Master of the End Times - Chapter 258

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Chapter 258: Shelter Island

Chapter 258: Shelter Island

The Blackstone Fort was indeed built on a strategic location . They needed little effort to locate the group of giant beasts emerging on the horizon .

These twenty-feet-long beasts floated on the sea like an islet, thus they were known by the name “Islet Tortoise” (E8-tier) .

A total of eight of them were approaching the island fast .

They were not the only incoming threat . With a closer look, numerous beasts rode the rolling waves at about a hundred meters in front of the tortoises .

These beasts appeared to be chased by the Islet Tortoise and were struggling to swim forward .

This marked the first wave of the sea beast tsunami .

The soldiers were now paler than before .

Even the facial muscle of Yang Ping twitched slightly watching the imminent danger .

“Please don’t come here! Please don’t come here!” A soldier by Qin Feng’s side gripped the gun in his hand tightly and muttered .

Unfortunately, God did not answer his prayer as the beasts swam straight toward the island .

Soon, the first wave hit the shore .

Though the fort was built on highland, there was no guarantee that the beasts would not reach them there . The best solution was to chase them back into the sea .

After all, the first to reach the island was just G-tier beasts .


Someone had shot first, and others soon followed . They wanted to pin the beasts back .

However, the number of beasts was overwhelming . Even the Islet Tortoise had come ashore now .

These beasts were simply too huge . The tortoise charged on like a tank and did not fear the bombardment from the human battalion .

“Mayor Qin, that’s our cue to attack,” Yang Ping suggested .

“I agree . I can’t wait to see your heroism . ”

“Haha . I am no way near you . ” They flattered each other while the soldiers eyed them anxiously .

Qin Feng had had enough of the meaningless conversation and jumped down from the fort promptly .

“Fiery Rampage!”

Qin Feng was wrapped in fire and he dashed forward like a rocket . In the blink of an eye, he had rushed out to more than a hundred meters away .

In contrast, Yang Ping stayed put and took out a decent bazooka . He was a gunner and that was why he had asked Qin Feng to strike first . He would not need to worry about his own safety by staying at the backline .

Qin Feng, however, might face great danger .

As expected, as soon as Qin Feng came close to the shore, the sea beasts immediately sensed the alien two-legged creature and exposed their fangs .


The beasts roared and jumped simultaneously on Qin Feng . They were exhausted after being chased all the way up to the island . The arrival of the human saved them the trouble to look for food .

Qin Feng raised his hand and unleashed a sea of fire .

“Hellfire Carpet!”

The fire swept the sandy beach . The extreme heat caused the sea beasts to growl in pain .

G-tier and F-tier beasts were burnt down instantly .

The Islet Tortoises had discovered Qin Feng as well .


A large water cannon was shot right at Qin Feng .

Qin Feng evaded the attack swiftly . He raised his hand again to release a fire laser .

The Islet Tortoise moved its horns and changed the position of its giant body . Qin Feng’s fire laser landed right on the shell . It created tiny sparkles and left a burnt mark there .

Yang Ping had also released a missile . The missile hit the back of the Islet Tortoise and exploded . But it did little harm to the beast .

The defensive strength of the Islet Tortoise was comparable to the energy force field of a city .

However, its giant head was the beast’s biggest weakness . The beast could be killed easily as long as the attack hit the bullseye . That was easier said than done because the Islet Tortoise was equally agile .

Feeling the hostility from Qin Feng, one of the giant tortoises charged straight for Qin Feng .

Its speed was considered unusually fast for a tortoise .

Such a giant beast did not need any skills . They could simply destroy their target through brute force alone .

Qin Feng remained composed .

‘Just about time to test my new technique . ’

Qin Feng triggered his consciousness .

“Hell Magma!”

The extreme heat of the magma instantly melted the earth’s crust . The ground below the flowing magma crumbled instantaneously .

The giant Islet Tortoise fell into the magma pit as well . Unlike the chilling seawater, scorching magma sipped into the internal part of the shell .

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The tortoise screeched . It had never experienced such an extreme temperature . The Islet Tortoise was disintegrated within seconds .

Qin Feng wasted no time .

“Fiery Rampage!”

The Verdant Emperor Saber in his hand slid out in a parabolic curve .

“Burning Sword Glare!”

An elongated sword radiance promptly cut off the screeching tortoise’s head .


The giant head flew off and dropped on the magma and was burned clean the next instant .

Qin Feng switched to another target once he had taken care of the first .

The Islet Tortoise’s giant body hindered them from fighting as a coordinated group .

Qin Feng repeated the same trick and quickly exterminated the rest of the Islet Tortoises .

The sandy beach had almost melted into a land of magma . On top of this stood the mighty sovereign—Qin Feng .

Soldiers on the fort were dumbfounded . Yang Ping, too, inhaled deeply .

Qin Feng was too powerful! He managed to kill beasts as strong as the Islet Tortoise with such ease . Yang Ping figured that there was a lapse in his plan .

‘I was a little doubtful when they said that he could single-handedly handle the Drakocroc King . Apparently, that’s true . At this rate, it would be unrealistic to try killing him this way . ’

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Yang Ping’s mind began to process this information rapidly . They needed a plan B now .

Qin Feng never left the beach .

‘The energy stored in the Islet Tortoises is rather rich!’

Though it was only a normal beast, Qin Feng managed to absorb a large pool of energy after killing the tortoises . His physical strength did not enhance by much but he could feel the blood racing faster in the vessel . Despite that, his heart pumped slower but more vigorously . Each pump provided more energy to the whole body .

Tortoises were indeed the key to longevity .

A lot of people were willing to pay a handsome price for meat from a tortoise beast . It was rumored that the meat could increase one’s life span . The energy core of the tortoise beast fetched an even higher price .

Qin Feng started to get hopeful .

However, it was unrealistic for an Islet Tortoise beast general or king to appear here . Islet Tortoises of those levels were too massive .

The shallow water of the shelter island could indeed deter a lot of powerful beasts .

After the Islet Tortoises had landed, more beasts emerged from the sea current . Qin Feng wiped everything clean regardless of whether they were strong or weak .

Yang Ping was getting even sulkier as he witnessed Qin Feng’s overpowering strength .

Suddenly, notifications rang through Yang Ping’s communicator . He glanced at it and his facial expression changed abruptly . He then hurriedly concealed his unease .

Yang Ping turned his head sideways and glanced at Bai Li . He noticed that Bai Li seemed bored and paid little attention to Qin Feng’s battle . He quickly excused himself, “Miss Bai, I still have things to attend to so I am leaving now . It seems Mayor Qin can handle the sea beast tide just fine by himself . Please send my regards to him later . I will take my leave now . ”

Bai Li glanced quietly at Yang Ping, as if her dark eyes had seen right through his conspiracy .