Master of the End Times - Chapter 285

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Chapter 285: One Kill For Every Ten Steps

Chapter 285: One Kill For Every Ten Steps

“Those who kill will eventually be killed by others!”

Qin Feng spoke without any emotions as he identified the first ancient warrior who was the first to rush toward him .

“Dark Shroud!”

“Phantom Motion Steps!”

Qin Feng remained extremely stealthy without reducing any of his lightning speed .

Massive internal force instantly shattered his opponent’s protective internal energy, it was merely an unworthy opponent that had no protection left and did not deserve any attention from Qing Feng .

His internal strength was truly overpowered .


A decapitated skull was tossed up to the sky while blood squirted all around .

One down!

Qin Feng turned around with his enormous internal strength that had emerged and began his slaughtering feast .


Amidst chaotic screaming that was heard in the surroundings, the throat of a gunner was being slit through while fresh blood dripped from his mouth, he had lost all of his energy and his body fell onto the ground .

“How could this be…”

An ability user could not believe it when he witnessed Qin Feng who was able to withstand his fiery attack that landed back onto himself, and his ribs cracked into pieces!

The massive energy had rolled over the ability user and flattened his body .

Qin Feng’s slaughter!

Nobody could get a hold of Qin Feng who had mastered his Phantom Motion Steps, and some had even injured themselves by their blind attacks!

The battle had only taken place for ten minutes, and there were already more than twenty who had died!

There were more than ten of them that were left behind and were haunted by fear .

What sort of enemy were they battling against?


“We can’t fight him!”

“It is not worth it to risk our lives without any reward!”

Everyone began to back off .

Qin Feng stood still and did not have the intention to hunt everyone down .

He raised both of his hands and looted every valuable item from all of the people that were dead, and regardless of who they were to Qin Feng, all dead bodies were decapitated .

Some of them might even be worth some extra bounty if they were on the list of wanted people .

Those who were hidden in the dark were frightened by Qin Feng’s actions .

Now, everyone felt that this Bloodhunter was as equally dangerous as the Xue family .

Qin Feng continued to maintain his high profile and walked on the main road without using his hovercraft .

As soon as the first round of assassination had ended, unsurprisingly, the Xue family had sent someone to find out what the outcome was .

They came for a sole purpose, which was to retrieve Xue Yuheng’s spatial rune equipment worth about ten billion .

It was surprising for them that the E-tier aptitude users were being killed in such a terrible way .

The news had alerted the Xue family and had everyone shocked .

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“B*stard!” Xue Yukui became furiously agitated by the recordings from the communicator .

Meanwhile, the fear in Xue Yukui had also grown stronger as well .

Everyone remained silent as they noticed that Xue Yukui was in a rage!

“Spread the news, the Fifth Elder has a rare treasure that is worth billions!”

“Seventh Elder!”

“This, wouldn’t this cause the D-tier aptitude users to join in as well? By then, we will not be able to retrieve those items!”

“Moreover, what impression would the others have on our family?”

The Xue family did not acknowledge the death of Xue Yuheng, and Qin Feng did not present any evidence to prove it as well .

The fall of the elder from a renowned dark family, how disgraceful would that be?

“Shut up, do you all really think that nobody else would know if I keep it to myself? The other elders might have already made their move to spread the news that has caught everyone’s attention, I want to create an even bigger mess so that Bloodhunter would have his hands full . ” Xue Yukui said to the others .

Everyone agreed with Xue Yukui’s idea .

“I am going to get the Third and Sixth Elder, this time, it would still require us to take action!” Xue Yukui stated .

They aimed to be the fishmonger that would come last to net in all of the rewards .

The more that was killed by Bloodhunter, the more that the loot would be .

Wealth was definitely something that they would not want to miss .

For those who would go along to besiege Bloodhunter would undoubtedly be eradicated by them!

The method that was being used by the Xue family was similar to when Qin Feng set a bounty on the Scorpion Corps, only that the approach of it was different .

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Despite the lucrative bounty that Qin Feng had set on the Scorpion Corps, nobody dared to take up the task .

With the insane amount of bounty that was set on Qin Feng by the Xue family, many had tried to hunt down Qin Feng, meanwhile, the Xue family only had to wait for their desired outcome in the end, it was a perfect situation for them .

However, would the outcome be the same as when Qin Feng set a bounty on the Scorpion Corps?


Qin Feng went ahead alone on the road, he realized that there were still others that were observing him from hidden spots .

However, Qin Feng ignored all of them .

While none of those who were spying on Qin Feng were able to bother him, he moved forward along the road and noticed a shadow of another person .

Qin Feng instantly halted in his footsteps .

He gazed upon the opponent that was equipped with an entire set of advanced combat fatigue, surprisingly, it was D-tier purple rune equipment with a D2-tier badge on his chest .

It was also very odd for the person to put on a mask to hide his identity .

However, judging from the skin condition from the neck, he was most likely an elderly person that was over sixty years old!

Qin Feng stood before him .

“Bloodhunter!” The person shouted and sounded slightly puzzled . “I have heard about you and your case against the Xue family, as an elder, I would commend on your courage, however, you have gotten yourself into deep trouble, and you might not escape being hunted down by the Xue family!”

Qin Feng remained silent and waited for him to complete his sentence, then, he replied with a question, “As an elder, what suggestion would you have for me then?”

“I am aware that you are having Xue Yuheng’s spatial rune equipment, if you were to give me that, I will distract the others from hunting you down!” The person replied .

Qin Feng let out a sneer, “You wish!”

The elder took a deep breath and sounded more harsh in his tone .

“You are not appreciating my kind help, if you take up my offer, you might still be able to survive!”

“If you back off now, you might not die here!” Qin Feng replied with a deep voice .

The elder was probably not one of the members of the Dark Coalition, he might even be one of the highly regarded people from the human alliance .

However, he had made the wrong move in approaching Qin Feng!

“It seems like I will have to go the harsh way!”

The elder was taking peaceful measures before using force, but the attack that came after was definitely a deadly one .

After all, he knew that Qin Feng was able to take down Xue Yuheng, he would definitely not be any other ordinary person .

He did not want to follow the footsteps of Xue Yuheng .

“I will seek for peace until others have crossed the line!” Qin Feng let out a sigh, “If you really wish to take me down, then I will have to go all out with you!”

If the elder was only being greedy for wealth, utilizing his D2-tier capabilities that was only aimed at defeating his opponent, Qin Feng would have easily spared his life .

However, Qin Feng would not go easy on him now .

Sometimes, it depended on how you portray yourself to the mirror .

If you show a smile, the mirror would return with a smile .

If you show anger, the mirror would also return the same!

The elder that sounded righteous earlier had turned into a killer that was about to kill him .


The massive internal strength from both of them collided .

“Dark Shroud!”

While the internal strength began to entangle onto each other, runes began to sneak into it, and hidden dark lights shined onto the elder .