Master of the End Times - Chapter 286

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Chapter 286: Battle Against D4

Chapter 286: Battle Against D4

Qin Feng went all out without any hesitation and gathered dark runes onto his dagger, as if it was shrouded by a black layer of light .

It was rare for dark abilities to showcase their presence, hence, some might not even be able to detect it .

After a few rounds of battles, Qin Feng had managed to grab hold of an opening and pierced through the arm of the elder .

Within a short period of time, the arm of the elder turned pitch-black and deteriorated continuously .

Any ordinary person would last for a short while but due to old age, it was obvious that the elder had a problem coping with the dark abilities that were devouring his life energy and striking a deadly attack onto his weak point .

“You, how dare you use poison!”

The elder roared in anger, as if Qin Feng had committed some unforgivable sin .

“Regardless of black or white cats, only its ability to take down its prey defines its capability, it is my own decision to use poison!”

Since the elder was already aiming to take Qin Feng’s life, why would he still be so hesitant, was he expecting Qin Feng to risk his own life just to remain an honourable person?

Qin Feng let out a sneer and took the opportunity to drain out an insane amount of his opponent’s internal energy with Asteroid Assimilation .

A D2-tier ancient warrior would have two separate energy fluids within the internal strength of the body .

There had to be twenty layers of them if they were to be transformed into a sea of clouds .

The internal strength within Qin Feng’s dantian spiked in leaps and bounds .

The elder opened his eyes wide as he was shocked by the injustice!


The repelling force exploded and the elder was being forcefully tossed away by Qin Feng’s attack .

His body landed on the road and it resulted in an instant death .

Qin Feng took a deep breath .

The exchange with the elder had left a few wounds on Qin Feng’s body, the F-tier emperor combat fatigue was unable to withstand forces from the D-tier aptitude user, and there was a huge gash on the gear on his arm .

However, he did not care much about those, he went ahead to check for loot and moved forward .

After Qin Feng had gone far ahead, some of those that were in the surrounding approached and looked at the dead body of the elder that had just died .

“A powerful D-tier, who is he?”

“Shall we take a look?”

With deep reverence toward the dead body, some reached out to take off the mask of the elder .

Everyone was shocked as they stood still .

“He, I think he is the leader of the Lee family!”

The Lee family was the leader of the second generation ancient warrior families from the Four Cities of the North Sea .

Although the massive family might not be comparable with the four major ancient warrior families, it was at the same hierarchy as the lord from Niumeng City .

“There are rumors saying that despite their large number, none of them from the Lee family are capable enough to take up the next leadership position, and all of them are wastrels!”

“Keke, so pitiful, this elderly leader came out just for the 3 billion reward?”

“It is not about the 3 billion, I would say it is because of Xue Yuheng’s spatial rune equipment!”

“The Lee family is now doomed!”

The discussion continued on and news soon spread quickly, Bloodhunter had killed the leader of the Lee family, instantly, everyone was shocked by the news .

However, focus began to shift away from the death of the elder .

“The leader of the Lee family is highly skilled, would Bloodhunter be stronger than him?”

“Perhaps, he was also wounded, and he acted as if he was unaffected and left!”

“Now, he has gotten items from two D-tier aptitude users . ”

Instantly, jealousy began to grow among all of the assassins that were after Qin Feng .

It was within everyone!

The multiplying possessions that had gained him the enormous amount of wealth was insanely tempting for the others .

Furthermore, Qin Feng was wanted by many others .

They had even come up with a better idea, it was the same as what the Xue family had thought .

Recurring battles .

It was at that moment, as he walked on the road, Qin Feng was left speechless as he looked through the items that were looted from the leader of the Lee family .

“How is this possible? How could he be this poor?” Qin Feng browsed through the spatial rune equipment that did not contain much, with a quick glance, it would only be worth 2 billion .

The level of poverty was shocking!

How could a D-tier aptitude user be in such a dire state?

Qin Feng even doubted himself for not looting thoroughly .

However, it was because he did not know who he was, if he had known, he would most probably have figured out the reason behind it .

Qin Feng did not go ahead to find out the person’s true identity and it had nothing to do with him .

He continued to move forward at a constant speed, and he was only able to go for another five hundred meters before he encountered another person .

Incoming bombs forced Qin Feng to withstand the attack with his internal strength, but the attackers remained stationed from afar without any further action, and Qin Feng was irritated by it .

“Do you really think you can drain out my internal strength with such a method?”

Qin Feng was aware of the plans of his opponents .

His shadow then instantly disappeared from the road .

The ability users that were after Qin Feng were all shocked at the sight, they began to activate their conscious energy to search for Qin Feng .

“What happened? Where is he? He disappeared just like that!”

“Nothing returned from the search using conscious energy, did he equip something that could hide his conscious energy?”

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“The mask is capable of avoiding conscious energy search, but would that also be able to block his breathing? What kind of precious item is that?”

Qin Feng’s mask was definitely unable to perform wonders but he could easily hide himself by using his conscious energy . He travelled at high speed within the bushes that paralleled along the road, soon, he was close to the location of the attacker that launched the attack earlier .

Without any hesitation, Qin Feng took out his dagger and rushed toward the gunner for a kill .


The opponent covered his throat and fell from the tree .

Qin Feng did not stop, and he began his furious slaughter on every assassin that was hidden in the area!

He took down about five of them and moved forward, however, he looked even more battered as the decomposing blaster had slightly grazed through his clothes during the battle .

Then, he stopped moving forward along the road and took a turn into another direction .

For the others, it might seem that Qin Feng was planning for an escape into the wilderness .

There were a lot more that were risking their lives as they continued to pursue Qin Feng in the dark, and they were puzzled by the potential wealth that was before them .

It was three hours later when Qin Feng circled around a giant hill and stopped by a stream .

He seemed to be worried from the expression on his face .

“What is it? Not escaping anymore?” A voice was heard, filled with mockery, and it sounded like he was looking down on Qin Feng .

Qin Feng fixed his vision on his opponent .

It was a young man .

He was about thirty years old, and had a well-built body that was about two meters tall, he was also wearing combat fatigue and his hair was yellow in color .

His inner armor was silver in color, and it was a D-tier silver color .

D-tier beast king inner armor!

It was obvious that he was a strong opponent!

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Qin Feng was also alarmed by the presence of such a strong opponent .

“Zhao Yingyi!” Qin Feng called out the name of his opponent .

It was one the ancient warriors that would become very powerful during the later stages of his life .

He was an active member from the Dark Coalition, and before the death of Qin Feng, he had even achieved B-tier capabilities .

However, Qin Feng did not know that he was originally from the Four Cities of the North Sea .

Qin Feng could only recall that his presence was in the middle eastern states!

However, those did not matter anymore!

Qin Feng only needed to know that Zhao Yingyi was a D4-tier!

He had to be well-prepared to face such a strong opponent .

Qin Feng had yet to organize his unsettled sea of internal strength clouds, with his forty layers seas of clouds available, it was coincidentally the same as Zhao Yingyi’s .

At times like this, difficult situations would require extreme measures!

Qin Feng had his eyes locked on his opponent, and all of a sudden, he had an idea .

“Xiao Bai, come with me!”

In the next moment, Qin Feng was already rushing forward .

It was then, Bai Li instantly disappeared from beside Qin Feng, and in the next moment, she was already behind Zhao Yingyi!

Zhao Yingyi was sharp in sensing his surroundings so he quickly dodged to the side .

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Three sharpened claws drew across the air and went past the same spot .