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Master of the End Times - Chapter 272

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:32:57 AM

Chapter 272: Spatial Passage

Chapter 272: Spatial Passage

The set of equipment had been previously made by Liu Zhenshan under Qin Feng’s instructions . Not only that, the boots even contained everything he would need and were five centimeters higher .

Such an outfit was obviously meant for moving around cloak and dagger so he could hide his identity!

“Test it to see if it works!”

“Well done, this is very well done Uncle Liu, but you need to keep this secret!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t say anything!” Liu Zhenshan did not even ask what Qin Feng wanted to do with them .

Qin Feng put the equipment inside his spatial rune equipment and swaggered around the factory as he toured the interior .

There was only a few days left before the Battlegod Tomb would open; even if he could fly he would not reach in time .

Xue Xingfu had his doubts but he kept his thoughts to himself .

That night, the moment Qin Feng put on that combat uniform and put on a mask . It was as if he had turned into an entirely different person .

After he had gained the Magical Tesseract, Qin Feng no longer needed the combat uniforms that Liu Zhenshan could provide but the tesseract did not retain the silver glow from man-made objects .

Normally, it would be easy to recognize Qin Feng but now it was actually even easier!

“Xiao Bai, I’m afraid this is going to be inconvenient for you!” Qin Feng said .

“No worries! In fact I can maintain whatever form I want!” Bai Li was originally a beast-type, maintaining a body shape was something she could easily do .

However, she felt that it was easier to be around Qin Feng in her human form . After all, the human shape could be adorned with plenty of beautiful clothes so Bai Li was quite reluctant about the idea . However, she also knew that Qin Feng was going to go on a bloody rampage inside the Battlegod Tomb and she could not be exposed, the best way was that she maintained her ultra beast form .

Of course, she did not need to do it immediately .

“I’m about to start!” Bai Li said .

Qin Feng nodded . “Begin!”

It was already too late to go to Niumeng City by car, but Qin Feng had an even better idea .

Naturally, that would be spatial transmission . Bai Li’s spatial transmission could be used so long as there was a spatial waymark, allowing back and forth travel being two distances with no problems .

However, she had mild difficulty for places she had not been to, because she could not pinpoint the location . Even when Qin Feng had provided a token, there would still be some issues .

Bai Li raised her fingers and her palms began to glow with a silver light, something he had seen before while on that Drakocroc Island .

The silver light lingered in the air before rotating and expanding into a spatial passage . The disc was about two meters tall and had a dark void forming inside it .

Once the void connection was formed, the spatial waymark was established .

“Lets go!” Bai Li grabbed Qin Feng’s hand and immediately jumped into the spatial passage .

Even if it was just for a moment, it still felt like an eternity . When Qin Feng’s vision returned, he found himself floating in mid air .

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There was no footing to be found beneath him either .

It was a good thing that he had already prepared himself, pushing a button to unfurl the glider wings on his back


When the glider wings opened up behind him, he pulled Bai Li closer and put an arm around her slender waist as the two slowly glided toward the ground .

Fortunately, they had appeared about twenty meters above ground and quickly landed . There was a brief chance that they would have actually appeared closer to the ground, which would have promptly caused a miserable landing .

Once they found solid ground, Qin Feng retracted the gliding wings and at the same time, put on the cloak that Liu Zhenshan had given his outfit . Bai Li also began to undergo transformation .

Her body gradually began to shift as her clothes dissipated and were automatically stored in her space, the silver light shrouding her, ensuring her modesty as her silhouette suddenly grew to up to two stories tall in the blink of an eye .

She was about five meters long with a body covered in snow white fur that appeared cloak-like under the moonlight . Her eyes bore a silver glint and had long eyelashes . Behind her were three fluffy and soft-looking tails, moving with flexibility through the air which seemed quite comfortable .

At this point, Qin Feng had to look up to see Bai Li’s face . Who was to say that Bai Li was just a child, she was all grown up!

The fox held her head high in the moonlight, bearing a prideful and beautiful visage .

Soon, she began to rapidly shrink and in the blink of an eye she had shrunk into a size where she was about the size of both Qin Feng’s palms with her three fluffy tails half the size of her body . Now she looked small and adorable!

Bai Li hopped onto Qin Feng with an energetic bounce . “Lets go!”

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Qin Feng gave her a pat on the head before taking out his communicator and synchronizing his location . He was only about three hours away from Niumeng City, near a small colony near Hanchuankou . At this rate, it seemed that he was going to reach the city before Zhou Hao .

That was where Qin Feng wanted to go . In his previous life, when the news of the tomb surfaced, ancient warriors came from all directions . There were even some ancient warrior families that had sent their young ones over .

Among the ancient warriors, they all had their own distinguishing capabilities, but there was an ancient warrior that practiced a blood-based martial method passing through Hanchuankou .

Nowadays, people called them dark ancient warriors .

Qin Feng did not come here to do good deeds, he came to kill people and collect loot . The person he wanted to kill was the child of this family of ancient warriors, Xue Yuan!

The *Xue family was without a doubt a well-known family among ancient warriors! This name was not a standard family name, but instead it came from a title given after the end times . After generations of using this title, they naturally adopted the name as their family name .

The ancient warrior family was powerful enough to be compared to the organizations, in fact they were quite effective businesspeople .

Killing their heir was just asking for trouble, that was why Qin Feng had to hide his identity . He wanted to kill more than just that one!

Whoever wanted to gain the inheritance from the Battlegod’s Tomb would be met with hostility . They were all enemies!

Qin Feng quickly took advantage of the night and approached Hanchuankou .

The city gate was already closed . When Qin Feng arrived, the guard on his night shift quickly locked onto the mysterious shape clad in a dark cloak but did not dare stop him . When he caught a glimpse of silver under that cloak, he swallowed hard .


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A small door near the side of the city gate opened up!

“Sir, this way please, please!” The guard quickly got out of the way after that .

“Hmm,” Qin Feng deliberately lowered the pitch of his voice when he responded and walked into the colony .

The colony of Hanchuankou was not very big, cramped but well-equipped . In fact, it was like Chengbei in a lot of ways .

He eventually found the most luxurious hotel to stay in and only came out when it was noon the very next day .

“Beep beep!”

An emergency signal rang out from Qin Feng’s communicator . It was the regional news .

“Attention all aptitude users, a beast wave is occurring 20km away from Hanchuankou’s north wall . Please come and provide your support at the front . This is an emergency battle and there will be merit rewards . Hurry to the colony bus to be taken to the battle site . ”

Spring was the peak of small-scale beast waves, they were not like sea beast tides, these things happened everywhere .

Qin Feng did not think too much about it and rushed to the departure area .

*Translator’s Note: The character has the Chinese word for ‘blood’ (血) in their name, not to be confused with a similar sounding word which means ‘snow’ (雪)