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Chapter 29

Still, Lin Derong was downcast . One thousand pounds of meat was not nearly enough for the entire orphanage . He had to carefully ration it . That would mean each of the orphans would only get a tiny bit of meat every day .

 “Director, please . Let me finish . That’s not ordinary meat! It’s the meat of a beast general!”


 Lin Derong paused for a while, obviously shocked .

 The meat from an ordinary beast costs around 100 yuan a pound . The price of a beast general’s meat was way beyond that . It was at least three times the price of regular off-the-shelf meat . In other words, this person just donated 300,000 yuan to the orphanage, definitely not a small amount .

 “Great! Great! Great! Get me his contact number . I have to thank him personally!”

 “Director, the person who donated is Qin Feng!”

 As a student that had just graduated and left the orphanage not too long ago, it was unsurprising that a teacher would recognize him . At first, he had a hard time believing that Qin Feng was the one who donated the meat . In fact, at the sound of the name, the old director was left in even deeper sadness than before .

 This kid was different from the rest . He was the brightest kid that he had ever come across before . Now, he was baffled . How in the world did Qin Feng manage to get his hands on such a great quantity of meat? One ought to know that Qin Feng could have easily become a wealthy tycoon if he sold all these to the market .

 “Hold on . Don’t touch the meat first . Let me call Qin Feng and confirm!”

 Lin Derong quickly dialed Qin Feng’s number .

 …… . .

 Qin Feng had just checked himself into a hotel . The first thing that he did was to clean his filthy self up . Filling up the bathtub, he allowed the water to gently hit his body, lying down with a satisfied sigh . Then, his communicator rang . Qin Feng reached for it and picked it up with his eyes still closed .

 1As the video connected, Lin Derong saw Qin Feng basking in a rather luxurious pool of lather, in his background, a posh painting laid on a peach wall .

 “Qin Feng!”


 There was a sense of intimacy in his calm gaze .

 3“It’s me . It was you, right? You just donated 1,000 pounds of beast-general meat to the orphanage, right? Where did you get them? Please don’t tell me you a waste picker now?”

 Waste pickers were the losers of the community . All they could do in the wilderness was to run away from monsters . The bottom-feeders of the lot, they would usually salvage whatever that was left for them . Flesh and parts that others had rejected or discarded . Sometimes, they even had the audacity to loot dead ability users on the battlefield . They lived a scavenger life, living each moment by pure chance . If luck was not with them, they could lose their lives anytime .

 1“C’mon Director . Don’t you worry . I’m not a waste picker!”

 Qin Feng chuckled at the thought, subsequently explaining about the Rat Tsunami incident to Lin Derong . After all, this was not a classified incident . Anyone could have found out about it .

 “I have awakened myself into an Ancient Warrior Disposition . You know I’m really good at combat, right? I consider myself rather powerful now . I have even managed to kill quite a number of giant rats . To be honest, I have earned myself quite a handsome amount of money . Instead of selling the meat, I have decided to donate all of it to you!”

 “That’s great! That’s great! Qin Feng, it seems my student has made it in life! Come visit us when you are free! Please… don’t buy us anything!”

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 1“Hey, director? You know my doors are always open for you . Anything at all, just come to me, eh? Oh ya! For the beast-general meat, don’t mix them with other stuff . It’s better to turn them into dried meat for the children . I will continue to bring more food for you guys!”

 “That’s awesome! Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts!”

 “Director, I will come visit you tomorrow, alright?”

 Tomorrow would be the day where Lin Derong was exploited, a time right before Qin Feng was reborn to this world .

 5“Alright . I will wait for you . I want to see how powerful my little Qin Feng has become!”

 Qin Feng chatted with Lin Derong for a few minutes, mostly catching up about old friends and sharing a few laughs before hanging up the call .


 A few hours later…


 Qin Feng stood up from the bathtub, a silhouette appearing on the foggy mirror . In only half a month, Qin Feng had managed to transform his scrawny figure to a toned, muscular body . He could feel that his bones had grown a bit as well . He was now 1 . 75 meters tall .

 The bath was satisfying, cleaning away the dirt and a lump sum of anxiety . He put on his bathrobe and started to shower Xiaobai without complaining . Xiaobai liked to shower a lot, loving to mess with the froth and soap bubbles . Qin Feng realized that without Xiaobai’s help, he would never have gotten this far . He owed the creature a hell lot and felt it necessary to treat it the best he could .

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 3After the few days of nonstop killing, Qin Feng was exhausted . He fell into a deep sleep the moment his skin touched the sheets . As for Xiaobai, it was wide awake . After seeing that Qin Feng was fast asleep, it then summoned a fist-sized energy core in front of it . It was the energy core of the giant rat king .



 Xiao Bai started to devour the energy core, chomping down on the large sphere . Although the core was almost as large as itself, it managed to swallow it within seconds . Nothing happened . There was no transformation taking place . Seeing nothing that piqued its interest, it got bored and sleepy and dozed off as well .

 … .

 On the second day, Qin Feng put on a white t-shirt and jeans and headed to the orphanage . Seeing Xiaobai still soundly sleeping, Qin Feng gently put it in his backpack . Not wanting to leave it in the hotel alone, he was afraid of the prospect of a kidnap .

 1The front yard of the orphanage was devoid of children playing as he entered its gates . Instead, the strong aroma of something cooking wafted in the wind . It turned out the kids were waiting at the dining hall to have a good meal . Kids were always hungry, and these were no exception . They were practically drooling at their seats .

 “Qin Feng, ahh! You are here! Come taste this and tell me how good it is!”

 Lin Derong got up and dragged Qin Feng over . At another corner, a large number of teenagers were helping out with the dried meat processing . The fragrance of salt, spices, and meat were simply irresistible .

 “This . Tastes . Wonderful!”

 “Qin Feng, you can distribute it to the kids!”

 Lin Derong passed the dried meat to Qin Feng and rang the bell . With a mad rush, all the children started to line up in front of him .

 “This is your big brother, Qin Feng . He is here today, bearing gifts! Remember to make him your role model! Work harder . Be more diligent, and you can become a hero like him! Understood?”


 The kids replied at the top of their voices together . As for the teenagers who had seen this for a long time, the speech clearly did little effect . Nonetheless, they still admired him a lot . They too, secretly wished that they could become like him someday . After distributing the food, Qin Feng finally helped himself to the chow . With full and happy bellies, He took the teenagers for a training lesson .

 Morning soon gave way to noon .

 2“Director, you’re heading to the plantation this afternoon, right?” asked Qin Feng .

 Qin Feng remembered that Lin Derong would visit the plantation to get supply donations for his orphanage on the same day every month . After all, the orphanage was under the care of the Chengbei Colony’s government . Though the food that was given to him was almost always barely enough, it did at least lessen the burden for him .



 “Let me go with you then!”

 “Great . ”

 At that moment, Lin Derong came to the realization that Qin Feng should spend more time training himself instead of wasting his time at the orphanage . Besides, with all things considered, Qin Feng had done enough for the orphanage .