Master of the End Times - Chapter 280

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Chapter 280: The Highway Showdown

Chapter 280: The Highway Showdown

The battle between Xue Yuheng and Qin Feng was intense .

The highway they were on was not far from the entrance of Hanchuankou, and on the highway, the tremendous pressure of their internal force could be felt from miles away . The oncoming caravans came to a halt as the passengers were too frightened to go any further!

Who the hell were they? Were they having a mighty duel?

However, the fight between the duellers was getting more and more intense .

Qin Feng’s internal strength was not weak, but his moves were clearly at a disadvantage .

“Die!” Xue Yuheng swung his fleshy palms in mad pursuit of Qin Feng . Qin Feng had received many palm blows, but what made Xue Yuheng even more furious was that Qin Feng was unfazed by the attacks .

Could it be that his Sanguine Palm Arts had lost its effect?

Or maybe his enemy had found some way to subdue the attacks’ effects?

Xue Yuheng had no choice but to give in his everything .

The entire highway was caved in, and the hover cars that surrounded them were destroyed beyond recognition .

“Pressure Point Strike!” Xue Yuheng suddenly changed his attacking style and struck his finger at Qin Feng with lightning speed .

He channelled his internal strength into his hand and condensed it at the fingertips . With immense power, he instantly struck his finger on Qin Feng’s shoulder .

Qin Feng’s body was wounded but they were merely light scratches on his skin . However, this time, the finger strike had caused him to not be able to move his entire body .

This was an advanced ancient warrior technique used to block meridian points of the body . This was more commonly known as the Touch of Death .

This technique was a lost art, and it was even more unlikely to have the same effect as told from the legends before the end of the world . It was said that with just a blow, the person would not be able to move for a very long time .

Qin Feng felt that the qi and blood circulation within his body were obstructed, and his meridians were instantly cut off from flowing, causing his internal force to go awry and his body to stiffen .

But yet, the effect was just a fraction of a second and not even the blink of an eye .

The effect of his devouring ability was clear at this moment .

Qin Feng’s meridians were tough and wide, they were not something that could be easily attacked .

It was just that he was slightly caught off guard by his opponent’s highly advanced attack .

Xue Yuheng grimaced as he raised his palm and aimed at the crown of Qin Feng’s skull .

As long as he was able to land the slap, Qin Feng would definitely die .

Even when it was a moment of life and death, Qin Feng was still extremely composed, but the color of his eyes was even darker .


The same black line appeared directly from Qin Feng’s eyebrow and landed on Xue Yuheng’s skull!

Xue Yuheng’s vision instantly went black and he lost all five senses, he became hesitant of his attack . Even though it was only just a few milliseconds, he was still on par with Qin Feng when Qin Feng had been hurt .

Qin Feng instantly leaped backward .

With his many years of experience, Xue Yuheng slapped once again .

Only this time, his palm missed Qin Feng, and the ground where Qin Feng was before was instantly enveloped by a deadly aura . A humongous crate was formed on the ground .


Qin Feng appeared behind Xue Yuheng, his dagger was ready to stab .

With his keen senses, Xue Yuheng felt the murderous aura coming from behind him and he frantically pushed out his internal force .

His internal force boiled and burst out in a qi wave .

“Hmph!” Qin Feng sneered as he released his internal force at the same time . This time, he amplified his internal strength even more .


Their internal forces clashed against each other, emitting an explosion .

Qin Feng continued to stab with his dagger . This time, he struck his opponent right on the spine .

Xue Yuheng was sent flying and was blasted four or five meters away . His motionless body tumbled and rolled on the ground four or five times before it came to a halt .


“Fifth Elder, look out!”

“Fifth Grandpa!”

Those who were watching the battle from afar did not expect the fight to go this way . They could not believe that Xue Yuheng was actually sent flying .

There was no way Qin Feng would spare his opponent that easily . He advanced toward his opponent again .

Xue Yuheng came back to his senses, he used his internal energy to dispel the runes .

