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Master of the End Times - Chapter 270

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:33:00 AM

Chapter 270: A Fruitful Return

Chapter 270: A Fruitful Return

Qin Feng knew exactly who he wanted to meet first . He moved swiftly toward Wang Zhichao .

“You don’t need to pay me the reward for the beast king but I will take home all the loot . Please deliver them to me after they have been collected and packed properly . I guess it’s not too much to ask using some of your manpower?”

He had helped Sea City to eradicate waves of beasts . So of course, it was not too much to ask .

Qin Feng spoke using a superior tone . Wang Zhichao could only look up to him now . In fact, everybody was looking at him like he was a hero .

Indeed, he was not much different from a hero now .

“No problem . This is the least we can do to repay you . I will make sure everything is properly arranged . ” Wang Zhichao finished his sentence with a twisted face .

“Don’t worry, Mr . Qin . These loots are all yours . We will keep watch over them . ”

“That’s right . We won’t allow anyone to embezzle even a single material into their own pockets . ”

“Mr . Qin, you should get some rest now . ”

Everyone was standing by Qin Feng’s side . Wang Zhichao’s face could not be any darker .

He did not have any intention to pocket the loot . However, what others said clearly alluded that he was a corrupted man .

Qin Feng nodded to them and went his own way .

The evening glow slowly faded away . It took a lot of time to completely harvest the beast parts . Qin Feng did not plan to sell them out directly as he did in the past . Instead, he asked Tan Yue to prepare for him a cargo truck as he wanted to carry them back to Fengli .

Night fell and people remained vigilant throughout the whole night . Nevertheless, the sea beast tide did not hit again until the next morning . Occasionally, some beasts came ashore but they were easily dealt with by the guards on night watch .

They knew that the month of the sea beast tide had finally come to an end .

Qin Feng brought home more than ten cargo trucks . This was another fruitful trip .

Owing to that, Qin Feng was the greatest hero of this year’s sea beast tide, Wang Zhichao and others had also come to bid him farewell . However, their faces could not be any more somber when they saw Qin Feng .

After the catastrophe, people began to rebuild the coastline . Sea City had also sent out drones to check out the situation at Blackstone Fort .

The fort had turned into a ruin . Sea City would need to spend substantially to rebuild the entire thing . This was all thanks to Qin Feng .

Qin Feng sneered . He understood the cold look on their faces and felt for them .

Nonetheless, none of this would have happened if they did not conspire against him in the first place .

They were reaping what they sowed .

“That should do it . Deputy Mayor, I can find my own way back from here on . ” Qin Feng politely rejected their escort .

Wang Zhichao replied resentfully, “I hope Mr . Qin can be our guest at Sea City again next year . Sea City is extremely safe with you here . ”

“Haha,” Qin Feng laughed and rebutted, “That would not be necessary . I think Lei Chen will be back in Sea City this time next year . I might not join the event next year since I will probably be in the frontline at that time . ”

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Wang Zhichao wondered how Qin Feng knew that Lei Chen was not around in Sea City . However, his mind was soon distracted by Qin Feng’s second sentence . He said in an envious and sarcastic tone, “Wow! Then you will surely create an unprecedented record . We have never had such a young D-tier user from the Three Cities . ”

The frontline is the shield of the entire human civilization . The Three Cities were considered a relatively safe zone behind it . Even so, these Three Cities were still under constant threat from ultra beasts .

This indicated how dangerous the frontline could be .

Every D-tier must serve at the frontline for three months . They could only opt to return to the city after that .

Wang Zhichao was baffled by Qin Feng’s confidence . He had just declared that he was going to reach D-tier by next year .

“Thanks for your encouragement . ” Qin Feng smiled back lightly .

Wang Zhichao did not say another word as Qin Feng entered his hover car .

All the cargo trucks behind him were also hover-vehicles . The more than ten trucks held the materials of the entire sea beast tide . This was equivalent to ten percent of Sea City’s whole asset .

Now it all belonged to one person, Qin Feng .

All of Sea City’s executives were envious .

“Deputy Mayor, should we…” One of the military commanders asked after seeing Qin Feng left .

Wang Zhichao glared back at him .

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“Should we? Yeah, let’s look for some random mercenaries again! Who else could defeat him other than a D-tier now?”

The person hung back sheepishly .

Yang Ping chipped in immediately, “Deputy Mayor, don’t be angry . Qin Feng is probably the strongest among all the E-tiers in the Three Cities now . But the stronger he gets, the more attention he would receive . I think it’s best to decide what to do only after Mr . Lei is back . ”

“Okay . Don’t bother me with this name again in the future . ” Wang Zhichao turned around and left sullenly .

Qin Feng was not a problem Wang Zhichao could handle for the moment .

A lot of members from the Dark Coalition did take notice of the large convoy departing from Sea City . However, not a single party dared to rob it . Some even went as far as possible, fearing that Qin Feng might misunderstand them .

Thus, the convoy faced little hassle along the way .

When the trucks reached Fengli, Xue Xingfu could not hold back his jolliness . Though these were technically Qin Feng’s private property, the customer that it would draw was still going to bring in a lot of potential revenues .

After all, the news about Qin Feng’s heroic act in Sea City had long spread across the Three Cities .

Qin Feng was generally regarded as the hottest aptitude user in town now .

“Why the happy face? I thought you were unwilling to let me go at first?” Qin Feng asked the chubby Xue Xingfu .

“Haha, am I such a short-sighted person?”

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Qin Feng shook his head . “Now that’s some lame hindsight . ”

Xue Xingfu was not embarrassed and maintained a big smile . He reported the statistics to Qin Feng .

“Mayor, including the items in the truck, the materials that you have retrieved along the way fetched a total of thirty billion!”

That was an astronomical amount .

Xue Xingfu had no idea how Qin Feng achieved this .

The other materials were carried back by Bai Li . It was stored in the garage and passed to Xue Xingfu by Qin Feng when he was back . Xue Xingfu thought that Qin Feng had brought along an enormous spatial equipment so he raised no doubts .

Still, he was baffled by the quality and quantity of the materials .

There were more than ten King-tier materials alone, though there was no ability core and power core . Nevertheless, these materials would still be worth a handsome price .

Of course, the gain this time was still lesser than the time Qin Feng went to the island . He had robbed from others that time and found the hidden treasures . That was why he earned more from that trip .

“Alright . I will entrust the materials to you then . ”

Xue Xingfu nodded and changed the topic, “Mayor, I made an unauthorized decision and took in an item during your absence . I feel that it might be useful to you . ”

“Oh? What is it?” Qin Feng was intrigued .