Master of the End Times - Chapter 262

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Chapter 262: Qin Feng is Still Alive?

Chapter 262: Qin Feng is Still Alive?

Ten days later .

At the shelter island that was beyond the walls of Sea City .

The reefs of the Blackstone Fort appeared to have been tortured for more than a hundred years, with traces of battles left all around .

Qin Feng slashed onto a beast general that was rushing toward him and flipped it backward with his attack .

Then, the Decaying Rain infected his opponent completely and transformed it into a carcass, while his conscious energy continued to gain control, pinching its skull into an explosion .

“Beep beep beep!”

Qin Feng’s communicator began to vibrate .

He caught a glimpse of it, and it was Zhou Hao .

Qin Feng alerted Bai Li to go into the inner parts of the Blackstone Fort .

The area had accumulated water from the splashing waves, and Qin Feng would not want to use his communicator on the outside, despite Zhou Hao being his close brother, he did not need to know everything about Qin Feng .

“What is it?” Qin Feng turned on his communicator and Zhou Hao’s face appeared on it .

“Phew, it’s good that you are alright, the bastards from Sea City are spreading fake news that is upsetting me!” Zhou Hao saw that Qin Feng was unscathed, and appeared fine, with only his hair that was slightly messy, and lightly tanned skin colour .

However, Qin Feng frowned and replied in a deep voice, “What did the people from Sea City say?”

Zhou Hao was extremely angered by it and he started complaining, “They are saying that you have been missing for more than ten days and might even be buried under the sea, and that there is no news about you . They have even humiliated us by sending regards to Fengli colony, didn’t you just contact Xue Xingfu three days ago? What do they mean by missing for more than ten days!”

Qin Feng chuckled, to those people at Sea City, he had indeed been lost for more than ten days!

“Hmm, understood, are there any rebel movements at Fengli so far?” Qin Feng asked .

“None of them dare to take any action so far!” Zhou Hao replied .

With Lin Wuyi’s presence at Fengli, combined with Zhou Hao’s F-tier Emperor Golden Queen Ant that had been showcasing its strength, E-tier aptitude users could never go up against the queen ant alone, hence, it would require combined forces to initiate a rebel movement .

Qin Feng nodded satisfyingly . “Don’t worry about them, meanwhile, I should also return to showcase my existence, or else, these people would really think that I am dead!”

“Hmm, you should slap the face of those who spread such news, they are indeed a bunch of nasty people!”

By spreading the fatal news about Qin Feng, would it not be directly implying that Fengli colony had become an ungoverned yet resourceful place?

“Fear not, I would never go easy on those who dare to belittle Fengli!”

Qin Feng handed over some of the tasks to Zhou Hao and ended the call .

The situation at Fengli dissipated with the call, however, those that were at Sea City were still itching to take action .

Qin Feng decided to make his move!

During the early stages of the past ten days, waves would hit the shelter island at three-hour intervals, and Qin Feng did not have a chance to close his eyes for three consecutive days of intense battle .

As the waves began to slow down, the intervals became five hours, seven hours, and now, it would only occur once every ten hours .

Throughout the entire ten days, Qin Feng had encountered innumerable sea beasts that had all become his target to devour . Now, he had already achieved E7-tier, and he was very close to E8-tier .

With this kind of speed in his advancement, other people would see it as either an act of the devil or utter lies!

Qin Feng had indeed gone through a brutal slaughter the past few days .

From all those battles, he had encountered thirteen beast kings, and two of them were cunning enough to escape from Qin Feng, hence, Qin Feng was only able to kill eleven of them .

It was already a great accomplishment!

However, as time passed by, the presence of ultra beasts had reduced together with the fading sea beast tide .

“The people from Sea City are probably living too comfortably and are beginning to look for trouble!”

Qin Feng sneered .

He was able to intercept most of the sea beast tides headed for Sea City . Some of the smaller-sized G-tier and F-tier ultra beasts still managed to reach Sea City, but the sea beast tide had definitely weakened in comparison to previous years .

With such a weak sea beast tide, absence of news from Qin Feng would definitely give an impression to everyone in Sea City that he had died from the first wave of tsunami .

In fact, Yang Ping had been sending messages to Qin Feng to find out if he was still alive, but Qin Feng had been ignoring him .

Now, Qin Feng would have to give Yang Ping a surprise!

All of the carcasses were burnt off by Qin Feng’s hellfire, and the ocean had washed away all of the remaining ashes, so the shelter island was left clean and spotless once again!

However, only those who had been on the shelter island would know what had happened here!

Qin Feng turned on his communicator and contacted Yang Ping .

“Commander Yang, it seems like the sea beast tide is about to end, send someone to pick me up!” Qin Feng sent his request .

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On the other hand, Yang Ping was having an awesome drinking session with the others at Sea City .

The weak tsunami of sea beasts had reduced the massive ultra beast attacks toward the city, therefore, they were able to chill and relax!

Yang Ping’s eyes widened when he looked at his communicator, toppling over his glass in the process .

“Haha, Senior Yang, what happened? Has your body weakened? Did the two beautiful ladies push you beyond your limits yesterday?” Another E-tier aptitude user mocked while laughing .

Yang Ping stared at his communicator with a stiff expression, like his eyes were about to pop out .

“Senior Yang, what is happening to you?”

Somebody beside Yang Ping called out to him with a push .

He quivered and instantly recovered from the blank stare he had on, and his facial expression had changed .

“Qin Feng, Qin Feng is still alive!”

The person looked stunned for a short while, as if he did not hear Yang Ping clearly, like he had already forgotten the name .

A short moment later, he came to, his eyes widening in the process .

“You are saying that the Qin Feng from Fengli colony is alive?”

Yang Ping nodded .

“Inform Boss right now!”

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Only then, Yang Ping started panicking and dialed Wang Zhichao’s communicator, hastily describing the situation .

Wang Zhichao was silent for a moment, seemingly unable to register what he had heard .

He then clenched his teeth and replied in a deep voice, “Go get him, and find out what happened!”

Yang Ping did not want to obey the order, but he had to .

He could only hope for the best!

Although Yang Ping had explicitly abandoned Qin Feng, and even triggered a time bomb that had set off a huge explosion of sea extract, during the conversation through the communicator, he acted as if he cared about Qin Feng’s well-being .

As for the case of the sea extract explosion, there was no witness that could prove that it was Yang Ping who had done it, and he could easily brush it off with other excuses when faced with Qin Feng’s questioning .

Yang Ping convinced himself as such and braced himself in replying to Qin Feng’s message, however, it had been more than half an hour since he received it .

“Be quick, or else the next tide will arrive soon!” Qin Feng replied .

Having not experienced any tsunami or gigantic sea beast tide, Yang Ping did not have the sense of urgency, and he thought that Qin Feng was only being fussy about having somebody pick him up as soon as possible .

“Hopefully Qin Feng barely made it out alive since he seemed to be worried about leaving the island in such a hurry . If he really is injured, don’t blame me…”

Yang Ping suddenly had an urge to kill with this thought in mind!

Two hours later, Yang Ping had arrived at the shelter island, and from afar, he could not believe what was before him, it was the same as he had left it ten days ago!

The speedboat travelled closer toward the Blackstone Fort that was about to collapse, and its appearance was like a historical building that was filled with marks and scars!