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Master of the End Times - Chapter 279

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:32:48 AM

Chapter 279: The Inferno Blood Technique that Rejuvenates the Aged

Xue Yuheng’s face was pale .

The Xue family had roamed the Four Cities of the Northern Sea for years, so undoubtedly they would have enemies .

They had faced a lot of enemies in the past and had even tried to eliminate them all from the roots, it was possible that they had left out a few .

Xue Yuheng did not know who Qin Feng was, and he had no intentions of getting to know him .

All he knew was that Qin Feng was their enemy!

People of the Xue family retreated after hearing Xue Yuheng’s orders .

The only person who did not retreat was an E-tier deacon, and even Xue Linhan knew that Qin Feng was not a person to be messed with .

However, Qin Feng’s eyes were locked onto him .

“Didn’t you want to avenge your son’s death? Why chicken out now?” Qin Feng said in a cold, sarcastic tone .

Xue Linhan’s eyes were bloodshot red, but he knew that he was no match for Qin Feng after having his arm removed, and his strength was greatly reduced .

Now, he could only rely on Xue Yuheng to finish the job .

“I can’t believe that after all these years, I still have to personally come out to clean up the mess!” Xue Yuheng said .

Qin Feng fixated his gaze on Xue Yuheng .

The others were fifty meters away from them, they were all clearly excited .

Aptitude users could be taught and cultivated, and they could also gain knowledge and experience from watching two advanced aptitude users fight .

Here, it was evident who the true ancient warriors were .

The skilled warriors were not afraid to display their skills, and whatever they do, the crowd would still be enthralled by their skills .

Qin Feng was also somewhat looking forward to the battle at this point .

If Xue Yuheng was an ability user or a gunner, Qin Feng would definitely turn around and run .

But on the contrary, he was just an ancient warrior . Qin Feng was not afraid and his expression revealed a hint of anticipation .

The more powerful the enemy was, the more powerful the internal force he could absorb after killing him .

“Inferno Blood!”

Two words were firmly spat out from Xue Yuheng’s mouth .

As soon as the words were heard, Xue Yuheng’s appearance changed drastically .

He was originally an old man in his seventies or eighties with a hunched back . Now, his back was slowly straightening, and his old, wrinkly body was starting to gain some weight .

His hair became dense and was as dark as ink, and his loose wrinkly skin firmed up and became smooth . The dark age spots on his face gradually faded, and the color of his skin changed from aged yellow to tender white .

In just the blink of an eye, it was like time had reversed his body to how he looked like almost sixty years ago .

Xue Yuheng’s appearance had turned into a twenty-year-old youth . With just a glance, it was surprising to see that he looked even younger than Xue Yuan, but his eyes still had the same calm composure .

His once baggy clothes seemed to have been filled up by his muscular body, and his posture was now upright . He looked handsome and charming .

The Inferno Blood Secret Art had drastically improved his vitality and reversed his aging, returning him to his youthful self .

Even Qin Feng could sense that there was a major difference between Xue Yuheng’s D-tier aptitude strength from then and now .

“You gave me no choice but to use Inferno Blood Art, do you have any idea what kind of price you’ll have to pay?”

Qin Feng did not reply .

“Today, everyone from your colony will die! And it’s all because of you!” Xue Yuheng continued indifferently .

If Qin Feng were an ordinary person, he would definitely feel the pressure increasing after hearing those words .

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Xue Yuheng was indeed a cunning old man .

Before engaging in a battle, it was important to have a calm state of mind .

“I know that is the Xue family’s Inferno Blood Art . The younger you want to become, the more fresh blood you require, but don’t get too cocky just yet . ” Speaking of youth, even if Xue Yuheng had reversed his age, he was still not as young as Qin Feng .

Being in his prime, Qin Feng’s body was strengthened to the utmost tier, and he was in no way weaker than Xue Yuheng .

“Hehehe, then I’ll let you witness the destruction of your colony with your very own eyes . You’ll be responsible for their deaths, and you will die amidst guilt!”

This seemed to be the kind of theatrics that the Dark Coalition was all too fond of .

All of them loved to disrupt the world’s justice, peace and order . Moreover, they also liked to use guilt to put those heroes under great pressure which would eventually make them go insane .

But all those tactics did not work well on Qin Feng .

“There’s no need for so much crap when clearly the person that’s going to die is not me!”

Qin Feng spoke with unparalleled confidence .

“Don’t bite off more than you can chew!” Xue Yuheng roared, and in the next moment, a huge internal force vortex formed around him .

The vortex was like a low-pressure atmosphere, making the surrounding people gasp for more air .

With his internal energy fused into one, transparent water ripples formed around him .

D-tier ancient warriors were worlds apart from E-tier ancient warriors .

He turned his internal energy into liquid, forming it into water droplets .

Condensing his aura to liquid was a complete change in state of matter .

The members of the Xue family that were fifty meters away could hardly breathe and unconsciously backed away . Some of them were even pushed onto the ground by the tremendous air pressure .

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Qin Feng began to unleash his internal force around himself to protect his body .

The internal force that had enveloped his body formed into a whirlpool, but when compared to Xue Yuheng’s, his was white and seemed to appear like a mist .

Xue Yuheng cackled .

“There’s no need to push yourself so hard if you’re not strong enough . You’re releasing your internal force now, and soon it will deplete in no time without needing me to give you a good beating . Are you planning to surrender without a fight?”

“Then, we’ll see whose internal force will deplete first!”

Xue Yuheng had suffered injuries in his early years which had obstructed his D-tier strength from reaching D1-tier!

From E-tier to D-tier, ten layers of the sea of clouds’ internal force in the dantian could be turned into a pool of internal force water, and what Xue Yuheng now had was a pool of internal strength .

However, Qin Feng had thirty five layers of sea of clouds, which was incomparable since it was three times of what the other party had .

Neither of them showed signs of backing away, and in the next moment they were both dashing toward each other .

The internal force exuding from their bodies had been stirred into a mass and formed into an energy wave that was spreading outward!


The hover cars around the two of them were all blasted a meter away, and even the steel plates were deformed!

It was just a mere clash between two internal forces .

Boom boom boom!

The two began with their attacks .

“Sanguine Palm Art!”

A powerful palm slapped through Qin Feng’s shadow . Xue Yuheng channelled his internal force through his huge palm, which was then directly slapped onto the highway .

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The ground was smashed with a two-meter large crater .


Qin Feng appeared behind Xue Yuheng with his sharp dagger pierced into his internal force layer .


A sharp sound pierced the air, and the two internal forces collided with one another .

“Die!” Xue Yuheng countered with a strike that was blazingly fast .

Xue Yuheng’s strength had indeed increased in astronomical levels .

During his previous battle with Qin Feng, his moves were calm and composed, but his attacks were vicious and powerful . Yet, he still had not landed a single blow on Qin Feng .

Having his younger self back, Xue Yuheng was clearly excited and he fought with exhilaration .

His speed had dramatically increased, and he finally landed a blow on Qin Feng .



Qin Feng received a palm blow on his shoulder, and the shoulder part of his battle suit instantly dimmed and was damaged . Although no one could really see it, there seemed to be a scraped mark on his physical body .

Xue Yuheng’s hair fluttered in the wind after being cut off by Qin Feng . A tiny wound appeared on his cheek, with a trace of blood dripping out .

Both of them had now changed positions .

The corner of Xue Yuheng’s lips twitched . He raised his hand to wipe off the trace of blood on his cheek, and his hand was immediately stained with blood .

His appearance became hideous and dangerous .

“You are knocking on death’s door!”

Xue Yuheng pounced at Qing Feng like a provoked, rabid dog .