Master of the End Times - Chapter 294

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Chapter 294: Daydreams are Attainable

Chapter 294: Daydreams are Attainable

Half an hour passed by, Zhou Hao had finished absorbing the pristine lotus’s clean energy and his body was covered in sludge, which was much more than Qin Feng’s .

Zhou Hao also rinsed his body with the stream water . Once he got out of the water, his skin was clean once again .

“I feel cleaner now, maybe I’ve also turned handsome!”

He had brought almost everything with him but a mirror . He took a look at his reflection in the water and wanted to show off to Qin Feng so that Qin Feng could comment on it .

As soon as he turned his head, he saw Qin Feng in his mask . Zhou Hao quickly swallowed his words, and it was a miracle that he did not hurt his insides while doing so .

At this time, more people were coming out of the passageway, but they were at their wits’ end when facing the pristine lotus altar .

There were thirty people who had passed the first level of the test so far, and the number was still rising . Chaos had even erupted on the outside as people were fighting over the dragon blood .

These thirty people were the best amongst the best . They were all under the age of twenty and were F-tier aptitude users .

“This Battlegod inheritance is really difficult!”

“Earlier, the dragon blood was a big deal to us . Now that we’re here at the pristine lotus altar, the lotuses are so far away, it’s almost impossible for us to do it with our internal strength!”

“Have you noticed that these lotuses are still fresh? The flowers are tilted and seedless, which means that the seeds were just taken away!”

“Who took them?”

The person who was speaking immediately shut his mouth tight as his gaze fell upon Qin Feng’s body .

The strongest person here with the strongest internal strength .

Who else could that be?

Not only that, Qin Feng had an extra pouch in front of him, and one could only imagine what was in it!

“Never mind, this is a large area, so there might be other wonders here . Let’s go explore the other parts of this place!”

These geniuses were obviously very disappointed and the crowd soon dissipated . It seemed like they were trying to avoid Qin Feng .

“You, follow me!” Qin Feng ordered in a hoarse voice, deliberately pretending to be cool .

Zhou Hao hurriedly kept up with Qin Feng .

There were quite a few white jade stone paths in the garden, each leading to a different direction . Qin Feng chose the path which led them forward .

“The aura here feels very thick . There were pristine lotus seeds earlier, could there be something else here as well?” Zhou Hao asked .

This time, there was no one else around, and the two were already considered companions . Yet, they could not act like they were too familiar with each other .

“Could be a carrot and stick!” Qin Feng said .

Zhou Hao had yet understood what Qin Feng meant when their surroundings gradually changed .

A dangerously fragrant smell stung their noses .


Qin Feng frowned at once .

Zhou Hao was busy covering his nose, but it was of no use .

“Go!” Qin Feng said in a deep tone .

The two of them quickened their pace, but the further they got, the stronger the poison seemed to get, and Zhou Hao was starting to get a little light-headed .

In the mist, Zhou Hao’s mind had turned into a blur . Everything around him seemed so real .

Zhou Hao actually saw himself walking out of the Battlegod Tomb with the inheritance . He had advanced to E-tier and was holding a large sum of money…

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“Hao?” Qin Feng could see that Zhou Hao was poisoned .

Fortunately, the pristine lotus seed could be used as an antidote to nullify poisons . Qin Feng opened his pouch and rummaged for the lotus seed .

At this moment, Zhou Hao suddenly half-kneeled down in front of Qin Feng and looked as if he was holding something in his hands .

“Mengmeng, I’m finally rich! Chengbei colony may be rich, but so what? I’m now richer than your dad, so please marry me!”

Qin Feng burst out laughing .

But through Zhou Hao’s pupils, he seemed to be slightly sober, which meant that he was faintly poisoned .


Qin Heng slapped Zhou Hao on the back of his head . “Stop daydreaming!”

Zhou Hao snapped back to reality and instantly sobered up . He shook his head .

“What happened? Was that just an illusion?” Zhou Hao stared with widened eyes . In actuality, he had a feeling that it was just a dream, and he was not completely immersed in it at all .

After all, it was something that he had constantly thought about every day!

“Zhou Hao, I didn’t know that you’re so madly in love with Senior Lu Meng!” Qin Feng purposely used the word “senior” to tease Zhou Hao .

Zhou Hao’s face instantly turned red, Qin Feng had found out his secret .

“Hey, it was just a thought, didn’t you say that I was just daydreaming?”

Qin Feng’s face turned serious . Although the mask had covered his face, his tone, however, was very firm . “This may be just a daydream now, but it will come true once you return . Don’t be so harsh on yourself, after all you’re still young, so give yourself some time . Trust me, it won’t take more than a year and you’ll eventually get everything that you ever wanted!”

Qin Feng’s rebirth reversed Zhou Hao’s death .

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The present Zhou Hao had a bright future ahead of him .

All he needed was just a little bit of time!

Maybe Zhou Hao had low self-esteem now due to his poor family background, but as long as he was willing to work hard and push forward, he could get everything that he wanted .

It was not clear whether Zhou Hao had taken in Qin Feng’s words or not as he laughed, “What do you mean I’m still young, you talk like an old man in his seventies . Let’s go, I don’t want to take in any more poisonous gas, or I might get poisoned again and start having harem dreams later!”

Qin Feng smiled wanly .

“Let’s go!”

The two of them continued to speed up their pace, but after going further down the path and taking a few detours, they finally encountered the person who had been the first to enter the garden .

That person now had reddened eyes . He laughed out loud after seeing Qin Feng .

“Bloodhunter, you’re not a match for me so I suggest you hand over all the lotus seeds! Wahahahaha!”

The man spoke while wielding a weapon in his hand . He dashed toward Qin Feng in an attempt to attack him .

Qin Feng did not even bother to dodge the attack . He extended his leg and landed a kick squarely on the man’s abdomen .


The man screamed as he flew backward in the direction he came from .

Then, he spat out pools of blood!

“There’s a limit when it comes to having dreams . Death awaits if one were to cross that limit!” Qin Feng sneered .

The severe pain snapped the man back to his senses . After he saw that it was Qin Feng, his body began to tremble .

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I wasn’t in my right mind!”

The man picked up his footing and ran away, afraid that Qin Feng would go after him .

Qin Feng expanded his consciousness, and he soon discovered that some of the ancient warriors that came in had fallen into the illusion .

Some were fighting, some were laughing hysterically, and some were even crying .

Some others ran back to the pristine lotus pond and laughed out loud saying, “Ha! I’ve found a jade medallion, that means I still have another chance!”

However, after he grabbed hold of the jade bead, he was instantly teleported out of the Battlegod Tomb by the spatial rune, making him miss the opportunity!

“Take ten more lotus seeds with you, swallow one if you feel deluded later on!” Qin Feng shook his head . He was also afraid that Zhou Hao would fall into his dream land again .

“Good, we should hurry up this time . We’ll get out as soon as we can . ”

“Yeah, let’s go!”

The scent and mist appeared from among the trees . Qin Feng did not choose the small trails, and with his strong consciousness, he actually knew the way .

The two of them quickened their pace and soon passed through the garden and entered an archway .

Behind the archway, a wall appeared with passageways on both sides .

“Only those who are qualified can enter!”

On the door, there was an inscription with complicated writings, and it was not as simple as the ones from before .