Master of the End Times - Chapter 292

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Chapter 292: The Street Vendor

Chapter 292: The Street Vendor

The pristine lotus flower grew out of the mud unsullied, and the mud was not any ordinary type of mud . If the mud were accidentally exposed or rubbed onto one’s skin, the toxin from the mud would seep into the human body, which would then affect the individual’s training in the future .

Hence, just because the pond was blooming with lotus flowers, that did not mean that the flower pond could be approached, otherwise even by just inhaling the slightest scent of the flower and mud, it could poison the human body .

Qin Feng smirked as he picked up the jade bead that was left on the altar . He looked exceptionally relaxed .

Bai Li stood on Qin Feng’s shoulder and said, “There is a special waymark on the bead and you’ve activated it . If you go for the other beads, it will spread!”

“Yeah . ”

The Battlegod Tomb had its own rules . Since the ancient times, the chivalric code between the warriors had always been about keeping promises, not going back on one’s words or to never betray their righteousness . Naturally, Qin Feng knew that he definitely had to follow the rules of the Battlegod Tomb .

“One is enough!”

For Qin Feng, it was just a piece of cake!

Qin Feng channelled his internal energy into the jade bead .


With a flick of his hand, the jade bead infused with internal energy struck one of the pristine lotus flowers in the mud .


The pristine lotus immediately exploded . It split into pieces and struck the other lotuses .

The jade bead did not stop there . It exerted its remaining energy and struck the second lotus .

Then, it was the third, fourth and fifth, almost forming a straight line .

The lotus pool was a hundred meters long . Therefore, it was harder to get the ones which were further behind .

However, Qin Feng’s jade bead had broken five pristine lotuses . The broken lotuses split into pieces and struck the other surrounding lotuses, then the tremendous internal force broke the lotuses and made them strike the other lotuses again .

The lotuses that were struck the second time also shattered and struck their surroundings, but this time the remaining force seemed to be less strong, only causing the lotus pieces to knock out countless lotus seeds from the other lotus flowers .


The long-ripened lotuses flew up into the sky, exuding their enticing fragrance into the air .

Qin Feng unleashed his internal force again .

“Asteroid Assimilation . Absorb!”

The lotuses that were floating in the air were suddenly pulled into Qin Feng’s arms, almost forming into a large ball .

With just a single move, almost eight to nine-tenth of the lotuses had fallen into his bosom .

In the midst of the internal strength sweep, several lotus leaves were also caught up in the absorption . Qin Feng laid them on the ground and piled up the lotus seeds, the seeds were piled up on more than ten lotus leaves .

In the outside world, each of the seeds was worth a whopping fifty million, and a single seed could make one’s mouth water . Now, Qin Feng had more than a thousand of them .

Although this was a fifty billion harvest for an E-tier aptitude user, the other youths would have gone crazy if they were to see it .

Qin Feng sat down cross-legged .

“You should eat some too, we’ve got lots of them!”

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Bai Li became more interested and jumped down from Qin Feng’s shoulders . She grabbed a handful of the seeds and shoved them all into her mouth .

It was crisp, sweet, and super tasty .

Qin Feng also picked up a handful and began to eat . He instantly felt a stream of cool air flowing into his body, as if it was cleansing his body .

In just a short while, Qin Feng began to sweat, and a layer of black oil seeped out of his skin .

The effect of the pristine lotus had come into play .

The pristine lotus was probably considered to have E-tier benefits similar to spirit herbs . Qin Feng now had the flesh of a beast king, so one seed would not do much for him .

With each seed, Qin Feng felt a surge of energy continuously cleansing his insides .

The oil stains were slowly accumulating .

Fortunately, not only was there a lotus altar in this garden, a small stream was also flowing by the garden . Qin Feng used his conscious energy to manipulate the water stream and flushed away the oil stains on his body .

After half an hour of constant eating and flushing, Qin Feng had consumed more than a hundred lotus seeds .

Qin Feng felt that his body and mind were now pure and immaculately clear .

The murderous intent from before seemed to have gone away, and the trace of hostility that had once clouded his mind quietly faded away .

The state of his mind had ascended significantly .

“Holy, this pristine lotus is good!”

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Qin Feng thought that the pristine lotus was a real treasure, no wonder the price of these was so high!

Just at this moment, footsteps echoed within the passage . Zhou Hao walked in, and he was dressed in crimson red .

With just a glance, Qin Feng immediately noticed Zhou Hao’s physical condition . He had finally achieved the physical body of a beast general .

Zhou Hao spotted Qin Feng as well, and his eyes were filled with excitement .

But soon, his eyes fell on the lotus seeds that were piled up on the ground .

Zhou Hao took a whiff of the floral fragrance in the air and took another look at the pristine lotus pond that was emitting a foul odor from a distance .

“This… this can’t be the pristine lotus pond right? How did you get so much of these? You look like a street vendor displaying the goods on the ground!” Zhou Hao said .

Qin Feng was on the verge of tears from laughing at Zhou Hao’s description .

By taking a closer look at himself, his description was not too far off either . His top was missing, and his pants were tattered . In order to absorb the dragon blood, Qin Feng was barefooted .

Now, it seemed to have turned into a pair of modified tattered shorts, he felt that he looked rather pitiful .

The Battlegod Tomb forbade visitors from opening spatial rune equipment . Otherwise, the dragon blood would be quickly emptied out by five thousand people in just the blink of an eye .

Of course, Bai Li was still able to open up her spatial space, but it would look suspicious for her to take out his clothes .

“Good thing that I brought something along!” Zhou Hao unloaded the combat backpack strapped on his back .

Qin Feng was startled to see Zhou Hao’s backpack .

“Why did you bring so much stuff with you?”

“Haha, I kind of foresaw that something like this would happen!”

Zhou Hao opened up his combat backpack . Inside, there were lots of folded up big pockets with all kinds of compressed dried ultra beast meat, crystal boxes, as well as large and small jars .

The jars were originally empty, with the small jars stacked inside of the big jars . They were used to carry liquids during field combats, and Zhou Hao brought ten of them . They were now filled with blood . The number of packages had also increased from one to three, which were all now strapped on the back of the Golden Queen Ant .

Without a doubt, these were all dragon blood .

“Wow! You’re going to make big bucks from these!” Qin Feng had not even thought of this method, he was a little surprised and laughed .

“Of course, I came here well-prepared, otherwise who knows what I would encounter!” Zhou Hao laughed .

“That’s right, this harvest is good and enough for you to advance to E-tier! Before I came in, I was pursued by some people and I didn’t have the time to sort my stuff out!” Qin Feng nodded .

The main thing was that there was no need for him to tidy his things up since Bai Li was still able to open her spatial space .

As soon as Zhou Hao heard Qin Feng’s words, his expression became heavy . “Oh right, what’s the matter with you Qin Feng? Did you get into trouble with the Xue family? You said you were being pursued, was it by the Xue family?”

This was a hard topic for Qin Feng to clearly explain . Not only that, Qin Feng’s consciousness had sensed that someone was coming from the outside .

Qin Feng even gestured to Zhou Hao as he began speaking with a husky voice . “Friend, would you like to buy a bag of pristine lotus seeds?”

The young man coming from behind was Hou Fang, the genius of the Hou family!

After occupying the altar for half an hour, Zhou Hao finally left . The water from the stream did not seem to have reduced much . After all, the apparatus Zhou Hao had brought along was not able to fill up much of the water .