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Master of the End Times - Chapter 291

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:32:28 AM

Chapter 291: Pristine Lotus Parterre

Chapter 291: Pristine Lotus Parterre

Below the dragon-headed waterfall, Qin Feng had managed to take in ten breaths by now and in fact only about a minute had passed .

Yet he did not intend to leave, his entire body was enveloped in a dark glow that was visible to the naked eye .

The absorption ability had burst out completely . Just as he could consume the flesh and blood of ultra beasts to strengthen his body, the blood that he was absorbing would keep on adding to his physical strength .

As the blood was absorbed into his skin, it briefly left behind dried up stains that were quickly washed away by the dragon-headed waterfall .

At the same time, Bai Li hopped off Qin Feng with a strange light shining all around her body, seeming to have superseded the space there .

Then, her head reached toward the pool of dragon blood and she began to lap up large quantities of it .

Qin Feng and Bai Li both drank ravenously, and no matter how much blood there was it could not handle this manner of consumption!


Qin Feng’s body burst out in a noise that sounded like an explosion, and his aura became an unconcealable eruption .

E9 tier!

There was no way to cover up this kind of aura, after all, these were the effects of advancement and it swept over those present .

Everyone felt the overpowering force of the intimidating aura, and all those present were dumbfounded!

“E9 tier…? How’s that possible?”

“What, why? This person is…”

“Bloodhunter, he must be Bloodhunter, the guy who killed Xue Yuan!”

A bunch of the ancient warrior family’s prodigies finally figured out Qin Feng’s identity .

For a moment, everyone felt that they had just had a brief encounter with something that came out of legends .

There was only one person left who was surprised, but not in despair, it was Zhou Hao!

‘Could it be? Qin Feng’s already E9 tier!’

Zhou Hao was shocked . After all, Qin Feng was strong but he had never been properly verified . That E-tier aptitude user badge was issued by Fu City!

Now, in just a few months, Qin Feng was actually E-tier!

He could not believe it .

At this time, as Qin Feng had advanced, the blood flowing from the dragon’s mouth was gradually decreasing in volume . It was a flow that was originally more than ten meters wide but now it seemed to be only around three meters and its momentum was starting to get sluggish .

Naturally, there was less blood splashing out the more Qin Feng absorbed . This caused the other teenagers who had originally been deterred to approach .

Only being a few meters away, they quickly reached the edge of the dragon pool and saw the almost dry fountain as well as the person standing on the rocks .

It was Qin Feng, and not only that, they saw the writing on the edge of the pool too!

If they could withstand the dragon blood long enough to take ten breaths then they could enter .

“There’s not much dragon blood anymore, I’m not sure if that counts!”

“But Bloodhunter’s seizing it all for himself!”

“Sheesh, why’s there such a strong person competing with us for resources?”

These youths were resentful, but they would rather be frustrated than actually do something about it .

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However, Qin Feng was still in the pool of blood . That column of liquid had been absorbed to the point where it was only two meters wide! Even as it was poured onto his body, it no longer felt as soothing as how it was before!

It felt as if his body was charged with an explosive power!

After hearing the discussion behind him, he furrowed his brow . While these people were probably sixteen to seventeen years old now, Qin Feng had the mental age of a twenty six to twenty seven year old, he ought to respect his elders and care for the young .

But after ten years, some of these people would be stronger than him and some weaker .

They were the same age as him .

To do it again, when chance had been redistributed, Qin Feng would naturally scramble for power .

He did not have a chance back then, so why not now?

Thinking of this, Qin Feng stepped up his efforts and in the blink of an eye the water flow became only about a meter thick .

“Zhou Hao, when I move, you move ahead and get Xiao Huang to block everyone else!” Qin Feng whispered through his internal force transmission .

After saying that, he scrambled forward and disappeared under the bloody waterfall and stepped into the cave within the huge dragon’s stomach .

When Qin Feng moved in, everyone else was immediately shocked .

Zhou Hao was the first to move forward and stepped onto the white jade stairs .

It was then everyone began to react .

“Get down here!”

A boy about eighteen years old roared and tried to grab Zhou Hao, trying to pull him down .

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“Xiao Huang! Go!”

He immediately pointed at the teenager and the Golden Queen Ant immediately crashed into her target .


How could this youth face down an F-tier beast king? Even if he was a prodigy, the event of facing a beast king in single combat was an unthinkable and impossible task .

Zhou Hao stepped onto the white jade stairs, and walked to that large stone pedestal, letting the dragon blood wash over him .

“Aaaahhh!” It was unbearable pain .

He was lucky that Qin Feng absorbed a lot of blood, the force of the dragon blood that came down on him was not that strong and he could still retain his footing . His current movements and behavior indicated that he was in great pain, and combined that with the Golden Queen Ant acting as a blockade, nobody wanted to approach .

Zhou Hao’s physical strength began to rapidly evolve .

After all, Qin Feng had an E8 tier beast king’s body and could only advance slowly even if he frantically consumed dragon blood .

Zhou Hao was only F6 tier . In theory, this dragon blood could increase his strength to the equivalent of an F tier beast general, which would be his limit . After all, he did not have the absorption ability like Qin Feng did .

After enduring long enough to take ten breaths, Zhou Hao felt that his body had gotten extremely powerful . His physical body was even several times stronger than that of an average person’s .

He had almost reached the tier of those ultra beast generals and now had the ability to fight against F-tier beasts all by himself!

“Haha!” He laughed out loud, letting the dragon blood wash over him, not leaving .

The others gritted their teeth, but there was nothing they could do . Fortunately, it seemed that when Zhou Hao was standing there, he did not seem to be taking as much dragon blood as that Bloodhunter guy did, which gave them some relief .

After all, the only devil here was Bloodhunter .

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Meanwhile, Qin Feng who had become the target of everyone’s hatred, passed through a hallway inside the dragon’s belly and entered a garden that was ornamentally decorated with flower beds .

“Ew!” Bai Li could not help herself from covering her nose in her paws as she whiffed a stinking odor .

It smelled absolutely terrible .

Qin Feng’s eyes lit up and he let out an impressed whistle .

This garden contained only one kind of plant, they were all spirit flowers!

“Pristine lotus!”

Pristine lotuses were special things, growing unmarred from the mud like normal lotuses did but had an effect that was out of this world . For ancient warriors, such a treasure was hard to find .

They were used to purify the body .

“The Battlegod really did think of everything! Dragon blood can improve the body very quickly but there are always impurities that can’t be combined with the human body . Eating the lotus seeds can cleanse the body and its essence, making an ancient warrior’s system even more transparent!”

Moreover, the pristine lotus also had profound effects on ordinary people .

When used on them, it was possible for someone who did not have access to ancient martial arts to have a clear body, remove their impurities, unblock their meridians and give them the chance to become an ancient warrior .

One could imagine how valuable these flowers were for some rich and powerful people .

“Only jade may harm the lotus . Only once per person . Greed is not tolerated!”

This seemed very simple, but it was actually the opposite .

Spirit herbs and spirit flowers were not necessarily without their dangers .

Even darkglow herbs could defend themselves against humans, the pristine lotus was surely not any weaker .