Master of the End Times - Chapter 303

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Chapter 303: Journey to Tangshan Ridge

Chapter 303: Journey to Tangshan Ridge

As soon as he left the manor, there was already someone waiting for him outside, someone who was not weak . It was an E-tier that was rarely seen in Fengli colony .

Beside the person was something that was entirely different from the standard shape of a hover tank . It looked like a machine with a pair of wings and aerial fins .

It was a combat hover copter!

Combat hover copters were more durable than hover tanks and it was a different method of transport compared to the standard hover tank . When fighting in the frontline, the combat hover copter was also a weapon of war .

It was equipped with guns that only F-tier gunners and above could control, which showed that this thing was definitely a rare item .

It would take Qin Feng three days to reach Tangshan Ridge in a hovercraft . However, hover tanks or hovercrafts were not feasible means to travel through the mountainous regions . Exploring the area to find where the beast emperor was would take at least seven if not eight days .

By then he would have arrived late .

So for such an extraordinary period, naturally extraordinary means must be used .

Qin Feng had ordered the combat hover copter from the Zhongcheng Organization, planning to just strut his way to Tangshan Ridge .

Of course, the price was not cheap . It cost about three million for an air ticket, and there were risks that may be encountered at any time .

However, for Qin Feng, three million was not even that much money!

“Mayor Qin, a name I’ve heard for a long time! I, Ke Xiangzuo, will be your pilot today!”

“Hello!” Qin Feng shook hands with the other party .

“After you’ve solved the crisis in Pingyun back then you’ve become quite famous in our organization, now you’ve even made Fengli colony such a prosperous place, it’s really impressive!”

As Qin Feng took the compliment, his expression did not change other than having on a faint smile . “Captain Ke, you’ve joined the Zhongcheng Organization at such a young age, you must have a bright future ahead of you!”

“If you’d like, you’re welcome to come to our city at any time!”

Qin Feng sneered in his heart, knowing that Ke Xiangzuo was actually testing him . The last time this happened was when Tan Yue probed at him to try and win him over .

Fact of the matter was, Qin Feng’s impression of the Zhongcheng Organization had become much worse after the incident that happened in Pingyun colony, and he had never planned on joining the group or working for others .

“Hehe, next time I’ll go to the city as a guest . Alright, we’re running out of time, lets go!”

“Yes yes yes, Mayor Qin, this way please . ”

After being tactfully rejected, Ke Xiangzuo no longer brought up the topic . They were part of the transportation industry and they were the ones that got in touch with the most superstar aptitude users from all over the world . Recruiting people into the Zhongcheng Organization was something that they were good at, therefore it had grown quite a bit over the years, growing bigger and bigger .

However, Qin Feng had no interest in this at all .

The combat hover copter set off and soared into the air . Many people in the colony heard it and could not help but look up .

“Whoa, is that a combat hover copter? It is! This is the first time I’m seeing one!”

“It came from the mayor’s manor . Does it belong to the mayor?”

“The mayor must have made a lot of money from the underground black market transactions by now, he can even get a combat hover copter!”

As people watched the hover copter fly off into the horizon, they could only think about how rich and powerful Qin Feng was . The hovercopter soared through the air, increasing in speed .

It was different from the combat aircrafts made in the past, nowadays the machines were fast and did not make a lot of noise . So long as there was the right equipment in the design, there was not even a need for Ke Xiangzuo to stay in the cockpit all the time .

Qin Feng was thinking about how fun it would be to buy one for himself!

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“So Mr . Mayor’s going to Tangshan Ridge this time? You’re going to participate in that beast emperor business, right? Nowadays, there are plenty of elites there and the ultra beasts are super powerful! I mean, that’s all I’ve heard . I don’t know how terrifying it is!”

Qin Feng smirked, saying, “Oh, I’m just going to watch . ”

“I envy you, Sir, being able to watch also requires having the strength to do so!”


The two began to strike up a conversation, but there was not any useful information that Ke Xiangzuo could provide . What was more, when Qin Feng single-handedly took down the E-tier Wraith Devil, they paid more attention to him in a follow-up and learned that he was actually quite powerful, it made them quite curious about him .

However, Qin Feng would not take the bait!

They would soon arrive in about an hour .

Qin Feng was beginning to see the dense plants of Tangshan Ridge as well as the towering mutant trees .

A terrible wave of aura could be sensed coming from below .

Ke Xiangzuo, too, stopped with all the small talk, as the moment they got closer to the destination the pressure that was being put on them was really terrifying!

The combat hover copter began to lower in altitude .

Ke Xiangzuo’s face had turned pale, he had not expected this place to be so dangerous .

At such a close distance, some powerful ultra beasts had seen through the dark runes and discovered the combat hover copter’s existence .

The feeling of being locked on by this behemoth made Ke Xiangzuo feel cold sweat drip down his back .

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A tall tree abruptly toppled over and Ke Xiangzuo could not react to it, that was until that tree was flung off the ground and was suddenly seen flying toward the combat hover copter .

Ke Xiangzuo let out a gasp and immediately pressed a button on the cockpit’s control panel!


A missile dropped out from under the hover copter and Ke Xiangzuo used his consciousness to will the missile into crashing into the flying tree .


The tree exploded mid-air, flames soaring into the sky before crashing down into the forest below and instantly stirring up the hornet’s nest .

A giant bat suddenly appeared nearby, soaring into the air .

A Darkwood Bat! A D-tier ultra beast .

Ke Xiangzuo’s heart almost leaped out of his chest, he wanted to raise the altitude of the hover copter when he heard Qin Feng’s voice call out .

“Okay! You can drop me off here!”


“But it’s too dangerous here…” Ke Xiangzuo wanted to say something else, the problem was that there was nowhere for him to land the hover copter in the area .

“Open the hatch, I can get out myself!” Qin Feng exclaimed .

Ke Xiangzuo gritted his teeth . He really did not want to stay for a minute longer, feeling that he could die at any moment . Qin Feng was the one who asked so if he were to die, it was not going to be his fault .

With that in mind, Ke Xiangzuo abruptly pressed the button that opened the hatch .

Cold wind blasted into the cabin .

Qin Feng held Bai Li in his arms and immediately jumped down .

Within their line of sight, a dense swarm of Darkwood Bats appeared .

This kind of creature lived on huge trees that provided plenty of shade and hung upside down on its branches . They traveled in groups and had wings that were three meters long . Just one of them would be a huge problem for most people .

At this moment, a ray of light wrapped around Qin Feng’s body .

This light barrier was round and transparent, a sign of internal force in its liquid state!

Qin Feng held Bai Li in one hand and the Verdant Emperor Saber in the other .

“Burning Sword Glare!”

The internal force around them blended into the attack and the glare around the sword intensified!

His internal force was obviously different from the previous mist-like state of his internal force . The burning glare on the sword seemed to have substance and after the flame rune was applied to it, it burst into a blazing fire .


With a slash of his blade, a Darkwood Bat’s wings were instantly split apart!

Stepping onto the back of another Darkwood Bat, Qin Feng managed to use it to break his fall and jumped from one onto the other, left to right, as he slashed in all directions!