Master of the End Times - Chapter 251

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Chapter 251: The Wanted Scorpion

Chapter 251: The Wanted Scorpion

“Huh? A bounty on them? Shouldn’t we just send them a warning rather than give out such a large sum of money…”

Xue Xingfu’s business-minded nature kicked in, it was apparent that he thought that the bounty was not worth it .

It was way too distressing to take out such a large sum of money .

With just a glance, Qin Feng figured out what Xue Xingfu had in mind!

“We should keep the goods to ourselves . Once I return to Fengli, we’ll gather everyone from the colony to kill the Scorpion Corps together . It’s about time to train our troops, or else we’ll be left with softballs to defend the city!”

Before Qin Feng was reborn, he was also the leader of a big mercenary group .

Initially, he helped people to transport goods and to protect the goods from ultra beasts and being looted by members from the Dark Coalition .

Later on, after he had gotten stronger, he enrolled in the frontlines of beast resistance . On the battlefield, Qin Feng had the ability to absorb supernatural powers of beasts and he was very brave .

However, there were times when the strength of a single person was limited . Qin Feng also needed a team .

As such, after Fengli colony had been established, it was natural that Qin Feng did not want his men to be weaklings .

With stronger troops, Qin Feng’s progress would speed up even more, and these men, at the very least, had to serve him by helping him to clean up the battlefield .

Xue Xingfu applauded after Qin Feng had finished talking .

“Boss, I’m deeply convinced by your words, but would the Bounty Hunter Network agree to this?” Xue Xingfu asked .

“Why wouldn’t they agree? Besides, even after the bounty has been issued, do you think there really would be people that would go after the Scorpion Corps?” Qin Feng replied .

Xue Xingfu shook his head in response .

Of course, there would not be any . Every E-tier aptitude user treasured their own lives very much and would not do it if there was no guarantee for their own success in battle, while D-tier aptitude users did not care about the one billion yuan bounty reward .

“Alright, you don’t have to worry about anything else . Round up the numbers of the members of the Scorpion Corps, and beware of those who fish in troubled waters . You should also find out their location and wait for me to return!”

“Alright then, I’ll wait for your return . ” Xue Xingfu replied

Qin Feng hung up the call and contacted Zhang Haoyang of the Bounty Hunter Network to tell him about his plans in hopes that the other party would provide him with some information .

“Yes, Mayor Qin, this is just a small matter . I’ll contact Director Xue to take charge of the matter!”

“Thanks a lot!”

“You’re welcome!”

Zhang Haoyang did not dare to help out Qin Feng with his trouble since Qin Feng now had become a popular figure within the Bounty Hunter Network .

After hanging up the call, Qin Feng did a little stretch . After three days of nonstop battle, a good sleep had eased his fatigue .

On his way back, Qin Feng checked the messages from Yang Sanhu while he cleared out some of his resources . The messages were only about encounters with beast generals, and none about beast kings . If they had truly encountered a beast king, the Wilderness Rangers might not even be able to return from their journey, let alone go out for an investigation .

But after killing numerous beast generals and ultra beasts, the amount of energy that Qin Feng had devoured had increased exponentially, and his body flesh had advanced to E4-tier .

After his three-day journey, Qin Feng could finally see the walls of Fengli colony from afar!

The sweet warmth of returning home started to fill up his heart .

Before his rebirth, Qin Feng had his own residency after setting up his own team, but he did not live there that often . The place was just a foothold for him, or sometimes a familiar or comfortable hotel waiting for his return .

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Although he had not actually spent much time living in Fengli colony, things felt different .

It was different because he saw the flickering silhouette of a familiar person from a distance, which instantly filled his heart with joy .

Qin Feng stopped the hover car and opened the door, and the silhouette quickly rushed to his side and jumped into his arms .

It was Bai Li .

The two had a linked bond . In such close distance, Bai Li sensed Qin Feng’s presence and came out to greet him .

