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Master of the End Times - Chapter 268

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:33:05 AM

Chapter 268: Qin Feng, A Lunatic

Chapter 268: Qin Feng, A Lunatic

Qin Feng was naturally spared from the remaining battle .

The executives of Sea City paid a total of five billion to Qin Feng reluctantly .

It was a fair trade considering Qin Feng’s feat . However, the other aptitude users still bemoaned for not getting any materials after putting in the effort to stall the beast generals earlier .

These people knew nothing about gratitude . Qin Feng paid no attention to them .

The G8-tier aptitude user, Tian Miao, who escorted Qin Feng earlier, was the only few showing Qin Feng proper respect . He prepared a spacious car for Qin Feng to rest and had also brought along the chef from Sea City hotel to cook for Qin Feng .

There were ample materials in Qin Feng’s spatial equipment . The chef was an excellent cook and Qin Feng was being generous with the ingredients . That resulted in one delicious dish after another .

Chu Yinshan had joined Qin Feng for the meal . Their conversation provided Qin Feng a lot of new information that he was not aware of in his past life .

After all, Chu Yinshan was more than ten years older than Qin Feng and had a great life experience . He would no doubt make a good mentor .

Qin Feng admired a man of such calibre .

“I suggest you visit Niumeng City after you are done with Sea City,” Qin Feng said .

Chu Yinshan looked at Qin Feng with surprise, then he nodded . “Okay . I will do as you say . ”

They chatted for a while and Chu Yinshan took his leave . After all, amidst the climax of the sea beast tide, even an F-tier beast could be a huge headache .

Qin Feng was allowed to rest because he had single-handedly slain five beast generals to turn the tides around .

You do not draw a sword to kill a fly .

Two hours later, the tides had once again subsided . However, the defense team along the coastline dared not loosen up and hurriedly strengthened the barrier to prevent the seawater from flooding the city .

They had no room to retreat now . Right behind them were the precious plantation lots of Sea City .

The barricade was more than twenty meters high . It was built up speedily surrounding the periphery of Sea City with proper drainage .

Such construction was a piece of cake to the human race with the current technological advancements .

Soon, the sun went down the horizon . Orange rays bathed the evening sky, displaying a thrilling yet poignant scenery .

The wind seemed to have declined gradually .

However, the hearts of the people in Sea City were still clenched, knowing that this calamity was far from its ending .

“Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!”

The alarm was sounded yet again, signaling the arrival of the next sea beast tide .

The surveillance drones that were patrolling in the sky were instantly blasted away by the storm . Turbulent sea waves crashed on the barricade outside Sea City mercilessly .


The dam floor was once again flooded by the waves . The barricade worked perfectly as it effectively prevented water from entering the city .

“Here they come!”

“Trigger the electric mine!”

“Don’t let them climb the barricade!”

Members of the battalion shouted out the instructions hysterically .

Qin Feng alighted the vehicle and quickly went up the barricade . From his vantage point, he could see that the base of the barricade had been thronged by countless beasts .

Suddenly, a Blue Croc jumped up from the water . Its three-meter-long body climbed up the barricade rapidly . Once it reached the top, the beast struck its maw and bit the nearest aptitude user .

Almost instantaneously, the aptitude user lost his legs . He was dragged down to the waters violently while shrieking painfully .

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Fresh blood stained the mud-water red .

Qin Feng drew his blaster and shot the Blue Croc .

Blood spread across the pool rapidly, which attracted more beasts to the spot .

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Qin Feng fired rapidly . He did not miss a single shot and in the blink of an eye, the aptitude user was surrounded by beast carcasses .

The aptitude user was unharmed other than his initial wound . He knew someone had just saved his life .

He followed the projectile of the gunshot and saw Qin Feng who was still calmly firing . Each shot from his blaster instantly took away the life of a beast .

That was true strength .

Feeling grateful and astonished, the aptitude user took advantage of the short window of safety and climbed up to the nearest land with both his hands and feet .

Qin Feng, who had been watching the aptitude user, pulled a long face .

Both of his legs were broken . His lower limbs were nowhere to be seen under his pants .

“Thank you kind sir!” The guy smiled at Qin Feng but there was more sorrow on his face rather than joy .

Though he was an ancient warrior, he was now a disabled man after losing both his legs . There was a slim chance that he would ever battle again .

Such was the fate of every aptitude user .

At least he was still alive .

Qin Feng took in a deep breath and nodded back . The blaster in his hands was being fired more rapidly now .

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How many humans had fallen to the sea beast tide?

An idea suddenly came to Qin Feng’s mind . He had never thought about it in the past, including his previous life .

‘When will Doomsday end? We have been living like this for two hundred years!’

‘A-tiers are just petty flies in the eyes of those behemoths . Though S-tier is an entirely different existence, even they are unable to change the course of human fate in this hellish world . ’

‘What can I do then? Is it possible for me to reach S-tier, SS-tier, or even higher?’

‘If that’s achievable, will human race finally be able to close the rift permanently and end this f*cking Doomsday once and for all then?’

The target became clearer and clearer in Qin Feng’s mind .

Qin Feng moved even faster . His conscious energy was expanding insanely through the tense battle .

E8-tier! Qin Feng made a breakthrough during the battle .

At the same time, the alarm of the communicator rang once more .

Even without its warning, Qin Feng could already see the horrible creature .

Unknown spots were seen floating on the mud water . As the wave crashed forward, the spots reflected the rays of the setting sun and appeared orange in color .

It could be easily mistaken as a giant translucent net or a piece of plastic . But the aura around the “thing” was telling enough that it was no ordinary creature .

An E5-tier beast king!

It was a gigantic jellyfish .

Though it was still quite far away from the city, people could easily spot the monster from high ground . The monster was carried by the river, and dead bodies could be seen piling around it . The monster was eerily quiet .

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Those bodies must have been killed by the jellyfish’s poison .

So the identity of the beast was a mutated jellyfish carrying deadly venom .

Everyone was daunted by the beast, except Qin Feng .

A sense of determination could be seen in his eyes .

‘Kill, kill them all to end this sickening world! This is the living duty of every human on this Earth!’

The next moment, Qin Feng raised his hand and summoned a beast .

Umbra stallion!

Qin Feng climbed the horse and galloped straight toward the jellyfish .

The defenders on the barricade rounded their eyes watching Qin Feng’s action .

“What is he doing?” Wang Zhichao could not believe his own eyes .

Yang Ping’s lips were trembling too . He watched Qin Feng’s back and realized how foolish he was before for attempting to take this man’s life .

“Is he crazy!?”

He might very well be . Or else, he would not dare to challenge a beast king all by himself .

Only a lunatic would do what Qin Feng was doing .

He had no fear!