Master of the End Times - Chapter 283

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Chapter 283: Assassins Surfaced

Chapter 283: Assassins Surfaced

Still, the maximum capacity between the two tiers was fundamentally different . Qin Feng’s confidence stemmed from the ancient warrior’s habit of conserving energy when landing punches . No D-tier would go all out on Qin Feng from the start so he would still stand a chance if he played his card right .

Qin Feng released a long breath and smiled satisfyingly .

He turned on the bounty hunter network and was irked after reading the comments tagging his account .

“Heh, I have been listed in the darknet’s wanted list . This must be the Xue family’s doing . ”

The darknet’s wanted list was equivalent to the bounty hunter network . To a certain extent, the former was even more attractive to bounty hunters .

The official network only listed criminals who had committed heinous felonies .

On the other hand, anyone’s head could be given a price in the darknet . As long as the price was right, there would be ample of willing assassins in the underworld to do the killing for you .

“Three billion, not a bad price . ” Qin Feng sneered .

This was when the doorbell in his room rang . A sweet lady’s voice reached his ears from outside the door .

“Good evening, Sir . Room service . ”

‘Room service?’ Qin Feng opened the door calmly .

At the doorstep, a pretty lady in a nurse costume stood flirtatiously in front of Qin Feng . Her make-up made her look stunningly beautiful .

“Sir, welcome to Niumeng Grand Hotel . Here, we provide free massage services to help you relax,” The young lady said and tried to barge in with her trolley . She was only one hundred fifty meters tall and the trolley seemed to be too heavy for her size . Her shirt was slightly exposed as she exerted force, and her cleavage was left bare to Qin Feng’s eyes .

Qin Feng stopped her and said in a deep voice, “I did not ask for room service . ”

“As I said, this is free of charge,” The lady winked at Qin Feng .

Qin Feng scoffed at her . “Ms . Tian, save your breath . You can’t kill anyone with such lousy trickery . ”

Her identity was already exposed when Qin Feng scanned the area with his conscious energy before he opened the door .

Thousand-face Enchantress—Tian Sheng .

She was an assassin who liked to use her beauty to bewitch her target . She was good at impersonation and would often assassinate the male target when they were the least vigilant .

It might be a cheap trick but this strategy often had a high success rate on the male target .

Qin Feng had met with Tian Sheng once in his past life . She was already a mistress to a B-tier aptitude user then and no longer worked as an assassin . He clearly remembered her conscious energy and would immediately recognize her even if she were to come to him with an entirely different face .

Tian Sheng did not panic but instead put on an innocent face . “What are you talking about, Mister? My surname is Zhou, not Tian . ” She drew closer and whispered in a coquettish tone, “Don’t you like me, Mister?”

She blinked hopefully but Qin Feng was unmoved . He took out a dagger and aimed it on her neck .

Tian Sheng finally yielded her disguise and evaded the attack because she could feel that Qin Feng was serious about beheading her .

“My, my . Not only are you a cruel and cold-blooded Bloodhunter but you also do not have the slightest sense of chivalry!”

Tian Sheng’s tone had completely changed . Without the imitation, she was an entirely different person from the alluring lady she pretended to be .

She flipped over the towel on the trolley and pulled out a decomposition blaster under it . In the next moment, the crystalline blaster was aimed straight at Qin Feng’s face .


The gun released a shot of radiance right at Qin Feng, forcing Qin Feng to retreat quickly . The radiance grazed the wall and immediately corroded it, leaving behind a huge hole . The brick underneath turned into crystal and shattered on the ground .

Blitz! Blitz!

Tian Sheng did not loosen her pursuit and fired another few blasts .

Qin Feng raised his hand and a chair flew right at Tian Sheng in response .


The chair was pulverized after being hit by the decomposition blaster .

When Tian Sheng looked up, she had lost track of Qin Feng, only seeing a snowy beast residing in the room .

It was a beautiful three-tailed fox, no matter how you looked at it .

But Tian Sheng could feel a shiver run down her spine .

The fox’s eyes were filled with rage and great impatience . Other than that, there was also a subtle allure hidden within the beast’s sight .

“Look at me!”

“Ugh!” Tian Sheng was distracted for a moment .

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That was more than enough for Qin Feng to sneak up to her from behind .


A dagger wrapped with internal force instantly penetrated Tian Sheng’s heart from the back .

Tian Sheng’s pupils dilated as she staggered forward .

Qin Feng pulled out the dagger and blood spilled everywhere on the floor and the wall .

“How… ugh… is this… happening…”

Life slowly sapped away from Tian Sheng after her heart was punctured .

Qin Feng assimilated Tian Sheng’s consciousness after she was dead . She was only a low-tier gunner and could not harm Qin Feng at all after her seductive plan was seen through .

“I want to change to a different room . Look at my bed sheet!” Bai Li complained angrily .

Even if Bai Li did not complain, the room was no longer in a stay-able condition . However, Qin Feng did not call the reception first and instead contacted the bounty hunter network .

Qin Feng delivered three heads over to them as soon as he arrived in Niumeng . It was only natural for the organization to be extra attentive toward Qin Feng .

They immediately sent someone over right after Qin Feng called them . The agent was shown to the dead female body once he arrived at the hotel room .

“I remember that Tian Sheng’s bounty is around 500 million, am I right?” Her bounty was even higher than that of the Xue descendents . That was because she had committed multiple murders as an assassin .

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Gulp .

The agent ran a quick DNA test . Technology had advanced to a point where such a test could be completed on the go within minutes . Tian Sheng’s identity was soon confirmed, and the agent ratified that Qin Feng had completed yet another manhunt .

It was only after they had completed the procedure that Qin Feng requested the hotel staff to change his room . The concierges talked to Qin Feng with great respect after they saw the extent of the damage done to the room .

“Stop accepting new customers today . We already have our hands full with one troublesome guest . We can’t afford to let another fight erupt here . ” This was the order the manager received after he reported the matter to the real owner of the hotel—One of the administrators of Niumeng City .

The owner’s face darkened after learning that the customer was none other than Bloodhunter, who had made a name for himself by killing three infamous Dark Coalition members .

The owner understood the severity of the matter and ordered the immediate closure of the hotel . Meanwhile, Qin Feng was automatically upgraded to a presidential suite and was provided the highest class of service .

The night was not exactly a peaceful one, but that did not stop Qin Feng from having a good night’s sleep .

Meanwhile, a lot of eyes were wide awake and spying on him in the dark .

“Three billion is no easy task . Even Thousand-face has failed . ”

“Hmph, that b*tch has no skills anyway!”

“We should lay low for now . After all, we are still inside Niumeng City . It’s not worth risking our lives for the money before we are sure about the situation . ”

“Let’s be patient and see how things develop . We are clearly not the only ones aiming for his head . ”

Some of them who received the kill order had grouped up, while a few brave souls had decided to act alone .

The different parties were wary of each other since everyone was targeting the same goal—Qin Feng’s head, and the three billion reward offered by the Xue family .

The first night passed without further commotion despite the tension as all parties tacitly decided to wait it out .