shocked to see Qin Feng’s opponent .

“Shi Guan!”

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This guy received the awakening injection at the same time as they did . Since he possessed the wind-type ability, he was being highly regarded by the colony and was given the best resources available here . The Fang sisters had long admired him for reaching G6-tier sooner than all of his peers .

Since Shi Guan was their contemporary, Fang Yue tried to defuse the situation . “Stop fighting! There must be some kind of a misunderstanding here . ”

“Get out of my way!” Qin Feng bellowed .

Fang Yue and Fang Ling were frightened . They felt angry and wronged by Qin Feng .

Qin Feng escalated his attacks, and Shi Guan was gradually outmatched .

There was an ominous gap between an E-tier and G-tier . It was only a matter of time for Shi Guan to be defeated, though he had done exceptionally well to withstand for so long .

This was because the teenager was no longer himself .

“Sword Glare!”

Qin Feng turned his saber and slashed right through Shi Guan’s neck .


Shi Guan was beheaded .

Fang Ling and Fang Yue had their eyes wide open in disbelief . They did not expect the E-tier aptitude user to actually be a cold-blooded killer, and had not expected to witness such a brutal scene when they invited Qin Feng to enter Pingyun with them .

Before they could react, something peculiar then took place .