Master of the End Times - Chapter 263

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:33:18 AM

Chapter 263: The Critical Speed

Chapter 263: The Critical Speed

Numerous points of impact, both big and small, had appeared on the surface of the black walls, parts of which had even collapsed .

The scorch marks and shattered stones were indicative of what Blackstone Fort had experienced .

This was not a battle . This was a war!

At this moment, a bunch of figures appeared in the distance . Looking closer, one would see two people, one with a tall build and another a petite feminine form . Both were shrouded in flames, quickly moving forward .

Soon, the fiery figures came into view .

Qin Feng had a steely expressionless face, but he was obviously not happy, speaking in a hushed tone, “What took you so long? Any longer and you wouldn’t have to even come!”

Yang Ping only felt an overwhelming murderous aura that screamed death coming from Qin Feng, and the faint scent of blood .

This briefly made him feel a sense of dread . It had been no more than ten days but looking at Qin Feng now, all Yang Ping saw was something that was enigmatic and unpredictable .

“Mayor Qin! Don’t you know that there are ultra beasts on the beach, it was really difficult for me to even sail here so don’t blame me!”

Qin Feng sneered, “Stop dawdling . Either we leave now, or all of us stay behind!”

Yang Ping was unconcerned, but he quickly nodded, “Yes yes yes!”

With this thought in mind, he swiftly instructed his crew to turn back to avoid going to Blackstone Fort!

In an instant, the once extremely sturdy walls of Blackstone Fort, walls that had been reliable for ten whole years, collapsed entirely .

Then, a monstrous wave squeezed itself through the fort walls and spread outward .

The waves were chasing after the speedboat with incredible speed, as if they were about to be overwhelmed at any moment .

“Hurry! The levitation gear, quick, quick!!!” Yang Ping’s voice was now a pitch higher!

The soldiers naturally heard the command, but not only that, a sharp siren was ringing out through the entire speedboat .

The alarm was warning about incoming beast generals . There were seven of them right behind them .

Such a situation was both thrilling and terrifying . If they were caught up with, they would surely be gulped down .

Having pushed the propulsion engine to its maximum speed and working with the boat’s suspension system, they frantically rushed toward Sea City .

However, they underestimated how fast the water was moving .


Even with the suspension system activated, the boat was still picked up by the waves and thrown forward!

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“Activate the energy shields!”

A sphere of energy quickly wrapped around the boat .


The wave instantly dragged the boat below the surface, the energy shield shielding them from the wave . After submerging entirely in sea water, the speedboat popped back up on the surface as it gushed forth, carried by the waves .

The island barrier behind them had already been submerged beneath the waves, along with the fort wall of Blackstone Fort . The crack in the wall became bigger and bigger before the wall was completely destroyed .

The entire boat was tossed up above the waves before it was brought crashing back down below the waters . Just as that wave receded, another ten meter tall wave loomed behind them, raising up into the air before violently slamming onto the boat’s shield .


A crack appeared on the energy shield, and its light began to flicker wildly .

The boat’s helmsman was only a G8-tier aptitude user . In the face of this ferocious force of nature, his face was pale as he felt completely helpless!

If the waves broke through, the boat would be smashed into splinters! Not just that, there were countless ultra beasts lurking around!

Qin Feng and Yang Ping were not afraid, but how could the helmsman not be? He was not as strong as they were!

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“It’s over! We’re gonna die! Oh gosh!” The helmsman began to cry out in a state of panic .

At this moment, Qin Feng suddenly unleashed his internal force . Yang Ping and the helmsman felt the dense internal power emerge from him, wrapping around the speedboat like a bubble, like a new protective cover .

This new cover was translucent, having a misty appearance . Ancient warriors would know what it was .

An E-tier ancient warrior’s internal strength was like a sea of clouds . This tumbling cloud shield naturally came from Qin Feng’s internal force .


A wave slammed into the shield but it ended up getting blocked by the internal force, leaving the speedboat unharmed .

After that huge wave had passed, the speedboat was pushed back onto the surface .

Qin Feng called out in a deep voice, “What are you waiting for? Drive!”

The helmsman reacted, quickly upping the amount of knots the speedboat was traveling at to push it into a mad dash forward .

Fortunately, after a few nautical miles, the waves were not as strong as the ones before . The floating speedboat skipped across the surface of the water until it reached a part where the waves could not harry them, and chugged on ahead .

There were some G-tier ultra beasts on the beach ahead being hunted by lower tier G-tier aptitude users who were completely oblivious and carefree .

Qin Feng said, “Commander Yang, you saw the way of the tide just now . Best tell those aptitude users now and get them out of here!

Yang Ping was still in a state of shock after coming back from what felt like the brink of life and death, scared out of his wits . He came to after hearing Qin Feng’s voice and unconsciously nodded his head .

“Yes, yes . I’m on it!”

If it were not for Qin Feng, Yang Ping would have died at sea . He was a gunner, and in the face of the ocean’s force, he would have been dragged below the surface and wound up in some ultra beast’s belly .

He quickly issued the alarm, announcing that the tide was inbound . He also dispatched some troops ahead to assist in defense, being so busy that he did not even think of reporting to Wang Zhichao at first .

Qin Feng was naturally sent to Sea City’s most luxurious hotel as a sign of respect .

“I feel like I’ve finally returned to civilization!”

After having hunted for ten days, being surrounded by rotting carcasses and all made him feel uncomfortable and a little bit stressed out .

The moment he reached the comfortable and luxurious hotel, he felt like he could finally relax .

“Bubble bath! Bubble bath! I want a bubble bath!” Bai Li said in a sing-songy voice . “You’re taking one with me, hubby!”

Qin Feng suddenly felt like his entire body boiling .

“Don’t play with fire, you little vixen!”