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Master of the End Times - Chapter 289

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:32:30 AM

Chapter 289: Dragon Blood the Astonishing Opportunity

Chapter 289: Dragon Blood the Astonishing Opportunity

As soon as Qin Feng entered the area, he heard a scream

This was not a scream of fear, but instead of pain .

When his vision regained focus, he realized that he was surrounded by a blood red mist . However, although the mist was covering the whole place, it was not dense enough to obscure his surroundings .

He was in a huge square hall, the ground was laid with blue stone slabs with wide edges between them that glowed with silver light . The sky above was blue, denoting that it was daytime .

It was dusk when he entered the Tomb, time must be self-contained here .

He looked forward, through the blood mist, brushing past the figures ahead and spotted a huge stone dragon at the furthest point away from where he stood .

This stone dragon was way too big, it stood at forty meters tall and was twenty meters wide . It spewed blood from its maw that cascaded down into the pool below it like a waterfall fountain . The droplets that splashed upward became the blood mist, which was much thicker at the source compared to areas further away .

At the moment, the person who screamed was up ahead, rolling around on the floor and crawling away . There were also some people beside Qin Feng, each of them sitting down cross-legged, faces stained red and dripping with the blood .

“An astonishing opportunity!” Qin Feng took in a deep breath .

This blood mist was definitely not harmful to the body, quite the contrary, it was a good thing . Qin Feng even had three vials of the stuff before, which strengthened his body .

It was dragon blood!

Dragon blood mist .

However, with Qin Feng’s current strength these mists would not even improve a half of his strength . Besides, he did not have time to think about this as he quickly sat down cross-legged and looked into his dantian .

The seas of clouds within his dantian continued to shift, having exceeded the limit that it could hold and feeling as if it was going to explode at any moment .

“Ability, Absorb!”

The internal force was quickly consumed . Except for the forty layers that originally belonged to him, the other sixty layers were quickly absorbed by his meridians and exported throughout the body with the excess returning back to him .

He noted that Zhang Yingyi’s internal force was quite solid, as the excess was returned back he realized that he had gained twenty extra layers of internal force in his seas of clouds .

In other words, he was now six times stronger than an E-tier ancient warrior at their peak, he might as well be at the equivalent of a D6 ancient warrior .


Life or death situations bring in great rewards!

Qin Feng glanced at the money he had previously taken from Zhang Yingyi and inhaled sharply . From just a quick scan, it looked like he had at least sixty to seventy billion . Not to mention, Qin Feng also saw some treasures which had values that far surpassed the amount that could be measured by money .

Zhang Yingyi was an elite warrior, someone whose strength was well beyond that of a normal D-tier ancient warrior . Today, he might as well have become expendable cash!

The most important thing was that he had changed history! Those who had died were not dead and those who lived free and unfettered in the future were killed by him!

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“I hope that the gusts that I’ve put into the winds of history, this butterfly effect that I’ve started, would be good for the future!”

With the dark forces weakening, it represented that there would be growth for more of the potential younglings of the Human Alliance .

When Qin Feng opened his eyes, an hour had passed since he began his cultivation . There were now fewer people around him, it seemed that these people were constantly moving forward .

There were a total number of five thousand Battlegod Tokens, such was evident from the number of people in here but they were all gathered at the edge of this square and did not go toward the stone dragon . This was due to the mist being at its thickest within fifty meters of the bloody waterfall spray that came from the dragon .

The Battlegod Tomb had been opened since six o’clock in the morning and five thousand people who had obtained the tokens had entered therein . Since there was no competition, they did not have any conflict, by now they had already gone through a day of cultivation .

The people who became stronger from the dragon blood had naturally moved forward .

Qin Feng picked himself up and began to move forward, feeling the dragon blood around him affect his body, causing his skin to tingle . It was not as irritating as the time he used the Drakocrocs to strengthen himself .

He was only E3 at the time, now he was E8!

As he continued to move forward, people looked at him with surprise . They thought that this person was moving too fast, was he not in pain?

Naturally, these mists did not have an effect on him, he quickly reached the front of the five thousand people and found that there were only a few dozen people there .

In fact, he knew everyone there .

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The four big families of the North Sea, the ones who would become strong members of the Human Alliance, the present geniuses .

Some of them were the Dark Coalition’s special talents .

All of them had big backgrounds .

But of course, one of them was a rather unknown young man!

Zhou Hao .

He was topless, only dressed in a pair of track pants . The muscles on his body contracted and were constantly being strengthened . The Golden Queen Ant sat on his shoulder, breathing in and out the mist in the air .

The dragons were very powerful and could strengthen any creature . Dragon blood had high energy and strong fusion ratings which could be absorbed by all races and tribes .

Zhou Hao had been absorbing this energy for a day now, his strength had jumped a few steps ahead and he was now an F5-tier aptitude user . Not only that, his physical strength had been doubled .

This was the kind of advancement that some people would claim to be against the laws of nature . It was not too much of a wonder, Qin Feng’s treatment of Zhou Hao was no weaker than how the children of the big families were treated .

After all, Qin Feng only needed to train one person, not a small army’s worth . The big families trained dozens of people and nobody had as many resources as Zhou Hao did .

Having previously been strengthened by dragon blood, Zhou Hao was naturally better at adapting to it than the others . He had talent and was naturally at the top of the crowd .

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However, nobody around him was sitting cross-legged . The few young people were watching him in a highly alert manner . There were some people that had followed them, either being people from the same family or from the same city .

In a way, Zhou Hao seemed to be very alone .

Qin Feng directly walked to his side .

Zhou Hao suddenly opened his eyes vigilantly and was taken aback when he saw Qin Feng .

He saw a haggard figure with torn clothing that was wearing a mask that used to be white but now stained gray . While he was cautious, he felt that this masked male figure was quite familiar .

Qin Feng then began to remove his battered combat uniform as he approached until he was about as dressed as Zhou Hao was . He sat five meters away from him, a distance that was not too far away .

Qin Feng did not make a sound, but as he removed his cloak a furry animal rolled out of it .

Three tails, white fur, silver eyes .

Zhou Hao’s eyes suddenly lit up .

Qin Feng nodded in Zhou Hao’s direction . In the eyes of the others, it was just a greeting, but Zhou Hao knew the identity of this other person

“Don’t talk . Pretend like you don’t know me . If there is any conflict, move closer to me,” Qin Feng said through an internal force transmission . He had high internal strength and was the strongest among everyone present so he was naturally not afraid of anyone eavesdropping .

Zhou Hao pretended to be expressionless, he turned his head away and did not even dare respond to Qin Feng .