Master of the End Times - Chapter 306

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Chapter 306: The Beast Kings Have Made Their Move

Chapter 306: The Beast Kings Have Made Their Move

At this point, there were a few more blue feathers drooping down from the Blue Flame Peacock Emperor’s neck, exposing a large patch of the bird’s skin .

There was a piece of egg white on its neck, and as the flames on the peacock emperor’s body blazed, the egg was quickly cooked and revealed a fragrant smell .

The Blue Flame Peacock lowered its head, pecked, and ate the cooked egg white from its neck .

Then, the Golden-scaled Python King that was circling in the middle of the mountainside stared at the peacock with its paralyzing pupils .

Its huge body seemed to tremble .


A long chirp was heard as the bird spread out its conscious force .

Although it was in bird language, everyone seemed to have felt the meaning in its conscious energy .

“Long worm, did you send me my last meal thinking that I’m going to die soon? Heck! That won’t be necessary, maybe you should eat your own eggs!”

The Golden-scaled Python King’s eyes began to glow with golden light, shooting at the peacock emperor’s nest .


A corner of the nest was instantly smashed and blasted apart .

The peacock emperor said nothing else, but the five-meter flames on its body instantly soared to ten meters .

It was furious!

“Choo!” The Blue Flame Peacock Emperor roared, “I’m not dead yet!”

The peacock emperor felt that the python king was being provocative .

It raised its head abruptly, then dropped it again and spat at the direction of the python king .

In the next moment, a sea of blue fire shot out from its mouth .

It was like a crater that was being washed down by water that was released from a flood .

The python king quickly leaped upward to dodge the attack!

But it did not attempt to flee .

Though angry, the python king wanted to test out if it could challenge the peacock emperor .

That was because the Blue Flame Peacock Emperor was too weak .

So weak that the Golden-scaled Python King felt that it was an opportunity to take advantage of it .

The two were in a stand-off, and all of the human beings watching from afar could not believe it .

“Wow, they’re actually fighting!”

“This man is a complete maniac!”

“Well done!”

They all felt that what Qin Feng had done was very crazy, but it had really stirred up the conflict between the two beasts .

As long as there was a battle, there would certainly be chances of reaping benefits amidst the chaos .

This was the case with Qin Feng right now .

He was hiding in the dense forest below the volcano, watching the fight between the old beast emperor and the Golden-scaled Python King .

“It’s too old!” Bai Li said . “I can feel that the life force in its body is very weak!”

“Well, it was here since the beginning of the end times, and it was also very senile then . Many people thought that it was going to die, and many newly-awakened aptitude users came to Tangshan Ridge to try to defeat the old beast emperor!”

Due to the fact that the Tangshan Ridge was still a scenic area, there were even villas on several of the peaks . It was a perfect place that was easy to defend and hard to attack, and many powerful people wanted to build bases here .

But they were all banished by the old beast emperor .

This mountain peak was not a volcano either . After all, volcanoes were still rare in China .

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They were just traces left behind from the old beast emperor’s battles .

“It felt like it was going to die then, but it ended up surviving for another two hundred years . It must’ve reached its limits by now!” Qin Feng said .

“Its legs are even rotting1” Bai Li nodded .

“Oh?” Qin Feng was slightly stunned . The aura around the beast king was too powerful for Qin Feng’s consciousness to explore any further, and doing so would easily expose himself to the beasts .

The old beast emperor was too strong . If it were to spit fire toward Qin Feng, he would not be able to resist it .

“That’s why it won’t come out . If it has the ability to leave its nest, the python king would be no match for it!”

Qin Feng suddenly had an idea . He flipped out a chain of cannonballs that were still attached together . It was the trophy of the gunner from the Bloodthirst Organization that he had gotten while he was at the Drakocroc King island .

Qin Feng had an extra firearm and he mounted the conical object at the very front of the cannonballs into it .


Qin Feng pressed the switch and the cannonballs were instantly shot out .

The cannonball was not aimed at the old beast emperor . Instead, it was aimed at the nest beneath the beast!

The first cone instantly struck the middle of the thin crack between the nest and the mountain top .


Qin Feng’s consciousness collided with the grenade, detonating the chain of cannonballs .


The first cannonball exploded, which was followed by another few consecutive explosions .

Boom boom boom boom!

The cannonballs destroyed the corner of the nest in an instant .

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A huge mushroom cloud appeared in the air, and what followed was the sound of a loud collapse .



The outer walls of the nest were blown apart . The debris rolled down the mountain like a river, which also shocked the Golden-scaled Python King .

The battle between the two beasts was also forced to a halt .

The people hiding in the shadows were shocked to see all of this .

Without a doubt, they knew who had done this!

And now, Qin Feng was all hidden among the dark runes, not daring to breathe . If he were to make a sudden move, he might attract the attention of the beast emperor, and that would mean trouble for him .

But soon, the two beasts could not care less about him .

The nest was blown apart, and flames ignited the giant woods . A part of the fallen woods was still burning, and the other part of the nest was still intact . The Blue Flame Peacock Emperor had put out the fire .

The winds on the mountain top were strong . As the wind whistled and blew past the mountain top, the dust began to settle, carrying the smell of decay .

The Golden-scaled Python King extended its forked tongue, taking in the scent of death .

The python king’s vision was weak, but its consciousness was still strong . It had the ability to distinguish the external dynamics of everything happening on its own .

It had already figured out the situation that the peacock emperor was facing .

At that moment, Qin Feng, who was at the bottom of the mountain, infused his eyes with internal energy and could clearly see the Blue Flame Peacock Emperor .

It was lying down in the middle of the nest and was unable to stand up . Its abdomen was pitch black and was unable to cover its claws which were now showing the white bones underneath it .

And in the nest, there were scattered peacock tail feathers .

Those feathers were beautiful, and the materials obtained from D-tier beast emperors were worth a fortune .

However, if such a thing grew on an ultra beast’s body, it needed a constant supply of energy to maintain its power . The Blue Flame Peacock Emperor could no longer supply it anymore, so it merely accelerated its death for the sake of beauty and power .

All of the tail feathers had fallen off, but their aura was still present, just like the aura emitted from the python’s shedded skin . Although through the naked eye they were just a few tail feathers, other beast kings dared not approach it as they still feared its aura .

Now, all disguises had been exposed, and the Golden-scaled Python King ferociously revealed its fangs .

Golden light shot out from both of its eyes again!

The python king was an extremely rare ultra beast .


The light instantly penetrated the crack, attempting to strike the Blue Flame Peacock Emperor’s body .


Blazing flames appeared in front of the peacock emperor, forming into a shield to protect itself from the light .

The two did not give way to each other .

It was at this time that the entire Tangshan Ridge began to tremble .


A tiger’s roar shook the sky, and a huge white tiger with icy-blue wings flew from the sky to the highest peak of the Tangshan Ridge .


A group of gorillas began to scream frantically . A giant Red-headed Gorilla King threw out two vines from his hands and wrapped them around the mountain . Then, he rapidly pulled himself toward the mountain and was rapidly approaching it .

The beast kings had finally made their move!