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Master of the End Times - Chapter 249

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:33:40 AM

Chapter 249: The Soul Pearl

Chapter 249: The Soul Pearl

The corner of Qin Feng’s mouth twitched .

This was the moment he had been waiting for!

His entire body was also suddenly shrouded in darkness, and in the next moment, he had completely disappeared .

“Impossible!” The Wraith Devil’s eyes widened at the sight .

Their surroundings had become as dark as night .

Originally, it had released a Dark Fog Cloud which would not have affected its vision . It could see Qin Feng and Qin Feng would not be able to see him .

Now, there were two dense Dark Fog Clouds in the air around them .

Qin Feng, too, had activated his Dark Fog Cloud .

But then, the Wraith Devil suddenly began to sink into the corpse giant’s body .

“And chop!”

Qin Feng leapt up to the giant’s body, slashing at where the giant’s head should be . That was where the Wraith Devil had been standing but it was already escaping!

The neck of the corpse giant suddenly extended a large pair of hands to grab at him .

The Verdant Emperor Saber flashed in his hands, unleashing a power that seemed other-worldly .

“Blazing Sky!”

His internal force bursted out then downward, sword slashing through the air as it cleaved the giant corpse into two parts .

“What?!” The Wraith Devil exclaimed before letting out a roar .


The giant’s body collapsed to the ground, exploding into countless headless zombies that began to rush toward Qin Feng .

It was at this moment Qin Feng suddenly mobilized his consciousness .

“Light of Death!”

Darkness erupted from his body and instantly enveloped the zombies around him .

The zombies were not afraid of this darkness and they wanted to see just how powerful this was . They soon learned that the darkness felt like maggots burrowing into them, tearing and dissolving whatever black threads that the Wraith Devil had decorated them with .

“What? You!” The Wraith Devil finally understood why its own dark ability did not affect Qin Feng, because the other was also a messenger of darkness . Not only that, he was stronger too .

At this point, it could feel its own body’s energy being drained away by its opponent’s own power .


One zombie that was covered in darkness had its flesh scoured right off before the skeleton underneath was exposed . Then, the skeleton began to turn into ashes as it collapsed .

If the Wraith Devil’s dark ability was to summon and control zombies, then Qin Feng’s was to destroy and consume them .

Both were dark abilities but their usage and effects were entirely different .


These were all the souls under the Wraith Devil’s control, and Qin Feng destroying them was resulting in him becoming weaker and weaker .

The Wraith Devil’s strength had become extremely weak by then .

“Kill him!” It frantically mobilized its abilities, calling for the beast-king-level headless zombies to attack Qin Feng .

With a circling sweep of the Verdant Emperor Saber, he killed them all .

After Qin Feng had revealed his own dark abilities, the situation was turned on its head . The Wraith Devil now had no zombies at his side and its soul had become severely weakened .

“You’re dead!”

Qin Feng began to rush toward it .

The Wraith Devil also pounced forward, as if it knew that it was going to die but did not plan on doing so without a fight .

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The Verdant Emperor Saber lopped off Guang Xiaogang’s head .

Unexpectedly, a black clawed hand erupted from behind Guang Xiaogang’s back and wrapped around Qin Feng’s waist .


What a powerful consciousness!

Qin Feng suddenly felt that his spirit was getting weaker, like he was spent and that he could just collapse on the ground . It felt like the power of his consciousness was leaving him .

He felt the current state of the Wraith Devil .

It manipulated Guang Xiaogang’s headless body to raise its black scaly claws to grab at Qin Feng’s chest .

Qin Feng reacted by raising his left hand, causing flames to erupt from it .


Guang Xiaogang’s claw hit Qin Feng’s body first, and he could see from the corner of his eye the decapitated head spread its lips into a wide, gleeful grin .

That was the last expression his face made .

The sharp, black scaly claw did not puncture Qin Feng’s clothing at all .

This article of clothing had been made out of beast king material . With the force of this recently evolved, pseudo beast king that had a weak consciousness, it would have never been able to pierce through it .

At the same time, the light of the flames completely enveloped Guang Xiaogang’s body .


The flames grew hotter, engulfing the body so quickly that even if the Wraith Devil wanted to escape it was already too late for that!

“Aaahhh!!!” The Wraith Devil let out a long, ear-piercing shriek as Guang Xiaogang’s body was reduced to ashes, leaving behind only its soul which began to shrink under the burning heat until it was reduced to a sphere that was roughly around the size of its former host’s fist .

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This was an ability core, it was also a soul pearl .

Qin Feng picked up the soul pearl without any hesitation and began to absorb the energy inside .

“Ability, Absorb!”

A majestic dark rune floated out from the soul pearl, following quickly behind it was a surge of consciousness .

His consciousness quickly reached its peak again, not only that, it continued to rise .

E4 tier!

Even after he had reached E-tier, he was continuing to go another step higher . This would have taken a normal ability user years of work to achieve .

He felt his consciousness spread out into what felt like infinity, and once again felt the rush of advancing .

The sun was coming up from the horizon by now, it was a brand new dawn .

The dark runes were gradually dispelled by the light as Qin Feng began to take slow and firm steps out of the ruins .

This battle was finally over!

He moved out of Pingyun step by step, approaching the temporary station that had been erected outside .

When the defensive gunners saw Qin Feng walking out, they felt a chill go down their spines .

After all, they knew what kind of creature the Wraith Devil was and the thought that crossed their minds terrified them .

“The fight’s over? Then… Mayor Qin won?”

“I don’t know, the drones never sent in the news . What if, hear me out, what if the Wraith Devil won?”

“Then who the heck is that?”

There were no cheers, no warm welcome . Everyone stared at Qin Feng with fear .

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Qin Feng’s consciousness was spread even broader this time, and he could detect what the gunners were feeling .

In a moment of excitement, he consumed the soul pearl . This meant that he did not have proof and that just made the situation harder to explain .

Thinking of this, he stopped . Then he raised his hand and summoned his hovercraft .

“Tan Yue . I know you guys are afraid of me right now, so I think it’s best if I leave without causing any more trouble!” said Qin Feng .

When Tan Yue heard the news, he was still a little skeptical but he did not dare say it out loud . “How could you? Mayor Qin, I should be entertaining you for one, after all you must be exhausted after fighting for so many days!”

Qin Feng immediately refused, “Nope . I’m just passing through anyway . ”

“Mayor Qin, you’ve helped our city a lot this time . I’ll make an application saying that I asked you for help and to give you a certain amount of points so you can redeem whatever you want!”

“Oh? Well that sounds pretty good, though I just hope you people won’t blame me for leveling Pingyun . ”

“It’s a paltry sum!” Tan Yue quickly said, noting that Qin Feng had used Holy Light Mortar Shells . Those were extraordinarily pricey but if Qin Feng wanted reimbursement, they would be willing to provide!

“Thank you in advance!”

Qin Feng said while turning away from the crowd, not looking back as he got into his hovercraft and drove away .