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Master of the End Times - Chapter 299

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:32:14 AM

Chapter 299: Interests Turn The Tables

Chapter 299: Interests Turn The Tables

Qin Feng smiled an absolutely chilling smile!

“We’ll see about that! Believe it or not, I can rush into the Xue household and destroy your whole family right now!” He let out a ghastly chuckle .

Xue Yukui glared at Qin Feng, one of his eyes was covered with blood and he could not open it . His vision began to darken and when Qin Feng put a hand on his forehead, he was plunged into darkness .

Xue Yukui had been slain!

The three elders from the Xue family that gave chase not only failed to complete their mission, they had also died!

This was news that nobody would believe .

What was more was that the person who died this time was the acting patriarch of the whole family!

In the distance, in the direction of where the Battlegod Tomb was, the people from the three families shuddered .

“Miss Hou, are you still going to make a move?” Tieh Lei asked in a low voice .

Hou Yangjiao faltered slightly, she was actually shaking .

“Forget it . I don’t intend to provoke such a person . I’m not going to throw my life away just for profit!” Yang Mao shook his head . The most important thing for him was that Bloodhunter did no wrong . He was only killing people from the Xue family . Since ancient times, the forces of good and evil had not been balanced, and the division amongst the ancient warriors was clear cut .

Hou Yangjiao gritted her teeth . “What about the death of my family’s direct descendant? I’m supposed to let it go just like that?”

Yang Mao replied in a quiet voice, “Elder Hou, you need to think this through . The person that killed your family’s descendant was the Xue family’s Elder . Bloodhunter has already helped you exact revenge!”

“It was he who started the issue, not to mention, he clearly has the ability to save my family’s people!”

“This is unreasonable!” Yang Mao decided to no longer try to get through to her, he hollered for his family’s young prodigies and the others before taking his leave .

Tieh Lei also fell silent . While he was tempted by the one thousand pristine lotus seeds, he knew that Qin Feng got them through his own abilities and if they were to try, they would be forcibly taking something from someone who was worthy enough to earn it .

As for the death of the Hou family’s direct descendant and disciple, it was not Qin Feng’s fault either . Even if Qin Feng could have saved him, the Hou youngling was the one who went against Qin Feng, wanting to use the Xue family’s hatred to do his dirty work for him . Thus, Qin Feng had no obligation to save him at all!

“Ms . Hou, I have no intention of participating . Many in the Xue family have died this time, things are going to be quite tumultuous for a while . I plan to go on a retreat and practice, leave me out of all these!”

Hou Yangjiao naturally could not accept this, she could not take on Qin Feng all by herself .

“Tieh Lei, don’t forget . The Li family has been close to yours for generations, now the Li family’s head has died by this person’s hands, are you really going to just let that go?”

Tieh Lei paused, hesitating for a moment .

The death of the Li family’s head had caused quite the upset in Niumeng City .

Several disciples that did not practice martial arts came to the Battlegod Tomb, hoping that Tieh Lei would call the shots and take down Qin Feng . When they saw how tough Qin Feng really was, they were scared speechless .

Now, Hou Yangjiao’s words naturally revitalized that spirit .

A thousand pristine lotus seeds . The price of that was several times higher than that of the Li family’s assets . If they were to get them, all of them would be able to get the benefits .

Thinking of this, all of them turned their gaze to Tieh Lei .

“Master Tieh, our elder saved your family’s patriarch back then!”

“Yeah! Our elder died with his eyes still open, I can’t forgive him!”

“Elder Tieh, for the sake of our family’s past friendship, please!”

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For a moment, Tieh Lei found himself in a dilemma .

While they were still hesitating, a group of prodigious youths that came over to participate in the battle for the Battlegod’s inheritance were all excited for some reason .

Their eyes were opened wide as they gazed at the mountain top in wonder .

The mountain top looked like it had been flattened by more than ten meters!