“What kind of attack is this?”

Xue Yuheng was a little perplexed .

Qin Feng hooked his lips and smiled .

“An attack that will finish you off!”

Qin Feng would not engage in any gentleman’s duel etiquettes or rules with Xue Yuheng . Before this, he only used ancient warrior fighting styles and kept his final move as his trump card, but he did not expect Xue Yuheng to actually use his special move . Hence, he figured that he should not hold back either .

It did not matter how he won, as long as he was able to kill his opponent, no one would care about the result .

The winner would triumph!

Qin Feng quickly chased after Xue Yuheng .

Xue Yuheng slapped the ground with one hand and dodged his attack .

This time, a black light rushed toward him once again .

He dared not accept his inevitable fate but the light was now only an inch away from him!

“Pressure Point Strike!”

Having expended a huge amount of internal force, he sent out another finger as the two clashed against one another .


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The deafening explosion almost shattered their eardrums .

The bloody mist and black light exploded upon contact .

Xue Yuheng was left breathing heavily . The two consecutive Pressure Point Strikes had consumed too much of his internal force but he had to do it to defend himself .

In just the blink of an eye, Qin Feng sent out another ripple of dark light .

Xue Yuheng finally figured out the attack and was truly shocked .

“Dark Ability!”

This was not even a move at all!

“Unfortunately, it is already too late even though you have figured it out!” Qin Feng said as the light struck Xue Yuheng, causing him to lose his sight .

Xue Yuheng tried to dodge but he had lost all five senses, and he had no idea which direction he was facing .

Even if it was just a fraction of a second, it was enough for Qin Feng to approach him .

Qin Feng stabbed Xue Yuheng with his dagger again .

Their internal forces clashed once again .


Xue Yuheng was blasted backward for over several meters . This time, the injuries he sustained were deadlier than before .

“Ugh!” Xue Yuheng spat out a mouthful of blood, and blood began to flow out of his chest . Not only that, his back was also stained with blood after being stabbed by Qin Feng .

Age began to show on Xue Yuheng’s face . His youthful appearance became more middle-age looking now as wrinkles started to show and his skin began to sag .

Due to the injuries he had suffered, the effects of the Inferno Blood Art were starting to fade away .

Qin Feng would not give his opponent the time to rest . He dashed forward again and kicked Xue Yuheng right on the neck .

If the kick were to land successfully, Xue Yuheng would surely die .

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An explosive voice rang out . It was one of the capable deacons left in the Xue family who suddenly burst into attack .

He shouted for Qin Feng to stop but he himself was not planning to stop as he tried to slap Qin Feng with his palm .

However, his slap did not even go through Qin Feng’s internal force .


With a slight tremble of his periphery, Qin Feng expanded his internal force, instantly knocking the man out as his body smashed into the front of the Xue family’s most luxurious car .


The aptitude user groaned in pain, he felt that his organs were messed up from the impact .

Qin Feng did not hold back this time . His internal strength was too powerful and was ten times that of this man’s . If he were to unleash it all at once, it would naturally suppress and crush the other party .


Xue Yuheng then seized this opportunity, his entire body was now covered in blood as his hands turned into claws and he tried to grab at Qin Feng .

Qin Feng quickly turned around but this time it was too late and he had no choice but to endure this blow .


His shirt was pierced through and his inner armor scrapped . Xue Yuheng’s claw attack pierced through Qin Feng’s shoulder .

However, this claw attack, which would normally break bones, when landed on Qin Feng’s body, could barely reach the bones at all .

Xue Yuheng felt that he had just clawed onto an extremely tough black iron .

It was because Qin Feng had the body flesh of a beast king, and there was no way Xue Yuheng could pierce through his flesh that easily!

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

Qin Feng seized this opportunity and without hesitation, he dropped his dagger and placed his palm on Xue Yuheng’s dantian .

The Asteroid Assimilation skill was finally unleashed!