Bai Li touched Qin Feng’s body with her two bony hands, and she leaned in with her small flawless face to sniff Qin Feng’s body scent .

If Bai Li were in her fox form now, Qin Feng imagined that she would be wagging her tail .

There was nothing implicit at all . Bai Li’s behaviour was a sign that she missed Qin Feng dearly .

“Mm, so you didn’t go out to flirt around!” Bai Li let go of Qin Feng after she was sure about it .

Qin Feng’s face stiffened .

“You came all the way over here just to make sure I didn’t flirt around?”

Bai Li nodded . “You’re mine, so that means you can’t go around flirting and being a slut!”

Qin Feng laughed so hard that he was on the verge of tears . ‘Slut’ was not usually used to describe a man .

“Alright, alright, get in the car . But this time, I didn’t bring you back any gifts!”

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“Well, do you think that I’m an easily-deceived child? I’m a grown up now, why would I want gifts?”

Qin Feng smiled . Back when Bai Li was still a young beast, she would always make a scene every time Qin Feng left her . Qin Feng was even afraid that one day he would be blacklisted by her for an eternity .

But at that time, maybe Bai Li was feeling insecure without Qin Feng around her .

“Hmm, I’ll give you a kiss, but don’t get too cocky!” Bai Li leaned over and planted a kiss on Qin Feng’s cheek before getting on the passenger side .

Qin Feng instantly felt a hot sensation in his heart, which was incredible .

Perhaps, it was because of Bai Li which made Fengli colony feel more like a home!

When Qin Feng returned to Chengbei colony, he did not inform anyone about the news, instead it was Xue Xingfu who spread the word that Qin Feng had gone to Pingyun again to exterminate the Wraith Devil .

At night, three hover buses quietly drove out of Fengli colony .

Qin Feng glanced through the list of personnel for Fengli’s very first operation that was displayed on his communicator .

Two E-tier aptitude users were deployed, which were Qin Feng and Bai Li .

Then, there were five F-tier aptitude users, namely Liu Xue, Wang Chen, He Ling, Zhou Hao, and Liu Heng .

The remaining one hundred people were G-tier aptitude users .

Unknowingly, there were now more and more aptitude users in Fengli colony, and the troops had gradually grown larger .

At this time, Qin Feng was sitting on the second floor of the first bus . The interior was fully equipped with monitoring equipment, and there were a few technicians making some adjustments here and there . Qin Feng, Bai Li, and five other F-tier aptitude users were on the same bus .

“The Scorpion Corps is a Dark Organization . Since they don’t have a fixed gathering spot, they don’t take in the old, weak, sick or the disabled . They’re said to be an all-powerful group with three hundred aptitude users, which is three times more than the number of people we’ve got, that means our low-tier aptitude users might be at a disadvantage!” He Ling pointed out the information shown .

“There are also twelve F-tier aptitude users, all of whom are vicious rogue criminals!”

These twelve criminals were the ones that Qin Feng had each issued a bounty on in the Bounty Hunter Network . Three days had since passed, and these people were starting to get afraid and their trails had disappeared . It was likely that they had returned to the Scorpion Corps .

Of course, they probably had more G-tier aptitude users within the Scorpion Corps, but they did not receive the information .

“We’ll be the first to sneak in and cover fire, don’t worry about the G-tier aptitude users . If any of my men can’t even handle such low-tier troops, I think it’s better to exile them rather than keep them!” Qin Feng said indifferently, “I don’t engage in oppressive tactics, and neither do I exploit benefits from the civilians . What I’m looking for in our G-tier soldiers is not intimidation, rather, their capabilities in fighting, understand?”

“Yes Sir, I understand . Don’t worry, none of my men are weak soldiers!” Wang Chen replied .

Wang Chen was now a patrol leader, and he would become a general in the future if he were to advance to E-tier . But, the first thing that came to mind regarding the intimidation aspect was Wang Chen’s internal patrol group, which was why Wang Chen had to come out and take a stand .