Master of the End Times - Chapter 293

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Chapter 293: Qin Feng Gets Everything While Others Could Only Savor the Last Bits

Chapter 293: Qin Feng Gets Everything While Others Could Only Savor the Last Bits

After Zhou Hao left, little did he know that the others had started to become more modest!

After all, not everyone could bear the pain of injecting dragon blood into the body .

The first person to test the waters was Hou Fang, who was the strongest, but he only lasted a minute before he rushed straight into the passage .

At this moment, he simply wanted to laugh when he heard Qin Feng’s words .

“A pristine lotus seed in exchange for my entire wallet? That’s ridiculous, you must be scamming people with fake goods!”

While he was having that thought, his vision cleared up and he realized it was Qin Feng who was sitting on the ground acting like a beggar, only his mask was still intact .

As well as the large pile of pristine lotus seeds in front of him .

“Gulp!” Hou Fang swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty .

Zhou Hao also sensed Hou Fang’s surprise and tried his best to contain his laughter .

Zhou Hao had seen a pristine lotus seed before, and it was just a single piece placed in a beautiful crystal box . It was auctioned for 30 million, and the final bid was 63 million!

There were so many of them here . Even as the direct descendant of one of the four strongest families in the North Sea, Hou Fang felt that even he could not get enough of that particular sight!

Hou Fang really wanted to go up and ask if Qin Feng would still sell him the lotus seeds .

Now, he really regretted not doing anything to Zhou Hao before this, otherwise he would have been the first one to arrive!

From Zhou Hao’s side, he saw the major change in Hou Fang’s expressions . He found the breakdown of his reaction amusing and funny . “Mister, no, no, it would be impolite of me to just take it . Just take as much as you want!” said Zhou Hao in a flattering tone .

This was what an F-tier aptitude user should think of when it came to an E-tier user .

Qin Feng also felt that Zhou Hao was quite a quick thinker . He had really thought of giving Zhou Hao some of the lotus seeds, but now it was impossible .

Qin Feng continued in a hoarse voice, “Yeah, follow me later, and I’ll bring you along the way!”

“Thank you, thank you!”

Zhou Hao took out some pouches and handed them to Qin Feng . He gave him three plastic zipper pouches and Qin Feng filled up the pouches with the lotus seeds . Nine hundred lotus seeds might seem a lot when spread out on the ground, but once they were in the bags, three pouches were just right .

Zhou Hao also gave Qin Feng a small pouch which acted as a simple combat backpack, which fitted right in his hands .

The two of them had put on a show for half a day, which could be regarded as ganging up with a different identity .

“You go and have a look at that stone tablet, and take the jade beads to purify the lotus!” Qin Feng said .

“Alright!” Zhou Hao eagerly got up and went over to the side of the pristine lotus altar .

Initially, Hou Fang was eyeing for Qin Feng’s pristine lotus seeds, but now he realized that this seemed like a chance that everyone could have . He was instantly filled with joy .

“So, this is how he got the pristine lotus seeds!” Hou Fang’s eyes lit up .

Zhou Hao and Hou Fang walked to the edge of the flower bed at the same time and scanned through the words written on the stone tablet .

With just a quick glance, Hou Fang grabbed a jade bead and examined it, then he observed the pristine lotus flower bed again . This time, his brows were furrowed and he was frantic .

He discovered that the lotuses nearest to him were now all seedless, and there were parts of the plants where the petals were either removed or damaged!

When he thought about it, he knew that only one person would dare to do all this!

Hou Fang was let down!

‘The Hou Family sent me out here this time, it would be embarrassing if I go back empty-handed!’

‘This Bloodhunter is too vicious!’

Hou Fang was about to explode with anger .

At this moment, Qin Feng was guiding Zhou Hao .

“Channel your inner strength into the jade bead, then strike on the lotus to shake out the lotus seeds . Although your inner strength is a little bit weak, it is still enough to strike one lotus and let it bounce on other lotuses, then you will get your lotus seeds . The problem now is how’re you going to collect the lotus seeds . ”

Not everyone owned the Asteroid Assimilation skill .

It was possible to use inner force to grab items in the air telekinetically, but if the user was not prepared in advance and rushed through the process, he would lose the timing and the lotus seeds would fall into the mud, making it useless .

