Master of the End Times - Chapter 278

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Chapter 278: A Brief Exchange of Attacks

Chapter 278: A Brief Exchange of Attacks

These people who were ordered to hunt him down first were the young generation of the Xue family .

They looked at Qin Feng with a glare that was full of appraisal, scrutiny and excitement . It was as if this time they were ordered to teach him a lesson!

In fact, these young men were happy that Xue Yuan was murdered . Or else, they would never have the chance to make a debut for themselves .

Too bad this person was going to die .

As such, there was a hint of pity laced with apparent glee in their expressions!

“Just you guys?” Qin Feng lowered his tone and said in a hoarse voice .

With just a wave of his hand, he placed the Silver Bolt into the spatial rune equipment that he was carrying . There was no way he would let his newly-bought car be damaged .

Even though it was just a wave of his hand, those young men’s eyes were shining with admiration .

To fit a car as large as the Silver Bolt, the spatial space must be at least twenty cubic metres .

It would require at least 100 million to possess such spatial equipment .

For these young men, that was a very high price!

Even the F-tier aptitude users were getting a bit flustered .


The car door of the most luxurious and domineering hover car opened up, and the young men’s faces were replaced with a more respectful look .

Three middle-aged men stepped out of the car, all of whom were E-tier ancient warriors .

Then, an old man alighted from the car as well!

Qin Feng’s pupils narrowed behind his mask .

“I didn’t think that the Xue family would actually send an elder!”

Qin Feng immediately recognized him as Xue Yuheng .

He seemed like a weak, dying old man . Before Qin Feng was reborn, he was aided by Xue Yuan to heal the injuries on his body, thus further enhancing his strength and allowing him to reach C-tier, which then helped him to make a name for himself in the Northern Sea region .

Xue Yuheng was a vicious killer, and his methods were not at all inferior to Xue Yuan’s .

Or rather, there was not a single decent person in the entire Xue family .

After all, their family practiced Sanguine Palm Arts, which required fresh blood . They had massacred countless ultra beasts and were very tough . Moreover, they would abduct any ordinary civilians that they wanted .

In the eyes of this ancient warrior family that had fallen into the depths of madness, the ordinary civilians were incomparable to them . They were of a different kind, and they did not even consider these ordinary civilians as human beings .

They were considered slaves, goods and sheep to be slaughtered .

When Qin Feng thought of this, his eyes were immediately filled with murderous intent . His eyes swept through these young men one more time, it appeared that the few he had killed before his rebirth seemed to be here as well .

Now, they had finally crossed paths again!

Of course, this was yet another bloodbath, and only one person would survive in the end .

And that person would be Qin Feng .

At the same time, Xue Yuheng was also examining Qin Feng .

“How dare you lay a finger on the Xue family! Bring me the one behind all this, and I might leave your body intact!”

However, Qin Feng smiled defiantly .

“The one behind all this? I’m afraid I would have to disappoint you, I simply wanted to kill your people, and so I did!”

To Qin Feng who had gone through rebirth, there were tens and thousands of reasons for him to kill the Xue family .

It was only that in the present he had yet crossed paths with the Xue family .

But so what if that were the case?

There need not be so many reasons to kill them .

“Good, good! Boy, today I’ll avenge my son’s death, be prepared to die!” Xue Linhan could no longer contain his fury and was the first person to lash out . He dashed toward Qin Feng .

He was indeed stronger than Zhang Wen, but he was still too weak when compared to Qin Feng!

Now, Qin Feng was invincible even when compared with enemies of the same tier .

He had the physical strength of a beast king, and his inner cloud had reached the 35th layer through his last training .

And his strength was four times more that of Xue Linhan’s!

For that, there was no way Xue Linhan could defeat Qin Feng .

In a flash, Qin Feng unleashed his internal force and made his first move .

Phantom Motion Steps!

For a moment, Qin Feng’s shadow was so heavy and dense that no one could see where Qin Feng’s physical body actually was .

