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Master of the End Times - Chapter 307

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:32:04 AM

Chapter 307: Here Comes the Freeloaders

Chapter 307: Here Comes the Freeloaders

After the Blue Flame Peacock Emperor had seen the two beast kings charging in their direction, it let out a sorrowful cry .

It did not want to die, nor did it want to get eaten after death by the other beasts, because that would be a miserable death .

The flames on the Blue Flame Peacock Emperor’s body burned once again .

The flames soared fifteen meters high, and as the wind blew, the currents became hot .

It was not willing to die without putting up a fight!

The sky seemed to be burning with blue sparks .

Then, a rain of fire descended from the skies .

“Fire Meteor!”

The fire meteors seemed to have locked onto the Golden-scaled Python King as each of them crashed onto the python king’s body .

The python king’s golden scales could not withstand the heat from the flames and turned charred black .

The python king’s humongous body rolled down from the peak to the shoulder of the mountain .

At this moment, the Frosted-pupil Tiger King was the first to reach the highest peak of Tangshan Ridge . Its icy wings began to flap, forming a blizzard in an instant .

The blizzard struck the peacock emperor’s body .

The flames on the peacock emperor’s body were put out, but it was enraged and lashed out once again .

“Chirp!” The peacock emperor spat out blue flames, forcing the tiger king to retreat .


The Red-headed Gorilla King climbed up to the mountain peak, its humongous body shook the earth as it moved forward . It looked like it was trying to keep a safe distance .


A vine was thrown up the slope and lassoed around the huge nest .


The nest collapsed!

The tiger king was still attacking, and the wind and snow had blown all the peacock tail feathers out from the nest .

This time, the people watching the battle from afar were all unable to sit still any longer .

Those were the materials of a D-tier beast emperor .

Even if they could not get the beast emperor’s crystal core, they could at least try to get their hands on the beast emperor’s blue feathers as they were worth a lot of money .

It was just that compared to them, no matter if it was the timing, location or people, Qin Feng had too big of an advantage over all of them!

“Go and collect the peacock feathers, if the feathers are in the middle of the battleground, don’t go near it, get it?” Qin Feng instructed Bai Li .

“Okay, don’t worry about it!”

“Take care!” Qin Feng pinched Bai Li on the cheeks and patted the top of her head .

They had been together for so long, and Bai Li’s evolution was speeding up .

But within the Three Cities along the Sun, the resources were too limited .

Qin Feng had Xue Xingfu acquire E-tier beast king crystal cores, but to no avail since it had been such a long time and he had yet acquired any . Bai Li’s evolution had been put on hold, and it was Qin Feng instead that had been the first to advance to D-tier .

This was the first time that Qin Feng’s powers had surpassed Bai Li’s since they had been together .

Now, it was Qin Feng that was protecting Bai Li!

In the next moment, Qin Feng covered himself with internal energy and rushed out of the dense forest .

Bai Li was out to pick out the materials, but Qin Feng was going out for a fight .

The three beast kings attacked the Blue Flame Peacock Emperor, and it stood no chance of survival, but that alone was not what Qin Feng wanted .

Qin Feng was not going to let go of the three beast kings .

The python king that had rolled down from the peak entered Qin Feng’s attack range .

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The Verdant Emperor Saber in his hand was aiming at the python king’s body that was still wrapped in flames .

“Blazing Sky!”

Internal force burst out of his body as the light from his saber shot up into the sky .

A one-meter wide inferno beam struck the Golden-scaled Python King’s body .

The beam blasted and sent the python king’s humongous body flying up the mountain slope, colliding into countless mountain rocks .

Then, the python king’s body began to emit a radiant glow .


The light shot up into the air, reaching almost a hundred meters from the ground . The energy wave emitted from the light was terrifying .

When he turned his attention to the python king, a large hole the size of a basin had appeared on its long, thick body .

Not only that, the python’s broken bones could be seen through the hole .

Qin Feng’s sudden attack was nearly fatal!

Just at this time, a burst of white light shot out from the python’s brows, enveloping its entire body in the shimmery light .

Qin Feng could feel the nasty aura coming from it .

Holy Light Ability!

The injuries on the python king’s body instantly healed when the light fell upon it .

Qin Feng could never let the python king recover that easily .

“Hell Magma!”

Qin Feng used his conscious energy to manipulate the runes and flames began to dance from underneath the python king, soaring up into the sky .

The Golden-scaled Python King twisted its huge body and slithered to the side to dodge the attack . The Holy Light ability was interrupted .

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Qin Feng dashed forward again, the Verdant Emperor Saber in his hand began to slash continuously .

At this time, there was a loud booming voice coming from the top of the mountain .

The Red-headed Gorilla King and Frosted-pupil Tiger King had joined forces to defeat the Blue Flame Peacock Emperor .


The mountain rocks crumbled and the earth beneath them trembled .

Those people hiding in the shadows rushed toward the dense forest, and the peacock feathers that were scattered around the battlefield were nowhere to be seen .

“How is that possible, I saw the feathers scatter in that direction!”

“Did that guy take the feathers?”

“Fight, it’s better that they fight until they die!”

The battle went on and on .

Qin Feng pestered the Golden-scaled Python King and fought it until the sky had slowly turned dark .

As the sun set in the west, the sky was slowly getting darker .

The light emitting from the python king’s body illuminated its surroundings . Qin Feng had been fighting the python king for hours!


Light shot out from the python king’s pupils toward Qin Feng .

“Fiery Rampage!”

Flames danced from Qin Feng’s legs as he dodged the attack in a flash .


The howling of the winds filled his ears and the humongous python’s head swooped toward him, as if it was trying to swallow Qin Feng into its stomach .

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However, Qin Feng was unfazed and a fiery beam shot up into the sky .

“Fire Dragon!”

The fire dragon shot toward the Golden-scaled Python King’s gigantic mouth . The python king did not dare to swallow the fire dragon and quickly shut its jaws, dodging sideways .


The fire dragon struck the python king’s scales but it quickly disappeared, leaving only a faint yellowish mark behind .

Qin Feng’s consciousness had not reached D-tier yet, and he was not much of a threat to the python king .

However, his internal strength was a solid D-tier .

Seeing the python king turn its head to dodge, Qin Feng drew out his sword again .

“Slice it apart!”

The saber that was fused with Qin Feng’s powerful internal force instantly expanded ten meters in length and ruthlessly struck the python king on its wound .

That wound had been continuously attacked by Qin Feng to the point where only a thin bone remained . This time, Qin Feng unleashed his powerful internal force which allowed him to successfully cut off the python king into halves!

The sixty-meter long terrifying python was now only thirty-meter long, its back was cut off by Qin Feng .

Even though the cut-off part was still spasming, it was now useless during combat!


The python king opened its jaws wide and spat out invisible waves of air, letting out a painful shriek .

Just then, it dashed and slithered away with the remaining part of its body .

It was trying to escape .

From behind, a person who had been waiting in the dark jumped into the scene with shining eyes .

It was Zhai Ping from Bahai City .

Here comes the freeloaders!

Qin Feng sneered and nonchalantly extended his arms and landed his saber on the python king’s body . In the next second, the python king’s body disappeared from the ground .