Master of the End Times - Chapter 277

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Chapter 277: tier Elder’s Troop

Chapter 277: The D-tier Elder’s Troop

Xue Linhan examined Zhang Wen’s video again which showed the same automated scene over and over . Qin Feng’s silhouette was faint, and he could just barely identify him as the person who had killed Xue Yuan . There was nothing much he could see in the video .

“Scum, scum, scum!”

Now with his son dead, Xue Linhan was more furious than ever .

Xue Linhan was part of the first generation of homicidal maniacs . While watching the scene, he had the urge to rush out to find the person in the video and crush him into millions of pieces .

“Thirteenth Elder, Seventh Elder wants you in the main hall!”

Xue Linhan understood that this was a message which was received by everyone . He contained his anger as he strode out .

Soon, he had arrived at a large, old house .

This main hall was also a meeting ground for the Xue family to discuss important matters .

“Here comes the Thirteenth!” All of the elders were sitting on their designated positions, and they were all in a bad mood .

Xue Yuan had a very high position in the Xue family .

He was destined to become an A-tier aptitude user in the future who could lead the Xue family out of the Four Cities of the North Sea . It was evident that he was very strong and capable, and after his awakening at the age of sixteen, he had never once disappointed the family .

He was the first generation of youth in the Xue family .

How could they not be furious when such a prodigy had been killed?

“Seventh Elder, I want to leave the village to avenge my son’s death!” Xue Linhan exclaimed .

It was impossible to suppress his anger which was already at its peak .

“It’s easy for you to say . Zhang Wen was quite strong as well, yet he still suffered a quick death . If you go there yourself, wouldn’t that be a suicide mission too?” The Seventh Elder raged .

“Are we just going to let it go? And let Xiao Yuan die in vain?”

Xue Linhan looked at the people around him with bloodshot eyes .

Some of them were staring blankly, while others averted their gazes, not daring to meet Xue Linhan’s gaze .

After all, the strength Qin Feng had displayed was not weak .

The Seventh Elder, who was now presiding over the situation, finally spoke up to appease the tension in the hall . “I didn’t say that we would give up on revenge, but as a part of the Xue family, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill us either!”

The Fifth Elder beside him also spoke up, “Alright, let’s say we’ll take revenge, do you know where this man is now?”

This time, Xue Linhan was silent . He certainly did not know where he was .

Not only that, the person who had killed Xue Yuan and Zhang Wen was in disguise, and he could easily escape just by removing the disguise!

This was clearly carefully planned out .

“Don’t worry, Thirteenth!” The Fifth Elder said while waving his bony arms .

A young man from the seventh generation stepped forward and showed Xue Linhan his communicator .

“Look at this!”

Xue Linhan took one look, and his eyes flared with anger again .

“He’s provoking us!”

“And he’s plotting on us!” The Seventh Elder exclaimed . “He could have just walked away after killing Xue Yuan and Zhang Wen without exposing his identity, yet he went to the Bounty Hunter Network to register his identity . I’m afraid he’s waiting for us to find and kill him . He’s either being too overconfident or he has someone to back him up!”

Xue Linhan did not say anything but it was clear that he was not listening to whatever the Seventh Elder was saying .

So what if it were a conspiracy?

Xue Linhan was counting on his son to grow up so that he could live a good life in the future!

And now? Now, it was all over!

“I don’t care if it were a conspiracy or a plot, he better not let me find out who he is or who did it . Even if he’s from one of the other three ancient warrior families, if they dare to kill my son, I’ll kill their children and grandchildren in the worst possible way they can ever imagine!”

There were four ancient warrior families in the Four Cities of the Northern Sea . Besides the Xue family, there were the Yang family, Tieh family and Hou family .

The Northern Sea was a place with remarkable, talented individuals, all of whom would try to conceal their true capabilities . It was a stretch for Xue Linhan to say those words .

However, their family was already involved in the Dark Coalition, and they were not surprised by Xue Linhan’s words .

“I understand that, so this time, I’ll go with you!” said the Fifth Elder .

The Fifth Elder was called Xue Yuheng, he was the fifth-generation disciple of the Xue family . He was already sixty-three years old, but he looked as if he was in his seventies or eighties, all because of the injuries his body had suffered in his early years .

Although weakened, he was still stronger than most people . After all, he still had the capabilities of an E-tier aptitude user . With him deployed, their plan would work much better .

Xue Linhan felt a jolt of happiness in his heart .

“Thank you, uncle . You’ll help us to avenge Xiao Yuan’s death!”

“Don’t worry, those who provoked the Xue family will not be left alive!”

The Seventh Elder gave up in his persuasion . It seemed that their plan for revenge had been set in motion .

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Soon, the Xue family had assembled their troops . With the mobilization of the D-tier ancient warriors, the troops that followed was inevitably a rather strong one . As one of the ancient warrior families, the Xue family was even more particular with their troops .

In total, there were more than twenty young warriors, all of whom were F-tier aptitude users, followed by three more E-tier aptitude users . The troops boarded seven to eight luxurious hover cars and headed toward Hanchuankou .

In fact, they already had eyes in Hanchuankou, and they even used force to pressure the colony to hand over their people to obtain information about Bloodhunter’s location .

What they did not expect was that Bloodhunter had yet to leave!


Qin Feng had no intention of leaving .

He strolled through the displayed cars for two hours . Some people were even throwing strange looks at him .

These people either found Qin Feng’s outfit odd, or were the ones that were ordered to spy on him .

Qin Feng did not bat an eye at them as he already had his gaze fixed on a car!

“Silver Bolt?”

The extended car body had a very comfortable interior and a very spacious rear compartment .

It was priced at 30 million!

This newly-released model had a whole bunch of functions that were highly praised by the salesman .

Having ten years of experience before his rebirth, Qin Feng knew what was best for a car, and the Silver Bolt was considered as a classic model!

“I’ll take this!” Qin Feng said .

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“Oh, oh yes, Sir . Please wait a moment!”

The man led Qin Feng to the checkout counter, and after making the payment, the Silver Bolt became Qin Feng’s new car .

He could not bring out the Umbra Stallion or the extended version of his luxurious hover car, or else it could expose his identity .

And now, there was no need for him to worry about that anymore .

Once Qin Feng got in the car, he revved it up and drove toward the city .

At the same time, he saw many people holding up their communicators and filming his new car .

Qin Feng drove the car toward the northern city gate and Hanchuankou slowly disappeared from his view . He was driving toward the direction of the Battlegod Tomb . However, his speed was not that fast .

Half an hour later, Qin Feng saw more than ten cars speeding by in the middle of the wilderness .

There was a bloodied palm on the rear side of these cars .

These ancient warrior families would always come in groups . Each time the young members were killed, the elders would seek revenge .

It was just that Qin Feng did not know who was coming this time .

Qin Feng slowed down his car, but the cars on the other side of the road accelerated toward him . Soon, Silver Bolt was completely surrounded .

On the road, it seemed that even the ultra beasts were affected by the dense atmosphere and did not dare to appear . They had all retreated to their safe spots .

“Hmph” Qin Feng smirked as he stepped out of his car .

At the same time, the others had also stepped out of their cars, all of them surrounding the Silver Bolt .

All of them were dressed in what seemed to be unified outfits . In the cool early days of winter, the undertones of reds and blacks on their outfits glimmered and exuded dominance .