Master of the End Times - Chapter 253

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:33:32 AM

Chapter 253: The Rich and Powerful

Chapter 253: The Rich and Powerful

At this time, Wang Chen and Qin Feng were hanging on the mountain walls on the outside of the valley, their gazes were fixated on the situation in the valley .

“They are making a move, and they have two F-tier aptitude users!” Wang Chen licked and felt the icy touch on his lips, his heart was filled with murderous anger .

“Boss, watch me!”

Wang Chen quickly equipped himself with a hand cannon .

As the reversed cannonballs flew in the air, Wang Chen raised his arm and fired off a cannon .

The cannonball was able to shatter those low-grade cannonballs, but in the next moment, Wang Chen fired three more cannonballs in a row .

The cannonballs whistled again . Not only that, the Scorpion Corps too had a cannon team and they began to fire back at them .

However, Fengli colony was just too wealthy, and they had the upper hand .

“Fire again!” Qin Feng said blandly as fifty cannonballs were fired again . The cannonballs instantly blanketed the entire Scorpion Corps camp .

However, at this time, the two gunners were suppressed by Wang Chen, and there was no way they could stop these low-grade cannonballs in time . They could only count on the other members of the Scorpion Corps to counter the attack .

In this head-on battle, the winning side was quite obvious .


The Scorpion Corps’s camp was instantly enveloped in flames .

“Have you given up on life? If not, scram!”

A thunderous voice was heard from afar . The voice was laced with internal force, creating a suppressing aura .

They could feel the aura rush over their bodies, suppressing their breathing and making them bend their bodies as they gasped for air .

His voice arrived before he did .

It was Scorpio .

He was the old cunning warrior of the Dark Coalition within the Three Cities .

“I didn’t expect you to show up so soon!”

Qin Feng took a heavy step forward which made the frozen stone beneath his foot crack . His aura was unleashed and his internal force thickened, he tried to suppress the other party’s aura with his .

Two humanoid silhouettes were seen trudging through the snow, and soon they would run into each other .

Scorpio sensed Qin Feng’s aura, but he had no idea who the other party was . It was not until they were no more than thirty meters away when they both stopped walking and looked at each other from a distance .

“Qin Feng!” Scorpio gritted his teeth as he said his name .

“Yes, that’s me!” Qin Feng nodded casually .

Scorpio felt his angered breath lodged in his chest .

“Qin Feng, are you trying to eliminate every single one of us?” Scorpio gave Qin Feng a murderous glare with his triangular eyes .

He really did not expect Qin Feng to be so stubborn .

However, Qin Feng appeared to be calmer than before .

“I’ve issued a manhunt on you and I’ve given you many days . If only you had returned the goods to me, I might’ve called off the manhunt, too bad…”

Scorpio’s face turned ugly .

Before this, Scorpio had never taken Qin Feng seriously, and they had no reason to return the stolen goods .

Moreover, Scorpio even planned on living in Fengli colony in the future like a living parasite, sucking away the resources from the colony .

He just did not expect Qin Feng to retaliate with this much aggression .

“Are you serious?” Scorpio scanned Qin Feng from the top to bottom, and he sensed that he was only of E4-tier!

Seeing this, he finally made up his mind!

But he dared not underestimate Qin Feng . After all, Qin Feng was the one who had killed Shademaster and the others .

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As such, it was better to not mess with him .


Another barrage of cannonballs rocketed above his head, which caused Scorpio’s mouth to twitch .

“Qin Feng, this time I’ll admit that it is I, Scorpio, who is the one at fault . I’ll return the goods, and you and I will never cross paths again in the future!” Scorpio said in a deep tone .

Those returned items and goods could be looted again, but it was clear to him that his underlings stood no chance against the wealthy and powerful Qin Feng . Even Scorpio was starting to get a little anxious .

There were some things which Scorpio would not do personally and would rely on his underlings . He belonged to the top of the pyramid, but if the bottom were to collapse, his higher-up position would be gone as well!

Unfortunately, Qin Feng was not buying into Scorpio’s words .

“I’ve given you the chance, but too bad you didn’t appreciate it . What’s the point of begging for mercy when you’re about to die?” Qin Feng replied, his eyes were locked on Scorpio . For a moment, Scorpio felt that all of his deepest, darkest secrets had been exposed, and there was no way he could hide .

He was frustrated from feeling so exposed .

“I don’t believe that a hairless pup like you is able to defeat me!” Scorpio let out a roar as he drew out his weapon .

It was a stick with a chain on the other end, and the chain ended with a palm-sized, sharp, tapered instrument that emitted green light .

It was evident that his weapon was unique and was drenched with poison .

Qin Feng also took out his Verdant Emperor Saber at the same time . He showed no intention of taking his enemy lightly .

In a battlefield, one would have to die if the other were to live, and there was no room for carelessness .

“I’m gonna kill you!” Scorpio bellowed as he dashed toward Qin Feng .

The two were soon engaged in a tight battle .

At the same time, Wang Chen was on the other side, suppressing the two gunners . Their attacks were relentless .

With the resources provided by Qin Feng, Wang Chen’s strength had improved by leaps and bounds . The equipment he had on were all of excellent quality, and the accessories he wore helped him to condense his conscious energy, allowing him to exert his conscious energy to a greater effect .

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In just minutes, under Wang Chen’s control of the situation, the F-tier gunners were not able to stop the cannonballs from the Fengli troop from striking their camp .

There were just too many of them .


The cannonballs landed on their campgrounds .

Boom, boom, boom!

They were all knocked off their feet, and some were even blasted away .

Although the Scorpion Corps’s campsite was located somewhere hidden, in the end, they did not have any special shelters to protect them from the siege . The only thing they could do was flee .

But wherever they tried to flee, the cannonballs were still able to track them . In just moments, Scorpion Corps had suffered heavy losses .

Under the bombardment of the two troops, the camping ground was completely obliterated . Soon, the Scorpion Corps did not have any ammunition left to fire back at the other troop .

After all, they were not prepared for this sudden attack, and they did not have much of this kind of artillery power .

During the battle, Wang Chen had taken care of one of the gunners, and the other gunner had stopped firing .

On the other side, the battle between Qin Feng and Scorpio was simply one-sided .

Scorpio’s weapon was indeed unique, but it was useless when used against Qin Feng .

On the other hand, Scorpio was getting even more frustrated, and he felt powerless . His weapon could barely land a hit on Qin Feng’s combat suit!

How was he going to fight like this?


Both weapons clashed together . Qin Feng’s humongous Verdant Emperor Saber that was once light and agile, was now hefty and powerful . With each mighty swing, the weapon made a whooshing sound .

Scorpio felt the tremendous force that overcame his body, knocking him into the air .

Both of his hands went numb, and even his chest began to ache .

Scorpio did not expect Qin Feng to be this strong .

With a flicker in his eyes, Scorpio threw a smoke bomb after his body crashed onto a tree .


Scorpio was running away!

Qin Feng was surprised, but then he came to and chased after him .

“That old, cunning man!”

Qin Feng had his conscious energy locked on Scorpio, and there was no way he could run away from him . He channelled some internal force into his legs which granted him the ability to run with supersonic speed .

As he pursued after him, Qin Feng turned on his communicator .

“Prepare to wipe out the remaining forces . Everyone get ready to move!”

The Scorpion Corps was overwhelmed by the bombardment and the remaining men began to scatter, but Qin Feng had no intention of letting these people go .

After the Fengli troops had received the order, they felt their blood starting to boil .

The real battle had only just begun!