Master of the End Times - Chapter 274

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Chapter 274: A Generation of Monsters Damned to Die In the Wilderness

Chapter 274: A Generation of Monsters Damned to Die In the Wilderness

Xue Yuan could hardly believe it .

He was his family’s most talented user, and had already laid a foundation even before he awakened his ancient martial arts . He could kill people when he was ten, and by the time he was nineteen he had already mastered the Sanguine Arts and even the Sanguine Palm . He did not expect that he would die . Especially not today, not at the hands of some unknown person in a weak little colony .

Xue Yuan’s eyes carried a loathing stare .

“Who, Who are… ngh…” Blood began to pour out of his mouth . When he grabbed Qin Feng’s wrist, he was unable to muster any internal force .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

Qin Feng absorbed all of Xue Yuan’s internal force . Although there was not much in an F-tier aptitude user, it was better than nothing and could not be wasted .

By then, Xue Yuan had completely lost the capability to fight back .

“You want to know who I am? How could you remember your enemy after killing so many people?” Qin Feng replied in a hoarse voice . In his mind, he was starting to recall a memory before his rebirth .

Back then, Qin Feng had reached the age of nineteen and it was the third year since he had been injected by the Awakening Serum . After a lot of battles, he traveled extensively and eventually reached E-tier .

It could be said that he had already left the shadow of that laboratory by that time, having gained a few close friends who had even agreed to reach D-tier and go to the front together .

As a result, they encountered Xue Yuan during a logistical escort mission and it ended up with the entire platoon of three hundred people, people who he had fought alongside with, to all die tragically!

Qin Feng too was hit square in the chest by that palm attack, the only thing he could have done then was breathe .

Too many people died during that battle, and even with one tenth of the absorption ability remaining, the number of deaths around him managed to preserve his life, saving him from death .

Bearing the loss of three hundred people he used to know almost broke him .

Xue Yuan, that was a name in his turbulent life that he would never forget . A name that he wanted to set aflame and grind to dust .

He had no way of revenge before his rebirth .

Xue Yuan advanced too quickly, by the time Qin Feng reached A-tier, Xue Yuan was also A-tier and always stronger than him . Just like Liu Meng with his Asteroid Assimilation, he was a heinous devil .

If the two really fought, it would be Qin Feng who would wind up dead .

Now, it was completely different!

Xue Yuan had not risen yet, and as for the rest of the Xue Family, Qin Feng was not afraid of them!

Today was the day that he turned things around . His eyes were filled with a bloodthirsty, murderous intent but it was covered up by his mask, making it impossible to distinguish his emotions .

Soon after, Xue Yuan had all of his internal force taken away, and with his heart pierced, the hand that was gripping Qin Feng’s wrist finally fell .

Qin Feng drew out the dagger along with a spurt of blood .

Xue Yuan’s body collapsed to the ground after no longer having support . This all happened within a short span of time .

Nobody could react at all .

At this moment, a loud shout came through . “Cease!”

Near the beast wave, a giant tree branch was knocked down and the suppressing aura of an E-tier ancient warrior began to roll over the entire field .

It was not just the aptitude users but the entire beast wave of Pale Wolves began to flee with their tails between their legs .

The beast king was dead, the smaller wolves could not maintain their rank and file, and they began to break apart but nobody cheered at this scene .

All because of the ancient warrior that had suddenly appeared!

E-tier .

For the aptitude users of Hanchuankou, that was the level of generals and mayors . Such presence always left people in awe .

Now, this person was angry, would it not mean that more blood would stain the ground?

The ancient warrior rushed forward with incredible speed, closing the distance within four to five seconds .

“Young Master!”

The man cradled Xue Yuan, eyes widening at the realization that the wound in his chest would not stop bleeding and that his aura had disappeared .

He was dead!

Even if there was any sort of divine intervention there was no way to save him!

“You!” The man lifted his head, staring daggers at Qin Feng .

The people around them finally saw this man’s face . He looked to be in his fifties, had the strength of an E5-tier ancient warrior, and had a sinister expression on his face that was only emphasized by the scar that traveled down from his cheek to his neck!

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This person’s appearance made the onlookers stare blankly for a moment .

“Beep beep beep!”

Those nearby did a scan with their communicators and soon found out who they were looking at!

“He’s a lackey from the Xue family!”

“The Asura Palm, Zhang Wen!”

“A wanted E-tier criminal!”

Everyone was suddenly more afraid, which was crippling under the effects of this menacing aura . A few began to slowly back away with difficulty and some even wanted to crawl away .

Zhang Wen was definitely someone who would kill a man without so much as batting an eye . What was more, the man had just called the recently deceased ‘Young Master’, which made them change their view on things .

“The dead guy’s from the Xue family!”

“Wait, the Xue family’s young master died near us?”

“He’s gonna kill us, isn’t he?”

That was very possible . Those with dark influences, even when they had only lost one member, would go out on rampages to eradicate whole families and wipe out entire bases just to get revenge .

Those in the field were no match against Zhang Wen . They glared at Qin Feng’s back, all blaming this stranger for being the cause of their troubles .

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“Lad, you’re going to die today . No, I’m not just going to kill you, I’m going to make you beg me to put you down!” Zhang Wen roared . He was in charge of bringing the young master to the Tomb and because he was wanted as a criminal he could not be near Xue Yuan .

Not only that, Xue Yuan had enough strength that even an F9-tier aptitude user could not face him, but this random stranger had just appeared out of nowhere and killed him with a simple dagger stab .

If he did not capture Qin Feng, he was going to have a hard time explaining this to his bosses . No, even if he did capture Qin Feng, he was still going to get in trouble! This made Zhang Wen hate Qin Feng even more, he wanted to tear this person into pieces!

“Me, die? It won’t necessarily be me who’s dying today . Since you’re on the side of an evil-doer, you must not be a good person . If that’s the case you’ll die too!” Qin Feng said, suddenly approaching as dark runes began to envelop him .

“Phantom Steps!”

Qin Feng shifted, afterimages appearing where he once stood . He was like a ghost, briefly revealing his murderous intent as he rushed toward Zhang Wen .

“You got guts!” Zhang Wen was furious, raising his hand to try and slap Qin Feng . “Sanguine Palm!”

While Zhang Wen was only a servant of the Xue family and the moves that he was taught were not as powerful as Xue Yuan’s moves, he had a powerful internal force and his Sanguine Palm brought with it a gust of bloody rain .

There were countless souls that had been bloodied by his hands . The giant palm print began to approach Qin Feng .

Qin Feng did not face it head on, choosing to avoid it . He was extra nimble with Phantom Motion Steps activated . He did not want to use the move before because he was afraid that people might notice the dark runes, but now he did not care, his body was almost entirely shrouded in black mist .

His movements were very familiar to the eyes but nobody would suspect that he was the illustrious mayor of Fengli, after all, the Spectre Motion Steps was a very common move among ancient warriors .

Since he used those moves so well, it seemed quite out of the ordinary . With a stagger, he had already flanked Zhang Wen before bringing his daggers toward his opponent’s waist at an awkward angle .

Too fast!

Zhang Wen was surprised! He would have definitely been stabbed at such speed but he steeled himself, preparing to take the blow from Qin Feng .

He swung his hand, wanting to trade a blow for a blow!