Zhou Hao observed the entire process . When compared to Hou Fang, Zhou Hao clearly had the upper hand .

Conscious energy .

After consuming the consciousness fruit and having a bond with the Golden Queen Ant, Zhou Hao’s conscious energy had continued to increase, and now his conscious power had reached F-tier .

With a sweep of his conscious energy, Zhou Hao was the first to know the positions of the lotus seeds before Hou Fang . He shot out the jade bead that was in his hand .


The jade bead struck a pristine lotus that was still intact thirty meters away, then it bounced twenty meters backward and struck one of the lotuses within twenty five meters of the pond .


Five lotus flowers were hit with just a single strike .

However, there were very few lotus seeds in these pristine lotuses . There were only five lotus seeds in one pristine lotus flower . At the very beginning, Zhou Hao’s internal strength was able to shake five seeds out of the first lotus, but up till the last one, only one seed popped out .

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The lotus seeds did not pop out upward in a straight line . Instead, some were shot out for more than forty meters away, and even the strongest of internal forces were not able to do that .

“Collect the seeds!”

Zhou Hao used his internal strength to suck in the lotus seeds . Some of the lotus seeds were heading toward him, but there were around five or six seeds that were shot out too far away and were impossible to reach with his internal strength .

“What a pity!” Hou Fang said with a pained expression . Although it was not him that was doing it, the lost seeds were still very valuable, and altogether that was more than 300 million lost .

Just at this moment, the edge of Zhou Hao’s lips lifted into a smile . He then unleashed his internal strength .

Those lotus seeds that were far away were drawn back toward him .

Hou Fang was flabbergasted, only then did he remember that Zhou Hao could bond with ultra beasts, so his conscious energy was not weak at all .

‘What kind of demons are they?’ Hou Fang felt a sense of helplessness .

“Good!” Qin Feng nodded and praised Zhou Hao .

Zhou Hao let out a hearty, proud laugh .

“Thank you, kind sir, for your guidance!”

Zhou Hao was still infatuated with acting on his part .

Zhou Hao walked back to Qin Feng’s side and sat down cross-legged . He grabbed a small handful of pristine lotus seeds and began eating .

However, Zhou Hao did not consume the lotus seeds like how Qin Feng did . He carefully swallowed one seed and let the energy sweep through his body, then he continued with another .

Qin Feng continued to strengthen his newly-elevated state of mind . He felt neither joy nor sadness within him .

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Hou Fang was still hesitating, but in just a minute, another person came out of the cave . It was the talented young man who had passed through the Dragon Head Falls .

The young man did not take the time to take in the spectacular view as something else caught his attention . His pupils enlarged as he saw the pile of lotus seeds in front of Zhou Hao . If it were not for the Golden Queen Ant that was guarding Zhou Hao from the back, he would have rushed forward and stolen them .

Soon, the man noticed Hou Fang and the pristine lotus altar .

When Hou Fang saw that someone was coming, he knew that the longer he idled, the worse it would be for him . Finally, he set aside his worries and threw out the jade bead with a swish .


The jade bead struck one lotus and bounced into another direction . It hit the second lotus, followed by a third, and then it fell into the mud .

Moreover, among the three lotus flowers, only the second flower had lotus seeds falling from it, and the flower was thirty meters away from Hou Fang .

It was fortunate that the second lotus was struck when the bead bounced toward his direction, which caused the seeds to fly out toward Hou Fang’s direction . The seeds flew over ten meters, which was close enough for Hou Fang to use his internal force to retrieve them .

“Come here!”

His inner strength exploded and he was able to retrieve the seeds telekinetically .

Five lotus seeds went straight into his palms .

Although he was not as strong as Qin Feng and did not hit as many lotuses as Zhou Hao did, Hou Fang was still satisfied with the outcome .

The talented young man who had just arrived was also stunned by the scene .

To him, this rule seemed a bit too much, and it was really difficult to grasp the right timing .

Unbeknownst to him, this was not actually difficult at all, it was just that someone here had made the situation more difficult for him .

Qin Feng had gotten the biggest piece of meat, other than Zhou Hao and Hou Fang, others could only savor the fragrance of the soup, let alone having a taste of the soup .