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Master of the End Times - Chapter 304

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:32:08 AM

Chapter 304: Who is the Visitor?

Chapter 304: Who is the Visitor?

In the air .

Qin Feng was surrounded by the Darkwood Bats, but they did not cause a single damage to him at all!

Instead, it became a stepping stone for Qin Feng to proceed downward .

The flickering flames of the Verdant Emperor Saber were like long dragons, tearing the Darkwood Bats apart .

The severed and decapitated carcasses of the Darkwood Bats showered from the sky .


Qin Feng landed on the ground by putting his foot down on an ancient tree .

The combat hover copter had not left yet, and Ke Xiangzuo saw each and every of Qin Feng’s movements through the monitor .

“That was insane, is he even human?”‘

Ke Xiangzuo wiped the cold sweat rolling from his forehead . Now, he finally understood that Qin Feng was even stronger than he had imagined, and his power had reached a stage that he could not comprehend .

“He must’ve reached D-tier!”

“Never mind, this has nothing to do with me . I’ll send the footage to the headquarters, that’s if I can make it out alive from this hellhole!”

Ke Xiangzuo maneuvered the hover copter and disappeared over the Tangshan Ridge . While on the other side, Qin Feng landed on a huge tree and disappeared in a flash .

“Dark Shadow!”

Qin Feng’s aura disappeared .

However, the Darkwood Bats were greatly irritated and started to violently attack on all sides . They were unable to sense Qin Feng and had nowhere to vent out their anger, causing havoc within the forest to continue for a while before it gradually subsided .

At this moment, the people hidden behind the trees all frowned .

“Who’re those people?”

“It’s just two people, yet they’re such show-offs?”

“But they’re actually quite strong?”

“Why do they look so familiar?”

Some of them were unfamiliar with them, and yet there were some who were able to instantly recognize Qin Feng and Bai Li!

“Qin Feng?” Lei Chen thought he was seeing things .

It had been more than ten days since the sea beast tide had passed . News spread from Sea City that they suffered great losses, and one could only imagine how angry Lei Chen was .

But there was nothing they could do about it . Although Lei Chen had the Leitang Organization to back him up, he could not simply take money from the group to help subsidize the city .

In just the blink of an eye, a city that was thought to be a flourishing one was suddenly running a deficit .

All of this happened because of Qin Feng .

He had destroyed the shelter island!

Once Lei Chen heard the report brought back by Wang Zhichao, he had the urge to rip Qin Feng into pieces .

He did not expect Qin Feng to have the guts to come to Tangshan Ridge .

“Hehe, the wilderness is dangerous! Qin Feng can’t put the blame on me if he dies out there!” There was a flash of killing intent flickering in Lei Chen’s eyes .

At this time, Qin Feng was hidden in a large tree’s cavity . He used his consciousness to scan his surroundings .

“Hm?” Qin Feng’s face immediately turned pale . His consciousness had come into contact with two other people’s consciousness, but it was just for a split second .

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‘There’s a D-tier ability user and a D-tier gunner!’ Qin Feng thought .

‘There are eleven people in total!’

Of course, including Qin Feng and Bai Li, there were thirteen people in Tangshan Ridge!

These thirteen D-tier aptitude users were all among the best from the major cities .

Qin Feng could already identify some of their identities . As he scanned using his consciousness, theirs matched up with the ones in Qin Feng’s memories .

Chengyang City: Bo Tianyang

Sea City: Lei Chen

Fu City: Fu Qi

Not only that, there were Meng Lin, the Lord of Niumeng City, Ye Qun of Qing City, Zhai Ping of Bahai City, and Han Yuanzheng of Qihan City .

Among them, Fu Qi, the lord of Fu City, was a wood ability user, while Han Yuanzheng, the general of Qihan City, was a gunner .

The rest were all ancient warriors!

Ancient warriors were strong in solo combat, ability users were rare and gunners were suitable for large scale combats . In such a situation, it was common that most of the people who came to Tangshan Ridge were ancient warriors .

As for the remaining four people, Qin Feng suspected that they were from the ancient warrior families, and one of them had a cultivation method similar to the Xue family .

“It’s a pity that I can’t lay hands on the Xue family this time, but if he were killed by an ultra beast or by someone from another family, I hope the elders of the Xue family wouldn’t put the blame on me!” Qin Feng sneered .

These people had yet made a single move, nor were they thinking about a joint effort . They were just waiting for the most appropriate timing to make a move .

But Qin Feng could not wait any longer .

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There was no reason for him to hold back and wait, and he would not want to mess up his chance now!

“The old beast king’s death probably happened this month, and it hasn’t been more than a week since then, but none of these people have acquired the old beast king’s crystal . Not only that, a few of them have even died!”

That could only mean that the other beast king creatures had the upper hand .

No matter how powerful a beast king was, it was definitely not something the ordinary people could defeat . Although these people might be the best among other elites, they were still no match for a beast king .

They were planning on sitting back and reaping the benefits from others, but unfortunately no one started a fight, so their plan did not work .

Qin Feng used his consciousness to scan his surroundings . It did not take much effort for him to finally find some beast kings .

There were three beast kings nearby .

On the east, an extremely large golden python was slouching on a huge slope that was facing the sun . Its golden scales shimmered under the warm sunlight, dazzling the eyes that fell upon it .

“A Golden-scaled Python!” The D3-tier Golden-scaled Python was more than fifty meters long, with the thickest part of its body measuring two meters in diameter . It was a sight not for the faint-hearted .

With such a being, it only took one bite to kill a human being .

In the southwest direction, a waterfall flowed over a vertical drop, forming a water pool . Strangely, the pool was frozen, and next to the pool, lay a blue-eyed white tiger .

“Frosted-pupil Tiger King!”

The Frosted-pupil Tiger King was a unique species . Its entire body was frosted white, and it could use ice abilities .

The Frosted-pupil Tiger King was rare and very strong . Even though its body was only five meters long, it still had the aura of a king .

A strong enemy!

Qin Feng manipulated his consciousness again, and in the northwest direction, another beast species appeared in the middle of the vast forest .

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“Red-headed Gorillas!”

This group of red-haired giant gorillas with twisted faces travelled in groups, almost tyrannical, and the place they resided in was too dangerous for any human to set foot in .

After all, the Red-headed Gorillas also had wood abilities .

Among the many Red-headed Gorillas, a gigantic gorilla that was seven to eight meters tall, almost three storeys in height, sat on top of a giant tree . Through his consciousness, Qin Feng could see that they were all gazing toward the tallest spot of the Tangshan Ridge .

That was exactly where the old beast king was .

The Red-headed Gorilla king!

The Red-headed Gorilla king had high intelligence .

“They’re all very strong!”

Qin Feng frowned slightly . He was scrunching his brows as he quickly formed a plan in his mind .

Soon, he locked onto the Golden-scaled Python King among the three beast kings .

Since it was the end of February, the sunlight was not blinding yet, but the temperature had warmed up . The python king was lying lazily on top of a rock, and its golden-scaled body was dazzling to the eyes .

Qin Feng shrouded himself in dark runes and walked past the python king . He entered the python’s cave .

Since the python king had a large body, the cave was at least three meters wide, which was not surprising .

As Qin Feng walked inside, anything within less than fifty meters was suddenly clear to his sight .

With his night vision, Qin Feng could clearly see everything around him .