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Master of the End Times - Chapter 260

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:33:22 AM

Chapter 260: Decaying Rain

Chapter 260: Decaying Rain

The shelter island had been effective in reducing the impact from the massive tsunami to that of a lower height, however, it still continued to push further toward the direction of Sea City .

Only the Blackstone Fort was able to withstand the tsunami and stand firm while being surrounded by the sea that had submerged the shelter island entirely .

The sea level began to reduce, as if a second tsunami wave was on the way .

Sea beasts that were swept forward by the wave exposed their gnarly appearances as the high tide receded .

There were all sorts of sea beasts that had appeared, while some were even unrecognizable!

However, the sea extract that was spread out earlier had caused them to be extremely agitated .


Deafening roars echoed up into the skies .


The Sea City, where the executives were located within a skyscraper building that showcased authority .

Endless footage was being transmitted to a massive screen, and it was all related to the tsunami that had just happened at the Blackstone Fort .

“The sea beast tide today will most probably be extremely difficult to face!”

“There are too many sea beasts, it is impossible to find out how many of them will be intercepted!”

“Who was the one that was standing on top of the Blackstone Fort? Was it Qin Feng?”

“Shh, stop the nonsense if you don’t know what is happening!”

Everyone stopped their discussion about Qin Feng and carried on with other topics, however, all of them were still focusing on the person that had appeared in the footage .

All of them clearly knew what was happening .

“Qin Feng will have zero chance in surviving this time!”

“Hmph, serves him right for disrespecting our Leitang Organization . ”

“Too bad, those who stand out too much would surely attract unfortunate events!”

Everyone was having different thoughts, but all of them agreed that Qin Feng would not survive the battle!

It was at that moment, the first footage on the screen had gone dark entirely and was then covered with white snow .

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The screens blacked out one by one .

“What is happening?” Wang Zhichao’s complacent expression immediately turned to that of an agitated frowning face .

The technician from the technical department immediately reached out to fix the problem .

“Mayor, the equipment is broken!”

“Broken? All of it?”

“Mayor, it seems to have been intentionally broken by someone!”

As soon as the sentence ended, Wang Zhichao controlled his anger and sneered coldly .

Obviously, he had figured it out!

It was Qin Feng who did it!

“Switch the screen to the coast of Sea City and check on the situation there, as the tsunami has already gone over to the shelter island, it will soon arrive here!”

“Yes, Mayor!”

“Prepare for battle . ”

“All departments are ready!”

Visuals were soon recovered, but it was no longer showing footage from the shelter island .

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Of course, none of them mentioned who was the one that had messed with the surveillance system on the shelter island .


Qin Feng extended his conscious energy on the Blackstone Fort, and every surveillance camera began to self-destruct .

Once he had confirmed that there was no surveillance left, he shifted his focus toward the ultra beasts that had ambushed the Blackstone Fort .

The reduced sea levels had allowed them to withstand being swept away by the waves, and they began to crawl back with their blood-red eyes fixed onto Qin Feng and Bai Li .

Both of them were doused by the sea extract that had caught the attention of the ultra beasts but the sea beasts all rose up in anger as soon as they realized that it was merely Qin Feng and Bai Li!

The level of intelligence of the sea beasts was above average .

Qin Feng was surrounded by countless sea beasts that were continuously swarming toward him from the coast, any ordinary human being would have already gone ballistics to be trapped in such a situation .

However, Qin Feng remained unbothered by it, and he even began to sneer .

“It is unfortunate for all of you to be here, and I welcome all of you to contribute your energy to support my path toward the future!”

Qin Feng raised his hand abruptly .

In the next moment, a black light was channelled up into the sky .

It was a massive pillar of light that was about two meters in width, and the black light that was shot up had turned all of the clouds above pitch-black .

The aptitude users from Pingyun would definitely be surprised if they were to witness such a scene .

It was the same skill that Qin Feng had used against the Wraith Devil .

At that moment, those that were at Pingyun were unable to see clearly what had happened in the sky due to the limited vision at night .

Now, despite strong winds that were blowing from the sea and the sky that was filled with blurry grey clouds, the horrifying scene in the sky could still be seen vividly .

However, there was nobody that was there to witness such a horrifying scene .

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Black clouds rolled in a gradually intensifying spiral movement while the color turned darker as the spiralling became faster, all of a sudden, black rain began to pour down from the sky .

“Decaying Rain!”

Qin Feng called out the name of the ability .

It was indeed a deadly rain that quickly turned sea beasts into corpses as soon as it hit them .

Qin Feng was able to feel all the energy that was being removed from all the sea beasts there . The energy was channeled to their brains, forming a new energy core that controlled their bodies to ignore the pain from the heavily decayed body, and the energy level within them had also sky-rocketed .

“Corpse Control Style!”

Qin Feng utilized the remaining conscious energy left from Shademaster, and he was able to gain instant control of all of the carcasses in the surroundings .

Within a split second, it was like Qin Feng was connected with another contract beast from deep within his conscious energy . However, they did not have any thoughts and were only blindly following instructions that were given, it was totally different from Bai Li .


The command initiated explosions in every single skull of the carcasses, and energy cores were blasted out from the explosion .

Qin Feng’s command could even send them to death .

Of course, as soon as the sea beasts were drenched in the decaying rain, they were already dead!

Decayed carcasses piled up on the outer parts of the Blackstone Fort while ultra beasts were still constantly swarming in from the sea and ambushing the island .

However, they were all instantly controlled by Qin Feng and turned into command-obeying carcasses .

It was like a repetitive cycle was formed .

Qin Feng had one hand in the air, as though it was connected with the skies, as he released a constant flow of dark runes and called down the decaying rain .

It would certainly be an extremely taxing task for other people, but it was the total opposite for Qin Feng!

Among the conscious energy universe, dark runes that were released from the Hell Stone had even amplified Qin Feng’s decaying rain .

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Not even beast generals could avoid being infected and transformed into carcasses if they were to be doused by the decaying rain .

Massive numbers of energy cores piled up before Qin Feng .

“Ability, devourer!”

Qin Feng used his other hand and summoned all of the energy cores, devouring them all in bulks .

Only decayed beasts would be able to produce such energy cores as they were formed from the concentrated flesh and blood of their bodies .

Qin Feng was absorbing the intensified essence from their bodies .

The constant devouring of the essences had strengthened the physical capabilities of Qin Feng’s body .

Qin Feng also felt as if he had gained more longevity for himself by devouring the energy cores from the several Islet Tortoises .


Qin Feng carried on with his insane slaughter .

The decaying rain that was under the control of his conscious energy had turned the horrifying tide into a self-strengthening heaven .

It was his first try in releasing such a great number of dark abilities .

Of course, nobody was there to witness the scene!

Qin Feng did not hold back on his attack, he carried on with his own method to annihilate every sea beast that came .


Another wave of tsunami rose up to more than ten meters high along with white gushes of waves that were connected with the sky, then, the impact slammed onto the coast once again .

It was the beginning of the month of sea beast tides!