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Chapter 28

A group of people was standing by the sides of the truck, led by an elderly man at the front . He wore a badge that indicated that an E-tier ability user . Li Wen was beside him as well . Instantly, Qin Feng noticed that the old man was here for him .

 “Good god, Qin Feng . Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you? Allow me to introduce these gentlemen to you . The general of Chengbei Colony’s garrison troops, General Han Jia . And this is the general of Tiger Flame brigade, General Wang Cheng!” announced Li Wen with gusto .

 Qin Feng nodded at the two generals in return .


 He remained unruffled as he shook the hands of the two leaders . After all, he had met a lot of generals in this life . Though their current residence was now called the human federation, each army group would have their own general due to the limited space the planet provided . However, their generals’ levels were in accordance with the size of their armies .

 For example, the Chengbei Garrison Troops was responsible for protecting the colony . Next, was the Tiger Flame Brigade . They were responsible for providing aid and patrolling the area . There were also the mysterious Wilderness Rangers .

 As its name suggested, the brigade’s main task was exploring obscure areas located far away from the colony, spending most of their time doing recon on grounds ordinary humans would never step . They would typically return with a vast amount of resources and discoveries to experiment on . At the same time, this brigade suffered the highest casualties among the three . A high mortality rate of 30% marred the infamous troops . Besides, these brigades were at only E-tier . In other words, their highest in command would be an E-tier fighter as well .

 To Qin Feng, they were just small-time generals considering he was instantly categorized as an A-tier character the moment he was reborn to this world . If he wanted to, he was, in actual fact, powerful enough to apply as a general in any city that he liked .

 5Seeing Qin Feng’s emotionless, unperturbed character, General Wang Cheng became even more impressed .

 “Kid, I can see that you have great potential . Do you wish to join our ranks of the Tiger Flame brigade?”

 “I think you should join the garrison troops! It’s our greatest honor to be assigned as protectors of the colony!” General Han Jian chipped in . Not to be outdone by his counterpart, he too wanted to take Qin Feng in as well .

 Unfortunately, Qin Feng had no intention to join either of them .

 “Thank you so much for the generous offer, my dear sirs, but I’m afraid I have other plans in mind!”

 The two generals looked at each other, never expecting Qin Feng to reject their offer without even thinking twice . Having being used to a position of authority, they were clearly upset by Qin Feng’s upstart attitude . After all, they had come here personally to recruit Qin Feng . That being said, the generals had also taken the opportunity as a show of force in an attempt to win the hearts of the plantation’s residents .

 1“Qin Feng, perhaps you might want to give it another thought? This is a golden opportunity! The generals themselves are here to recruit you!” said a nervous Li Wen with gritted teeth and signaling a warning to Qin Feng with his eyes .

 After giving it some thought, Qin Feng realized that he would still need some time before he could grow to E-tier . Not to mention that it was a very bad idea to offend generals . He would be shooting himself in the foot if he managed to get into the crosshairs of men leading legions of other men . Then it dawned upon him . He managing to figure a solution in the end .

 1“I’m about to enroll in a high-tier college really soon . That is why I won’t be able to join your brigades . If the two of you still insist on recruiting me, perhaps you can wait three years . ”

 After hearing out Qin Feng out, their anger subsided .

 2“Old man Deng sure has a certain charm on him . I have no idea how he made kids like Qin Feng study at his college . ” Han Jian laughed .

 The old man Deng mentioned was none other than the dean of the high-tier college . He was also an E-tier ability user . Holding a high position amongst the society of the entire Chengbei Colony, well-endowed scholars like him usually possessed a certain charm . Seeing that the generals were no longer mad at him, Qin Feng introduced Xiao Jing to them before taking his leave .

 1“This is my classmate, and she has awakened her Ancient Warrior Disposition as well . She’s hoping that she could join the army,” said Qin Feng .

 “Sure, little girl . Which of our fine brigades do you wish to join?”

 Xiao Jing looked at Qin Feng with grateful eyes and turned to Li Wen again .

 “I want to join the garrison troops . ”

 “Okay . We will take her in!”

 General Han Jian nodded his head . General Wang Cheng, however, did not try to grab her from him, mainly because he had not witnessed Xiao Jing’s strength for himself . He was also not fond of recruiting female soldiers . A few years from this point, he would dearly regret the decision he made today .

 1…… . .

 “Get to the orphanage please!”

 “Mr Qin, are you sure that you want the flesh of Beast-Generals delivered to them?” asked the doubtful driver .


 I’m an orphan myself! I’m merely repaying their good deeds . ”

 In his heart, though, Qin Feng knew that he was not exactly the kindest man in this world . Right before the rat tsunami, he had mercilessly killed four people .

 9Dusk soon set upon them . The downpour had stopped, and the clouds had given way to a scenic sunset . The sky was bathed in orange, a crystal clear evening . Although the sun had emerged, the air was cool, cleansed by a crisp, fragrant breeze rustling in the trees .

When they arrived at the orphanage, children were playing at the front yard happily . Seeing the approaching truck, the kids stopped in their tracks in apprehension and innocently stared at the vehicle .

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 “Mr . Qin, let me help you unload all the stuff,” offered the driver .

 “That’s alright, thanks . I’ll just need you to open the doors for me!”

 “You are most welcome, sir . ”

 Indeed, the giant in the rat’s name was justified . Although all its organs and flesh had been removed, its bones were still equivalent to an adult pig’s weight . Fortunately, for the soldiers and Qin Feng, it was not a problem moving these around .

 “Okay, Mr . Qin . I shall take my leave first!”

 “Thanks for your help!”

 Seeing that the military truck was gone, all the children rushed to Qin Feng, inquisitive of their visitor .

 “Big brother, are these for us?”

 “Big brother, what are those?”

 “Big brother, can we eat these?”

 Driven by a child’s curiosity, the kids could not help but instinctively peered into Qin Feng’s large bundle of stuff . However, none of them laid their hands on the goods . Clearly, their guardians had taught them well . The only thing that lingered with them all this while was hunger .

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 “You guys will know later . Go and have fun now! Don’t come too close to me . I’m filthy now!”


Qin Feng was still wearing his T3 battle uniform, his head drenched by the rain, and there were blotches of dirt on his body . He subsequently grabbed all nine bags of flesh and dragged them into the orphanage . He then jotted his name on the registration book before putting all the goods into the walk-in freezer . The head of the orphanage wasn’t present today, so Qin Feng left the place, not talking to anyone .

 Lin Derong only returned after Qin Feng was long gone . The place saddened him a lot, always being the receiving end of a new batch of orphans . To make matters worse, the meager funds allocated by the government to his orphanage was only barely guaranteed that they would not die of hunger . The malnourished kids were a heartbreaking testament to their suffering .

 “Director, look! We have meat!” exclaimed one of the teachers suddenly as he walked in .

 At that, Lin Derong’s eyes widened, and he was lit with excitement .

 “Someone donated the meat to us? How much?”

 “1,000 pounds!”

 Lin Derong managed to squeeze a smile from his weathered face .

 “Not bad . Kind people still do exist in this world . We need to thank him . Put a mark on his name . We will repay his deeds in kind when our orphanage is in better condition!”