Qin Feng infused his dagger with internal force and stabbed Xue Linhan’s heart from the back .


The old Xue Yuheng suddenly let out a roar and rushed forward .

With a false step, he immediately moved forward and shot out his bony arms to shield Xue Linhan from the back .

Qin Feng was at the exact same position at the same time .

He raised his arm holding the dagger and was going to chop off Xue Yuheng’s arms .

Xue Yuheng changed his stance at once and slapped Qin Feng’s arm with his palms .

Qin Feng retracted his arm and struck him with his elbow . He concealed the dagger and was ready to stab at any moment!

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

The two made quick counters .

“Ah!” Xue Yuheng screamed as Qin Feng’s arm was raised and ready to strike again . While Qin Feng and Xue Yuheng were exchanging blows, Qin Feng’s right arm was striking at Xue Linhan again .

Xue Yuheng interrupted his backstab once, but this time it happened right under his nose, and yet there was no way he could stop it!


Xue Yuheng was furious . His old face was trembling with anger as it made a terrifying expression .

Qin Feng was unfazed and he used Phantom Motion Steps again .

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When coupled with the powerful dark rune, his Phantom Motion Step became a powerful technique .

“Damn it, this ancient warrior has enhanced his Phantom Motion Steps . He’s just way too strong and his skills are just out of this world!”

“Thirteenth Elder, let me help you!”

“Watch out Fifth Uncle!”

The three remaining ancient warriors stepped into the battlefield .

“Sanguine Palm Arts!”

“Inferno Blood Secret Art!”

The four of them fought all at once!

It was difficult to fight with two fists against four hands!


Qin Feng sneered and put his hand into his pocket, and in the next moment, Qin Feng tossed out a white mass .

It was Bai Li .

Bai Li made a few tumbles in the air and landed on top of a car . Her three tails wagged and curved into flattering arcs which could capture one’s heart . She was clearly a cute adorable pet .

However, everyone’s gazes quickly shifted back to the battlefield .

With Bai Li now summoned, Qin Feng’s attacks had become much stronger .

“Blood Transformation!” One of the E-tier aptitude users slapped Qin Feng on the chest .

Qin Feng’s F-tier beast king combat suit began to emit a silvery glow, then the glow seemed to have been shattered by the solid slap attack!

A success!

A trace of joy flashed in the man’s eyes, but the joy quickly turned into shock .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

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Qin Feng’s body became a powerful vacuum with a huge suction force . The man could not move his hand after landing his palm attack on Qin Feng’s chest, and he began to feel a backflow of his internal force .

Qin Feng quickly sliced and stabbed with his dagger .

Swish swish swish!

With three cuts and six stabs, the dagger had gutted the insides of the warrior’s abdomen!

His intestines were all churned into mush, and the internal strength of his dantian was completely drained away!

“Argh!” The man hastily retreated, but he had been stabbed too many times in just a short amount of time, and blood was gushing out of his wounds . He then collapsed on the ground .

“Deacon Wang!”

“How is that possible!”

The Xue family was shocked and everyone was staring with terrified gazes .

In such a short battle, Qin Feng had yet to display any of his techniques . He only relied on his strong body and dense internal force, yet he still managed to cripple one of Xue Linhan’s arms and had taken away the life of E-tier deacon, Wang .

With such power and strength, it was simply too overwhelming for them .

“Everyone, stand down! Retreat!”

Xue Yuheng finally noticed that something was wrong!

Although the person in front of him was only E-tier, his internal force was incredibly thick and dense . He was in no way any weaker than him .

“Looks like you came prepared!” Xue Yuheng said in a deep tone .

Qin Feng smirked . “It’s never too late for a man to get his revenge, and as for the Xue family, sooner or later, your day will come!”

Before Qin Feng’s rebirth, he died before he could get his revenge .

And now, it was the perfect timing for revenge!

And it was just a matter of time!