D-tier aptitude users, defeated and killed by Bloodhunter .

All of this made them feel like everything around them was an unbelievable occurrence .

The battles from these senior, high-tier ancient warriors had benefited them a lot . The turbulent internal force that washed over them, even if it made some of them fall on their knees, also gave them a good understanding of the levels of power high-end ancient warriors possessed .

This further propelled them forward, yearning to improve their abilities in the martial arts world!

They were trembling, their emotions had been stirred up . It turned out that Bloodhunter was the same age as they were .

It was not clear how powerful Bloodhunter was in the past, but they definitely saw how powerful he was in the present .

They all thought of a question .

“What kind of move does Bloodhunter use?”

“Could it be something from the sixth volume of the parallel technique book? The move he used was similar to the force of the Overcast Dragon that it describes!”

“Very strong indeed . It’s a technique worthy of an A-tier!”

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They believe that Qin Feng was powerful because he had obtained the Overcast Dragon technique . As much as they admired him, they also chastised themselves for not getting the chance to do so .

A D-tier ancient warrior that was getting ready to leave caught wind of this group’s conversation and had on a look of surprise . All alone, he approached them and asked, “What did you get while you were in the Battlegod Tomb? An A-tier move?”

The teens were at a loss, they did not even pass the second trial let alone getting their hands on a secret technique .

Some of them dodged the question by moving aside, not wanting to make eye contact with the D-tier .

“Hey! Hurry up and tell me!” The D-tier ancient warrior exclaimed .

“You think my family’s people don’t deserve some respect?” Tieh Lei said in a deep voice . The teen that was being interrogated was from the Tieh family!

“Sir!” The Tier youth immediately hurried to Tieh Lei’s side at the sight of his relative and breathed a sigh of relief .

“It’s alright, what’s the situation inside? Speak!” Tieh Lei said solemnly, the spear in his hand firmly planted on the ground . Under the morning light, it glowed with a silver aura and made the others stay where they were .

The youth began to relay what happened and concluded with, “What Hou Fang said was true, there were no more pristine lotus seeds by the time we left . When we passed the third gate to learn the secret technique, Bloodhunter had already gone through the sixth gate . He must have fully learned the secret of the parallel technique!”

The D-tiers present were all stunned by the tale .

At this time, Qin Feng’s communicator began to make beeping sounds and a message was quickly received .

“Get out of here, they figured out that you have the complete volume of the Secret Art of the Overcast Dragon, and they are brewing up some crafty plans!”

It was from Zhou Hao .

“Take advantage of the chaos and get out of here, these people have seen you go through the second gate . If you have completed the second trial, you should be able to face off against E-tiers but some people naturally wouldn’t let that go!”

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“Be careful!” Zhou Hao replied . Thinking about it now, Zhou Hao was in more danger than Qin Feng!

Qin Feng’s strength was in D-tier but when it came down to battling, he would not be able to defend his friend if Zhou Hao could not fend for himself .

Even with a beast king contract beast, Zhou Hao was still in danger because of how many E-tiers there were .

Fortunately, everyone’s eyes were on Qin Feng, nobody in the crowd noticed that there was an additional young man .

Qin Feng cast his chilling gaze downward and pressed his hand down .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

His internal force was mobilized as he began to drain Xue Yukui’s internal force via his head . The violent surge of internal force that rushed through Xue Yukui’s brain would have been more than enough to kill the man!


With internal force in his hand, he lifted Xue Yukui off the ground and took away his opponent’s rune equipment .

At this time, a group of figures used qing gong* to quickly arrive and surround Qin Feng .

The ones leading them were Hou Yangjiao and Tieh Lei .

“Hou family? Tieh family?” Qin Feng regarded them with a frosty gaze .

*Translator’s Notes: There isn’t an exact English translation for this, it’s essentially the action of walking/running/jumping through the air that is commonplace within high fantasy Chinese martial arts media .