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Master of the End Times - Chapter 247

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:33:46 AM

Chapter 247: Wraith Devil’s Evolution

Chapter 247: Wraith Devil’s Evolution

Standing on the tallest spot, Qin Feng felt fluctuations beyond that of ordinary people’s consciousness .

“It’s there!”

Qin Feng instantly disappeared from where he was, internal force flowing through his legs as he leapt toward the base of a building .

The Verdant Emperor Saber was brought out as the ground rushed up to meet him!


He crashed right through the ground!


Several rotting zombies suddenly rushed toward him .

With the sweep of the Verdant Emperor Saber, Qin Feng instantly killed all of them .

He soon found a basement after striding forward . The basement was defended by security measures that were roughly around F-tier, which could not really do much to stop Qin Feng .

“Open!” He swung the huge Verdant Emperor Saber and cleaved through the steel door . As soon as the door was opened up, several corpses rushed out to meet him .

The Wraith Devil had sucked these people dry, but at this moment these things had yet evolved into more problematic creatures just yet as they rushed at Qin Feng like any typical undead being .

Two or three sword swings managed to get rid of all of them, and he caught the Wraith Devil slipping into the shadows and worming its way back to the surface .

“Hellfire Carpet!” Qin Feng sent fire to the basement and burnt the corpses into a crisp . He did not plan on leaving anything behind for the entity and proceeded to chase after it .

Boom, boom, boom!

He smashed through layer after layer, pursuing the Wraith Devil in a chaotic chase . However, the Wraith Devil had no substance and Qin Feng was only making things worse for himself .

In the blink of an eye, he managed to destroy the building above, causing its collapse . He let the Wraith Devil escape again!

Qin Feng’s face took on a sullen expression as he looked for another place to sit cross-legged in meditation to scan for the entity .

Meanwhile, those who were sitting outside were not just standing idle . Innumerable drones had been sent to monitor the interiors of Pingyun and professional gunners had been preparing devices that would help them detect the Wraith Devil’s consciousness so that they could deal with it .

Right now their efforts were not the most successful, but since they carried on without obstruction they could see everything that was happening inside Pingyun .

“If we haven’t found the Wraith Devil, I’d say that it’s Qin Feng who’s wrecking our colony,” Yu Gang said out loud .

“The man doesn’t have that much free time, he came here and left his colony to their own devices . If it weren’t for the fact that this was a beast king he wouldn’t have so much intent to kill it . He’s like some kind of a Hero-class . Just you wait, he’s not going to quit just because something is troublesome!”

The Wraith Devil was indeed troublesome . It would vanish without a trace, what a difficult thing to capture! Even if it was caught, Qin Feng could not kill it without using special measures .

He was moving through the ruins now, destroying every zombie in sight .

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Just a little bit of his fire could reduce these things to ashes . Each of them had an energy core, and that was the source that allowed their motor functions .

“Lets go!”

He hunted the corpses everywhere . By daytime, Pingyun was to return to its peace and quiet, on the surface, the zombies had all disappeared .

“Should have brought Bai Li along,” he grumbled before looking up to the sky . The sun was starting to move into the horizon . It was getting close to sunset .

The Wraith Devil had been secretly pursuing Qin Feng, only to get caught and then run away again . This game of cat and mouse had led to him destroying most of the buildings in Pingyun .

A large number of the zombies had been burned by Qin Feng, further diminishing the likelihood of the Wraith Devil’s evolution .

As he had gone through rebirth, he understood entities like the Wraith Devil . They were not suited for life on the planet, especially during the day as the entity was extremely weak then . It was now heavily restricted by Qin Feng’s fire, and despite it being still alive from their battle, the Wraith Devil felt a heightened sense of danger .

Advanced wisdom tribes had special methods of evolution!

In order to prevent fire or light from damaging themselves, they would usually just find a body to hide in . Originally, the Wraith Devil chose Qin Feng as its host .

It was a pity that it failed, and ended up becoming Qin Feng’s greatest enemy .

This time, when it got dark, the zombies carefully moved about and started to form small groups .

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Ten thousand people had fled from Pingyun, and within a day’s time, with Qin Feng’s help and defense, two thousand more managed to escape .

The darkness infection last night caused too many people to decay overnight, but now there were only eight thousand zombies left roaming the colony . Qin Feng had killed off a lot of them during the day and the rest were gradually disappearing .

During this time, a new king was born among the ruins .

The entity stood at the height of an average man, and while it might seem like a person from far away, its entire body was covered in black armor . The only thing that resembled a human was the appearance of its face .

The Wraith Devil had stolen Guang Xiaogang’s body and it happened to be the strongest body it had in hand .

At this time, zombies began to crawl toward it .


The thing that used to be Guang Xiaogang raised a hand and brought its claws down onto the skull of a zombie, splashing yellowed brain matter onto the ground as it ripped out an energy core and swallowed it without a second thought .

One after the other . Its physical strength began to rise .

Darkness shrouded the area, nobody noticed any movement there . Even the Wraith Devil was not aware that there was a pair of eyes watching him this entire time .

Qin Feng was there, hidden in the dark .

He had been hiding his dark abilities since the beginning, which led to the Wraith Devil feeling that it was strange that he had not rotted away even after standing in the center of the beam of darkness .

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Besides that, the Wraith Devil did not know that Qin Feng could see in the dark . The Dark Shadow that the entity casted was merely darker than all the shadows that Qin Feng was used to seeing .

This was way too obvious . He still had not taken any action . He was waiting .

Finally, the Wraith Devil had consumed all of the bodies . Densely packed around him were just headless corpses, it had reached E-tier .

Just barely .

“Curses!” The Wraith Devil felt that if it had eaten all the human souls before corrupting them he would have gotten a stronger body . It was a shame that that was impossible now .

Qin Feng left behind too little zombies for it to consume .

“Cunning human!”

After he had killed the zombies, he did not just take away the energy crystal core . He took them with him, and since even the bodies were burnt to a crisp there was nothing left for the entity .

This was the equivalent of crippling the Wraith Devil’s power . However, the entity had its own plans, in his mind, Qin Feng was the best vessel . All he needed to do was to kill the human .

“Rise!” The Wraith Devil suddenly called out . A blast of darkness spread out to the headless bodies, causing them all to stand up and merge together in a gory and twisted manner as they melded together into a gigantic mass .

Bones were snapping and muscles were contorted as the dead now formed into a huge humanoid shape . Perhaps there were limitations to the size, the thing was only about fifteen meters tall . From the looks of it, it had to be as tall as a five-to-six-storey tall building .

Where the head was supposed to be was the Wraith Devil, its legs sinking down into the neck area of the giant as countless beams of darkness began to emit from its body .

The monstrous figure gave off an even more terrifying aura .

Even a fleeting glance sent chills down the spine .