Master of the End Times - Chapter 246

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:33:47 AM

Chapter 246: Pingyun Gets Devastated

Chapter 246: Pingyun Gets Devastated

The beam of light was very powerful and had a full diameter of three meters . It soared through the air, smashing the roof of the bar as it swept across the building .

The bar was built under a twenty-meter-high shopping complex, and at this terrifying force it split the building right down the center .


The whole building collapsed as the huge black light churned the clouds above, turning them dark . As the light hit the sky, those who looked up saw the formation of a terrifying vortex .

An E-tier king was definitely not a ‘small problem’ .

In the previous battle, it was obvious that the Wraith Devil was just not used to being in this new-found world .

Then, black runes began to spread out and the surrounding people began to feel like they were being suffocated as their bodies were deprived of energy that was quickly being drained from them, and their originally healthy skin started to rot .

Their eyes sank into their heads and popped out, pus dripping from the now empty eye sockets . Their bodies began to emit a foul smell .

“Hee…” These people’s throats could no longer produce normal human sounds as the whole body had been transformed into a rotting zombie!

Dark rune infection .

Besides having powerful consciousness, the Wraith Devil had an even stronger ability which was to spread this zombie infection .

“What’s going on?”

“Quick, attack and kill them all! These people are all getting infected!”

“Dark runes . Be careful, and don’t let any of them bite you!”

All of Pingyun’s ability users surrounded the area as battle broke out . They had physical qualities that were beyond the standard human body and would not be as easily affected but the ordinary civilians were all infected by now .

Not only that, the infection was spreading like wildfire . Nobody dared to think about the person in the center of all that darkness .

That person was an E-tier ancient warrior and ability user .

If the person were to get infected as well then they would not just be dealing with one advanced wisdom tribe king, but two!

In the center of the pillar of darkness that nobody had the leisure to pay attention to, the powerful dark runes were spreading at a terrifying pace as they tried to invade Qin Feng’s body to deprive him of the breath of life .

“Absorption!” Qin Feng’s ability was activated as he frantically devoured the dark runes around him . These runes became integrated within his consciousness and expelled the immediate danger .

These runes were powerful and Qin Feng was not entirely immune to dark runes, especially if the opponent was a king .

“Not reciprocating is against etiquette!”

Qin Feng suddenly bent down and grabbed the Wraith Devil’s hand . It had been hiding underground and should have been intangible, he could not have been able to grab hold of it .

However, his hand was wreathed in dark runes and using the runes he was able to get a hold of the entity .


He activated his fire runes, blasting directly into the ground .

Powerful fire runes and dark runes collided with one another, and the shockwave turned the ground around them to magma .

Then the two physically collided .


The runes exploded and scattered all over the place, Qin Feng had managed to disrupt the vortex that was forming in the sky . The Wraith Devil was wrapped in dark runes so it did not take in any damage . It quickly opened its mouth and bit down on Qin Feng’s hand .

“Ugh!” Qin Feng groaned, feeling numbness in his hand before he lost feeling of it entirely . This was an attack on his consciousness .

The Wraith Devil’s strength was still very powerful . Qin Feng had to let go and it sank back underground, disappearing entirely .

It escaped once again!

Qin Feng’s face darkened considerably .

Outside, there came the sounds of battle . There were countless zombies still writhing on the ground . The only way to kill them was to cut off the heads, nothing else seemed to be working .

More and more of them emerged from the woodwork . These creatures that mutated from ordinary civilians only had strength that was around G-tier but their strength was infinite .

The aptitude users were getting outnumbered by the sheer quantity of what used to be ordinary civilians . After they had transformed, the aptitude users were just lambs waiting to be slaughtered .

Fortunately, Qin Feng burst out from the ruins of the bar and resolved their immediate crisis .

“Hellfire Carpet!”

The entire street became shrouded in flames . The moment these rotting corpses came into contact with Qin Feng’s Hellfire, they turned into ashes in just one or two seconds .

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After all, Qin Feng had incredible consciousness and the abilities he threw out were stronger than the ones he unleashed before . These zombies were too weak to withstand that .

“Mayor Qin! You’re alright!” Tan Yue saw Qin Feng’s unscathed form and felt a sense of relief wash over him . If Qin Feng had turned into a zombie, they would have spiraled into even more despair!

“Evacuate the people in the colony, hurry up!”

There were at least a thousand zombies currently present within the colony but there were tens and thousands of uninfected civilians . As long as they could be quickly rescued, there was still hope .

The most important thing was that when these people had been evacuated, Qin Feng could stop holding back and finally take care of this Wraith Devil . Not to mention, the more souls the Wraith Devil consumed, the stronger it would get .

After all, it originally evolved by consuming other advanced wisdom tribes .

After the world before ceased to be, there were only a few people who had awakened to become ancient warriors or ability users . The majority of the awakened were actually gunners, proving that the human being’s greatest advantage was in fact their consciousness .

As such, even the souls of ordinary people were a big supplement for the Wraith Devil . More than two hundred thousand people had been lost to the entity in the previous world and it had evolved into a D-tier .

Qin Feng naturally could not wait for the entity to grow even stronger .

This time, not only Tan Yue, but also Yu Gang who seemed lazy and hated inconveniences, had quickly issued an emergency notice . He was running faster than everyone else .

While Pingyun did not have much to offer, what it did have were cars .

People quickly evacuated, any zombie that got in the way was quickly obliterated by artillery fire .

Qin Feng followed after the search and destroy party, burning every zombie he found into ashes .

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Pingyun, which was wrapped in cheers during the day, had turned into a hellscape by night .

After one night, only ten thousand people managed to escape Pingyun . Not only that, these ten thousand people might start decaying at any moment . Tan Yue urgently mobilized the medical team to begin their treatment .

In Pingyun, they were left with people who could not escape, zombies and a Wraith Devil that could be hiding anywhere .

Qin Feng stood on top of the Zhongcheng Organization’s office building, overlooking the entire colony .

The light of dawn gradually came over the horizon as day broke . Although the entity was an E-tier beast king, it did not like daylight due to it being a dark entity . He did not need to worry about it trying to escape .

He closed his eyes to refresh his mind, ready to mobilize his consciousness at any moment upon news of the Wraith Devil .

Meanwhile, a dozen people were huddled together inside a dark basement, shivering uncontrollably .

Yesterday, after the zombies began to appear, these people had no form of defense against the creatures . Even after the emergency evacuation notice had sounded, all they could do was hunker down in this basement and hope that the army would arrive to save them .

Unfortunately, little did they know that the true enemy were not the zombies .

From the darkness, a shadowy figure emerged from the wall and in a flash began to rush toward the group .


Screams of distress rang out from the unlit basement .