Master of the End Times - Chapter 305

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Chapter 305: Beast Kings

Chapter 305: Beast Kings

In the place where the Golden-scaled Python King often resided, the ground had turned smooth like a metal surface . In the corner, his eye caught on a golden python smaller than the king, its body exuded the aura of an E-tier .

Qin Feng did not panic in the slightest, that was because he knew that the golden python was not a living creature at all .

It was just a snake’s shedded skin .

It was the shedded skin of the Golden-scaled Python King when it was in E-tier .

The skin was equivalent to being an E-tier material now .

Not only that, there were three golden eggs among the clutter .

“What a surprise!”

The Golden-scale Python King was able to reproduce by itself, and the eggs belonged to the python king .

Qin Feng’s original plan was to just take the shedded skin, but now there was no way he would leave these behind .

“Bai Li, get ready!”

Qin Feng said .


Bai Li nodded .

Bai Li’s evolution was not slow, and with the cultivation of various beast king crystals, she was now almost an E7-tier beast king .

But compared to the Golden-scaled Python skin, she was far inferior!

As such, what they were about to do now would be very dangerous to Bai Li too!

Qin Feng walked forward and stretched out his hand, and in an instant, the shedded snake skin and the golden-scaled snake egg disappeared in Qin Feng’s hands .

Qin Feng could mask his own aura, thus concealing it from being detected by the Golden-scaled Python King and allowing him to venture into the cave .

However, the aura of the beast eggs and shedded skin was dense . Since they had disappeared abruptly, there was no way the python king would not sense their sudden disappearance .

The Golden-scaled Python King was furious .


The python spat out a series of letters of serpent language as it twisted its huge body . It swung its tail and crushed a huge ancient tree that was as thick as a millstone, leaving the tree stump behind .

The wind was blowing wildly around it and the Golden-scaled Python King disappeared into the cave in just the blink of an eye .

“Go!” Qin Feng commanded, and in the next moment, he and Bai Li escaped from the cave .

When the python king slithered into the middle of the cave, it sensed that the auras had disappeared, but it caught on to the aura left by the runes .

A dark rune and spatial rune .


Sharp, hollow noises erupted from the python king’s mouth . It twisted its body and turned around to exit the cave .

Qin Feng and Bai Li’s aura had instantly disappeared, and the Golden-scaled Python King went on a mad pursuit!

The aura of the D-tier beast king filled the air .

In the Tangshan Ridge, the eleven people hidden in different locations felt the aura .

“What’s going on?”

“It’s the Golden-scaled Python King!”

“What happened?”

Everyone was well hidden in the shadows, and they could not help but observe what was happening outside .

At this moment, due to the turbulence caused by the python king, the entire forest began to shake .

The aura of the Golden-scaled Python King frightened other low-tier ultra beasts to run away in fear .

The turbulence was constantly spreading wider, even those eleven people had no way to hide at ease .

On top of the mountain, Han Yuanzheng was on the highest ancient tree . He lifted his oversized sniper rifle and aimed downward .

Soon, from the east, a golden light glided in the middle of the forest, and the surrounding trees were rampaged and completely crushed .

It was like a golden river had suddenly formed out of nowhere .

Unlike what others felt with their consciousness, Han Yuangzheng saw the beast king with his own naked eyes, which frightened him even more .

This ultra beast was just too strong!

He moved forward with his sniper rifle . He noticed that in the forest, another figure was moving forward at a rapid pace .

When he had a clearer view of the person’s face, Han Yuanzheng immediately recognized him as the same person who had gotten off the combat hover copter earlier .

“Should I say that he’s bold and skilful, or that he’s stubborn? What the hell is he doing?”

What the hell was he thinking? That was the same question that many people had in their minds .

At this moment, Qin Feng was dashing around in the middle of the forest .

The dark runes around Qin Feng’s body had faded, but the Golden-scaled Python King had locked onto Qin Feng’s aura and was going for a deadly pursuit .

The python king was unbelievably fast .

“Fiery Rampage!”

Qin Feng’s sudden rush of energy made him quite fast as well . Since his consciousness was vast, he constantly planned his route ahead and tried to use large trees and boulders to slow down the python king’s speed that was slowly catching up with him .

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They had not spent much time playing hide and seek, but others who were observing the pursuit felt that it was a life and death moment .

In just three minutes, they arrived at the peak of another mountain .

The mountain peak was very vast .

Not only that, the peak was scorched black . The mountain they were on was actually a silent volcano .

At the summit of the volcano, a huge, pitch-black bird’s nest appeared .

The bird’s nest was the size of a football field, and every branch that was used to built it was actually towering trees .

It was a beast king’s nest .

Qin Feng began running forward .

The Golden-scaled Python hesitated . Its huge body stopped in the middle of the blackened mountain, not wanting to go any further .

But Qin Feng did not intend to just steal three eggs and a snake’s shedded skin and just call it a day .

He immediately took out the eggs and cracked one of the shells with a single punch!


A D-tier beast king snake egg was actually so hard that Qin Feng’s punch could only crack it . The shell had not completely shattered yet .

The next thing that happened was Qin Feng lifting the foot-long snake egg and tossing it into the air .

The snake egg whistled as it shot toward the old beast king’s nest .

The Golden-scaled Python King was enraged .

In the eyes of the python king, Qin Feng was small and did not even belong within its own food chain . After all, it was too small to fill its own stomach!

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Now, this insect-sized being had just provoked itself!

He was like a fly that would disturb humans, and humans would usually find the fly and swat it to death .

Now, this was what the Golden-scaled Python King had in mind .

Without the slightest hesitation, the python king moved its abdomen and slithered toward Qin Feng’s direction .

Qin Feng successfully escaped in a flash .

And at this moment, the surroundings were suddenly enveloped by a patch of blue .

This blue was extremely dazzling .

It seemed that the entire sky was covered in the same blue .

The temperature in the surroundings began to rise .


The sound was not crisp, but it was incomparably long . A huge creature rose up from the nest .

The python king no longer chased after Qin Feng . Its eyes were now staring at something on top of the mountain .

A greyish-blue beast had caught its attention .

The beast was not pretty at all . Its five or six meters body was covered in blazing flames . Its body was no longer covered with beautiful feathers .

It was a twenty meters long peacock .

Its forehead was balding and drooping with loose flat feathers, and the feathers on its body were incredibly thin . Its once incredibly beautiful tail was only left with seven or eight long tail feathers .

The peacock could have looked even more beautiful, but now it was dying of old age .

It was the Blue Flame Peacock Emperor, the old beast emperor of the Tangshan Ridge .