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Chapter 27

The video was a recording from a first-person perspective . The way he killed and fought off the giant rats was enough to prove that he had way more firepower than most who were here .

 “Please hold on, sir . I shall bring you your reward now . Is there anything else you need?” asked the staff respectfully and politely .

 “What do you mean? Are you seriously trying to convince us he really killed all those giant rats alone?” asked a mercenary standing behind Qin Feng, clearly filled with discontentment .

 “I assure you there is nothing wrong with the machine . The results are accurate!”

 “I don’t believe you! Could he be the son of some high-ranking officer? Is that why you’ve privately added his merit points?!”

 “That must be it!”

 “I will never condone such a shameless deed! And you even have the guts to do it in front of us?!”

 1“He is still so young! There’s no way you possess such powerful abilities!”

 “And there isn’t a single wound on him!”

 Everyone was adamant in finding out the truth about this unbelievable warrior, Qin Feng . On the other hand, the number of dead giant rats at the plantation was a fixed variable . The results clearly showed that Qin Feng had killed most of the giant rats alone . In other words, the others would have all received fewer merit points, leaving them suspicious that Qin Feng had somehow manipulated the scores, snatching their kills away from them .

 3The entire crowd had just sustained a battle with monstrous creatures and had to fight with their lives . Spirits were still high, and the adrenaline had not left them . Without so much as a word, they started to surround Qin Feng .

Surprisingly, he stood his ground and remained calm despite the stressful circumstances . The employee, caught in the middle of the storm, was left facing an awkward situation . After watching his combat video, they knew that Qin Feng was genuinely extremely powerful .

 “Mister, do you mind show them your combat video?”

 “Of course, I mind!”

 The results were fair and square, and knowing he was fair from the start, Qin Feng felt it unnecessary for his combat video to be displayed before a mob . Showing off his kills would only make him an unsavory target, painting his back with a huge bullseye . He could become the center of rumors and unwanted attention .

 2Of course, his refusal to prove his claims had the crowd erupt in greater discontent and anger .

 “We cannot let him go! We, the garrison troops of Chengbei Colony, demand an explanation!”

 “What kind of explanation are you guys asking for? The video has never been tampered with . How dare you people throw such baseless accusations? If all of you here think that you are right, let’s make a bet then!”

 “What do you want to bet?” asked the loudest and haughtiest ability user behind him .

 “Let’s bet about my combat video . I will ask the staff to send it to everyone . If the combat video is real, you guys have to pay me 100,000 . And if the video is fake, I will pay all of you 100,000!”

 “Haha! Go ahead! I will never believe you! The bet is on!”

 “Count me in!”

 “Free money! I want it too! I want to see your face after you cry like a baby!”

 Predictably, a large number of them calmed down when they heard of the involvement of cold-hard cash .

 Some of them even recognized that he was Qin Feng .

 After all, Qin Feng had stayed here for at least four to five days . The regulars had laid eyes on him and Xiao Jing at least once . It was a well-known fact around town that he had singlehandedly killed 50 threadsnakes only recently . The crowd started to cast their doubts the moment the results displayed that he had just slaughtered over 500 giant rats under such bad weather . However, Qin Feng’s calm disposition was starting to take effect, and they began to doubt themselves .

 “Can I borrow your bank account for a while?” asked Qin Feng while looking at the staff .

 Immediately, the staff nodded his head . If Qin Feng won the bet for some unlikely reason, this would prove that he was indeed the most powerful person here .

 1“Fine! Let’s wire the money over now before we check out his combat video!”

 A few added the staff’s communicator, wiring 100,000 yuan each to his bank account . Actually, only nine out of the entire crowd wanted to bet with Qin Feng .

 “Just the few of you?”

 Qin Feng looked up, turning his face around and gazing at the crowd . Some of them avoided eye contact as guilt and insecurity began to fill them . The nine who insisted that Qin Feng was cheating were part of the extra 500 ability users called in to defend the plantation .

 It did not matter whether they contributed to the war or not . Eventually, they would receive 10,000 yuan in cash as a reward . Unfortunately, their kill count sorely lagged behind Qin Feng . Unable to accept defeat, they felt that he had embarrassed them publicly and wanted retribution .

 “No more? My combat video is worth 100,000 yuan!”

 Since they were so nice and wanted to wager with Qin Feng, he too had to wire 900,000 to the staff who held the funds in escrow . When the banking was done and the amounts confirmed, the employee sent the combat video to all of the nine . They instantly played it, staring intently at their screens . Some of them lacked the patience to watch the entire video, skipping right to the middle part of it .

 Soon, the looks on their faces changed . Their worst fears had come to pass, displaying disbelief and utter shock . It turned out that Qin Feng was indeed much more powerful than they had thought .

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 1“Is there anything else you guys want to say to me?” asked Qin Feng as he stared at the nine of them .

 The loudest and most arrogant one amongst them was left ashamed by his thoughtless speech . He felt like someone had just given him a cold, hard slap .

 “We have lost the bet!”

 The arrogant man shouted in an embarrassed rage and stormed from the place . The remaining eight people were also devastated by the fact that they had just lost a substantial 100,000 yuan . Staying here would only bring more shame to themselves . Immediately, all of them took their leave, looking down with no words uttered .



“Eh? What happened? Why did they leave so fast?”

 “Isn’t it obvious now? The video is real! This person right here did kill 500 giant rats!”

 “Damn! So, it’s real?!”

 Everyone turned their attention towards Qin Feng . Satisfied with the resolution, the staff then wired a handsome 1 . 8 million yuan to Qin Feng’s bank account .

 “Mr . Qin, what would you like to do about your reward? Would you like to take it with you or exchange it?”

 “I will take the Beast-Generals cores and their meat as well! I would like to exchange the rest with money . ”

 “Sure . Please hold for a minute, sir!”

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 Qin Feng received a message on his communicator . A total of 6 . 73 million yuan was transferred to his bank account . A satisfactory amount .

 “Mr . Qin, you can follow this employee here to get your beast cores and meat . After that, the garrison soldiers’ truck will send them to wherever you desire . ”

 “Thank you . ”

 Qin Feng then handpicked nine of the Beast-General’s cores and sorted out the meat . He had no intention to sell the flesh . Instead, he wanted to send them to the orphanage .

 3Thirty calm minutes passed .


Then, with a thumpy diesel clatter, the trucks arrived as planned . Without wasting any time, the soldiers loaded the flesh .